How to Turn On a Guy

July 5, 2020

Use the best tips to turn on a guy with words, touch, smell and arouse his senses. These tips can be used while making out in bed to make him super horny.

turn on a guy

Been in a relationship a while or just starting out a relationship knowing how to turn on a guy is always a tool you want on your belt. It can help you do wonders in terms of intimacy and connection. Everything needs to be done a little bit differently from others to have a lasting affect. It basically relies on how well you can tempt this particular person using whatever means necessary. Primary turn on for any guy are based on his five senses which are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting and so you will see how to use these senses to your advantage. And Secondary is to know the guys kinks and desires and tease him on it as a turn on. We will see how to turn on a guy using both tactics and more.

Using his senses to turn on a guy

Primary senses such as seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting can also be used as a primary way to seduce a guy. These are the senses he relies on most during his day and if you can use his senses against him then you would definitely be successful in turning him on and seducing him anytime you want. Here are some good tips and tricks on how you can achieve your goal using his senses.


Seeing is one of the most used turn on technique and it is most used because it works almost all the time. In this, you use your body to express yourself and turn him on in every way possible. First and foremost in this is to show some skin, men love a woman who is not shy to show some skin. However, do not reveal too much of yourself, try wearing a skirt every once in a while to expose those legs of yours or short shirt to expose your waist and let him see it. You may also give him a peek at your underwear by wearing it a little bit on top of your jean and expose it. Don’t do anything if you are not comfortable.

Secondly and the best way to arouse him is to use your body language. Using your actions you can turn him on in any way you like. Say, you would like to be kissed right now then you may while talking to him bite your lips softly and now he is focusing on your lips. Then if done once again he would definitely be thinking about kissing you. You can use body language to get any message through or arouse him almost instantly like try eating your ice-cream by licking slowly and let few drops fall on your hands and then lick it slowly and nicely and you will see how turned on he is.


Hearing can be used two ways which is telling him directly or making him indirectly. First let’s talk about how you indirectly turn on a guy. In this you could get close to his ears and whisper in a sexy tone like “So now what you want to do with me?” and saying things like that in whispery tone being close to him is always a big turn on and you might as well kiss his neck.

A good tip from personal experience you could whisper something dirty in his ears when you are out in the public and then walk away to somewhere private. You will see that he is following you and that is a sign that is turned on right now.


Smelling is a very old way which was kind of used by guys and I would stay still is to seduce a woman and get her in bed and one of the most popular demonstration of this was shown in movie “Ocean’s Thirteen”. But what I am asking you to do is not of that measure just a hint of perfume or body spray that you think he desires and is attracted towards it. One precaution you should take is to know if he is not allergic to the scent you are using because that would definitely not be a great turn on and secondly never use some strong smell instead use something basic and light which is more of a turn on when he gets close to you.


Touching him in that way is a big turn on for any one let it be a guy or a girl. Well it is the best way to turn on someone given the chance because it puts you in direct contact with that person. Then you can rub your fingers up and down your thigh and let him see and eventually he would want to do the same. But if you are sitting close to him in public place say a restaurant then you might as well rub his thigh to get him hard. Sometime when you are home and want to turn him on you could try to go for a massage instead of a direct approach and be in as little clothes as possible.

Another way to use touching as a turn on indirectly is dancing, I know it sounds tough for non dancers but believe me you don’t really have to tango or something. Just get him up and put his arm around your waist or lower if you want and then just move around with some sexy music in the background. Believe me you both will be turned on in an instant. And while you are doing these stuffs and you feel he is comfortable then you might as well take his hand place it wherever you want and see where it goes next.


This might seem a little odd to you but this works all the time and is a big turn on for guys. In this you are not really going to taste him or anything all you have to do is make him want to taste you like by taking a long lick down his neck or a little nibble on the ear and all the while exposing your neck for him to lick and this would just make him want to eat you up. Another way of using this sense is by trying some kinks involving some food stuff like chocolate, honey or anything sweet that can be licked off your body and you can also use ice if nothing else as a bit of cold and hot temperature changes will give him chills and turn him on instantly.

Other ways to seduce him

Well now that you have seen how you can use his senses against him you might as well get to know some of the obvious techniques to seduce him as you could mix it up a little if you want. So, here are some obvious turn ons for guys.

Slow Stripping:

You may like to get out of your clothes quickly and get in bed as soon as possible but your guy doesn’t. All the guys in the world like to be teased a bit and slow stripping will definitely do the trick. No matter how busy the guy is, if you want to turn him on then put on some sexy background music which will get his attention and then try sexy dancing.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be perfect just shake your waist and your ass a bit and you are already doing it. Then slowly one by one start removing your clothes starting with your scarf which you could throw over him if he is not paying attention. Continue dancing while removing your top and you will see that he is eager to join you but don’t let him instead push him down on the couch or bed. Put your leg on his thigh and gesture him to remove your lower clothes which he will gladly do and so finally you have a fully turned on horny guy. Now do what you want with him.

Role Play:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your guy likes role play, I mean, even most girls like it too but we just don’t share it with other normally. Now that you want to turn him on then let’s just get on with it. Try some role plays like the one in which you pretend you are both teenagers and do weird things or any other role play that you are comfortable with.

Kinks and Fetishes:

Everyone no matter boy or girl have that one kink or fetish that he/she would like to do but doesn’t share it with anyone because it is too personal or they are too shy. If the guy is sharing his fetishes with you then you might as well share it and you never know he might even be into it. If you think this is something you want to do then do it, life is too short to regret anything just make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone. And remember not to judge him based on these kinks because that is just a big turn off and a relationship killer.

Sexual Positions:

All you did so far was to turn him on and on some level to get him in bed and now that you are in it you might as well try some different positions to pleasure him and yourself. You see everyone knows that missionary is a comfortable position but it’s alright to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while to get what you need and do what need to be done to get it. Just try something that you are both comfortable with but don’t get too comfortable with it. Like every once in a while just take a shower together and let him take a long and hard look at your hot body and make him feel lucky to have it with him.

So now that you know all these secrets of how to turn on a guy, so use it wisely or avoid it. Just remember that it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and have some fun and enjoy a casual relationship.

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