Best Ideas: Where to Take a Girl on First Date

September 14, 2016

You asked her out and she said yes, but you are confused where to take a girl on first date. Here are the best ideas of planning your first date.

where to take a girl on first date

First dates are always tricky for anyone. It’s all about getting to know each other and making a good impression to get a chance to go out with her again. Any guy when taking a girl out for the first time settles for a movie and a meal and that’s classy but a used up idea for this generation. If you really want to impress this girl and have fun while you are at it then you should pick an appropriate place.

Some girls do love a nice classy restaurant where they can have a quiet dinner and can talk to you while enjoying their meal. But other girls are bit adventurous and would love an outdoor date and for them sitting in a restaurant might be too boring. So when choosing where to take a girl on first date, one might need to consider a few things. Here are some ideas for first dates you might like to try.

Classic Dates

Classic Dates are the dates which are tried and tested. These dates or some version of these dates have been used by men to woo women. Some are cliché’s and some are romantic but the best thing is you can never go wrong with these dates when executed properly. You can also combine an adventurous or an outdoor date ending with a classical one. Just use your imagination and take the girl on the best possible date.

  • Home Cooked Meal
  • If you two have been friends for a while then this can work for a first date else you can use for later dates. Everyone likes a home cooked meal once in a while. So when you tell her that you will cook for her and she could show up at 7:30. I believe she will be more than happy to attend that kind of date. This kind of date helps her to get to know you better as she is at your place and it’s also beneficial for you as its taking place in your comfort zone.

    One needs to consider few things when approaching for this kind of date, so some of these things are mentioned here.

    • You should really know how to cook if you are planning a home cooked meal.
    • She should be comfortable enough with you that she answers yes. Never ask this to a stranger as the response might be negative. Someone who knows you might be impresses by you and would love the idea.
    • Presentation is crucial as this is not only about cooking but also how you live.

    Woman love a man who can cook so you better hurry up because one of these days you would find the one you would want to cook meal for.

  • Afternoon Stroll
  • Afternoon stroll is best if you have asked her out for lunch and not dinner. You see some people think that a dinner date is more romantic than a lunch date. But if you plan a proper lunch date like afternoon stroll you will see how effective lunch dates can be. You can plan a date in a way that you have then time before the meal to take a stroll in the park near a pond. Pack some stale bread with you so you can feed the ducks and fishes.

    If you don’t live near a pond then you can always feed the birds sitting on a park bench. After talking for a while you should go for your lunch or you can show some spontaneity and have lunch in the park like some fresh sandwiches and drinks. But when going for spontaneity it’s always best to have a backup plan in case your date doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

  • Light Musical
  • It’s the oldest date in the book but with a twist. A dinner date is something that is an effective and used far too many times. You can also use this dinner date idea but if you include a twist in it than you can make it even better. Try a Jazz Club for a change you can get all the experience of a dinner date plus you learn something new. If you don’t like jazz or don’t quite understand it then you can tell your date the same thing “Never been to a Jazz Club before” This way you both can have a great time and a new experience to share.

  • Gazing At Stars
  • Gazing at stars and trying to appreciate the view is one thing that everyone loves secretly or not. The only thing is that this can only be done at night which can be tricky when approaching a girl with this plan. But if you use your mind and plan this thing then you can also accomplish this in a planetarium. This way you can gaze at stars all you want and you might even learn few things. The dark room and hushed atmosphere makes for a great first date with a lot of potential. One can even make a plan so that you two could share a meal together after where you can discuss the stars and conclude a nice romantic evening. Same can be done with sunsets if you like.

  • Take a Class together
  • You can have a great first date when you two spend it learning something new together. This way you would make a bond together which can later be developed in a lasting relationship. Think about what you date likes and plan a class accordingly like a paint class, a cooking class, a dance class. All these classes are available like for an hour for introduction purposes. You could opt for dancing as beginners and can later go for couple dancing or you could opt for a desserts cooking which can be done in an hour or so as well. Painting also works as long as there is no nudity. Taking a class together is a great way to see how well you two can sync.

Competitive Dates

Still confused where to take a girl on first date then try these ideas. Competitive dates are incredibly fun and romantic. Everyone loves a nice competition and to get that on a date filled with romance is awesome. There can be many ways one can plan these dates and some are listed here.

