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How To Turn a Girl On With Texts And Words

Find the best way to turn a girl on over texts, with words and touches. These tips will help you mentally and sexually turn her on and attract her.

turn a girl on

Although every woman is different, but the truth is that there are some elements that are common to all of them. If you follow these steps, it is more likely to turn her on and make the woman interested in you in record time. The woman enters the seduction mode by a guy for how he looks, smells, talks and when touched by him. Hence to turn a girl on you must work on all these four aspects. The man is a completely visual being and loves curves, beautiful faces, the shiny hair and the female voice. However, for girls requirement of good appearance only is not must. If you want to woo a woman psychologically you need to develop a combination of appearance, confidence, intelligence and romance. Highlight your best features like eyes, hair, muscles, etc. Be clean and well dressed with a good male deo and perfume. Apart from this, you must not be dumb and have a sense of humor. If you pass all these steps then comes the romance and seduction mode which you can use to turn a girl on in no time.

Show subtle signs of attraction

She in all probability will have already begun to notice the new you. From this point you should indicate your interest in her subtly, but at the same time stop paying so much attention. It is that she has double feeling of knowing that you are interested, but still having doubts in mind. Forget all the love stories from novels and movies as girls like badass guys and the sweet ones are most of the time friend-zoned. So when you’re with her, you should pay attention to her and make you feel the center of the universe without clearly showing that you want to attract her. This never means you have to agree with whatever she says, but when she is with you make her smile, not like a joker, but like a player. If you can keep the girl happy with your company then you have already climbed the first step to turn her on and attract her.

Turn a girl on with words

The beginning of developing sexual attraction and turning on a girl is gone by using the words that are sexual and at the same time funny. Once you are fine with words then you can progress further to touches. How can a man make a woman think about sex? Well, it’s done by genuinely planting those thoughts in her brain. With this trick she won’t get turned on and pull you in the bedroom, but instead she would have much less thoughts to friend zone you. Here are a few examples which you can use while talking to a girl.

  1. Somewhere in the conversation you can ask her, “Do you know that dolphins are the only creatures on earth after humans that have sex not just for reproduction, but also for pleasure?”
  2. Hey did you notice that girl dancing, I am totally sure that by the way she moves, she is not good at sex.
  3. One of my “girl” friend told me that women think of having sex while dancing with a this true?
  4. I read a fact that women like cuddling after having sex..really??
  5. Apart from male dick, what is the best body part that turns you on sexually?
  6. Or simply you can take your mobile and show that body of two actors and ask her which one does she prefer having sex with.

These were some simple lines to casually involve sex in your conversation and psychologically make her think sexually. She won’t get turned on instantly, but the seeds have been sown in her mind. One thing you must remember is to talk confidently and in a funny way. If you look awkward raising this topic then you will definitely make it weird for the girl. Apart from these lines, you can also flirt with the girl in this game of seduction with words.

Use texts for seducing

Texting has become a great tool in the game of dating and has become the main line conversation for people in love. Sending texts has much more powerful effect than calls. Whatsapp, Snapchat or Facebook chatting can be used in your dating game to get a girl sexually attracted to you. This game should begin especially at night and to turn a girl on over texts, you need to include some sexual topics like above. You can play a question answer game with her where you both will question each other turn by turn. Ask her the fourth and fift question in the above list and make sure you use funny faces to make her realize that it is just a fun game. Once you start with such questions, she will too get out of the casual mode and start asking you such questions. This is a great way of turning on a woman you like with texting.

Turn a girl on with touches

Touching is one of the great sense that can turn a girl on sexually, but you must not make it uncomfortable for her. When you touch a girl, oxytocin is released by the brain which will make her feel good. The first few meetings should be just casual touch on hands, kiss on cheeks and hugs. Then later you can advance, but never begin with her very personal areas. Touches have proved to be very efficient in the game of attracting opposite sex. You may be having the most boring conversation, but if you are playing with her hair, holding her close, whispering in her ears, kissing on cheeks, holding her hands etc. then it won’t matter much about the conversation as this will turn a girl on. If a girl like your touches then she will desire for more and wait for you to take it to the further level.

Emotional Bonding

Emotionally involving a person is an art. There are many books on this regard, not only in terms of seduction, but leadership, business etc. In short, it is that art where people start believing you and share their feelings with you. You want to make a girl fall in love and emotionally share all her feelings with you. To turn her on mentally and emotionally towards you there should be some comfort developed. You must not fall in the nice guy category, but just tell her that you will always be present for her when she needs her emotionally and want a person to talk with.

Mysterious guy wins

Mystery is the key to woo the woman and you should prepare an array of mysteries to turn a girl on and make her feel attracted towards you. This array should be genuine, i.e. it should be exactly what you plan and what you want. When talking to a woman you must be honest, sincere and instead of lying, try must be mysterious. Psychologically women are dying to know secrets, it is in their genes. If she asks you: How many girlfriends have you had? Simply answer, It’s a secret and I do not want to tell that number. And if she insists then you can answer one of your secret in exchange for her secret. This way you will get to know about her and also build some emotional attachment.

These were some of the best tricks which will help you get closer to her and make her desire you obsessively. All you need is do things with confidence like while talking and touches.

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