  • Bowling Alley
  • Bowling alley is kind of all in for a first competitive date. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad at bowling all it matters is that you have a good time. You can have a friendly match between the two of you and have a beer and cheap pizza later. Another thing is that you can get close to each other using a teaching excuse if you know what I mean. It’s a good place to have a first date if your date is into this kind of stuff.

  • Go-Kart Racing
  • If your date is into cars and speedy things then Go-Kart racing is the way to go. Even if she is not that speedster she still might enjoy it. You can both have a great time on a go-kart circuit, you can race and after you have fires and shakes if you feel like. You can make it into a great date and have a blast.

  • Mini Golf
  • Mini Golf is perfect if you want to talk and compete at the same time. I understand if one might think that they are too old for mini golf. But believe me it is way more fun when you are old and on a date. The low stakes game gives you chance to flirt and have some fun. And it can be competitive if you want it to be.

  • Trivia Night
  • Trivia night is a fun way to spend some time together and have fun while you’re at it. You two can wreck your brains together to get the right answer and laugh at each other when the answer turns out incorrect. Have some drinks and bond over knowledge of the theme of trivia night.

Outdoor Dates

Outdoor Dates are low pressure key but high fun time. This way you can spend some time together and avoid waiting for your meals to arrive. These kinds of dates take some planning but are really effective if done properly.

  • Plan a Picnic
  • A park picnic is one way to show how considerate you are. It’s easy to think about going for a picnic when you are not the one who has to do all the work. You need to plan it from the start to finish like what you are going to eat and take something like mat to sit on. But if done nicely have a potential to be one of your memorabilia.

  • Carnival
  • I know it sound childish but you won’t believe how fun it is to live like a child when you are adult and on a date. It’s a cliché but an effective one at that. You can be cheesy by sharing cotton candy and play with air gun to win her a prize, get on a Ferris wheel. It’s a great way to spend an evening getting to know each other and having fun at the same time.

  • Fun Activity
  • If you are still unclear where to take a girl on first date then go for some fun activity. For this you two need to decide on the activity beforehand so you two can dress appropriately. One can go for ice skating or just skating, horse riding is also fair game if you’re into that. It’s a great way to have a fun and bond together. While skating, you can pretend you are not that good so you could get to hold her hand. And then you can go for dinner after as you will be hungry.

  • Interest Stroll
  • Interest Stroll is a nice way to spend some quality time together. This stroll includes going to aquarium or a zoo and even a museum or an art gallery. Check if there is some new event at the art gallery or museum and make a plan accordingly. This way you can talk about some things personal as well as discuss what’s right in front of you. One can also plan an interest stroll and then dinner after, this way you both will have lot to talk about at dinner.

Adventurous Dates

Adventurous dates are for adventure loving people. If you and your date both are adventure hungry people then this perfect for you. It offers you enough time to talk to each other and have some while doing it.

  • Walk through Nature
  • If you are a nature enthusiast then you can take scenic walk through nature or you can ride a bike together in nature with nice view. If you are a bit of adventure loving then you two can plan a light hiking trip together. Anything beats sitting at home in a perfectly fine weather.

  • Be a Tourist
  • Even though you have lived there your entire life, I bet, you haven’t been to every tourist attraction in your city. So become a tourist for an evening and go through your neighborhood like never before. Go to all the places you would when visiting other town. This would give you plenty of time to share some stories about the time you first visited certain place.

    If you think you have done this before then you can mix it up a bit by going to try different food places in town like desert from one place and appetizers from another. You can also go for wine tasting through town by trying every restaurant’s wine but that would be bit boozy for anyone.

Hardcore Activity

This is not for the first date types but still on low level can be done as a first date activity. If you think your date is an adventurous kind then you can go for rock climbing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in nature, it can be done in rock climbing parks. There is nothing like the feeling when you are literally hanging by a thread from a height. And if done properly can be a lot of fun.

First dates are all there is to make a good impression. You have probably made a good impression on her that as she is letting you take her on a date except if it’s a blind date. But if you two have known each other for a while then you could do anyone or combination of these. And if you two just met then should plan the date properly. Whatever you do end up planning, you should check in with her so there is no problem later. Lastly, show grace and be a gentleman on your date.

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