How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

June 18, 2016

Do you usually run out of things to say while talking to girls? Find the best way to keep a conversation going with a girl you like and keep it interesting.

keep a conversation going with a girl

I know the feeling when you are talking with a girl and you run out of things to say, it is very uncomfortable. Especially when you're talking to someone you want to make a good impression. For some it is an unpleasant situation that even can create panic to meet new people.

Your mind goes blank. Your partner and you remain in a silence that seems to last an eternity. Try to think of something interesting out of that situation but did not find anything.

To help you with this, we have compiled some of the best strategies of the most brilliant talkers. You will learn to handle the threads of conversation and find key practices to create interesting topics and keep a conversation going with a girl. I hope you find it useful!

Weaving the web of the conversation

The aim of a conversation is that you may be knowing gradually until you find topics that link. But to find those items you need to master the threads of conversation. Think of a conversation like the thread of a cobweb to be forking. Each branch is an issue. It is dividing and creating new branches as the conversation progresses. Sometimes a road will take you to a standstill, but then you can go back and take another path.

Do not be logical

Logic is a function of the left hemisphere of the brain. And creativity, mixing themes and act chaotically is part of the right. A good conversation should have compensated those two areas. Someone 100% creative and erratic is unbearable and someone 100% logical too. The secret is to find an internal balance between the two hemispheres. It is the healthiest, most fun and most will enjoy. I assure you that if you balance this, both people can enjoy much more in conversation.

Use humor

In order to keep a conversation going with a girl, it is important that you must keep it a bit funny. Of course you don’t have to laugh all the time, but find a balance and add humor to it. I know this may seem obvious, but I really think men when we have a woman we get too serious and nervous. Too solemn. We try to make a good impression by projecting an image of "power" and authority. I think all these poses are counterproductive. Laughing in a conversation means having a good time and you show many more good qualities making it the interesting and mysterious guy.

Asked what really interests you

Do not try to create "emotional connection" or direct the conversation to where you think you can give results. Be original and question what really interests her. If you're looking at her hair which has an unusual color tint ... ask for it! Get to know about her hobbies and interests. Forget established roads ... have personality and question things that really keeps her interested.

Talk about your life

Talk about your life, your interests, things you like. Admit your tastes openly. If you like any country music, riding, or play video games, say. There is nothing more impressive for a woman than a man who does not need to impress her. Do not betray or hide what you are. Project your real personality, your identity. Be original and unique.

Admit your faults

Someone without failure is neither credible nor realistic. Neither it has a good self-esteem. The better self-esteem a person has, the more capable it is to recognize their weaknesses ... being aware, at the same time that can leverage their strengths. Also, never make the mistake to show your money, especially a woman. A woman will have no more interest in you because you showoff displays your weakness and insecurity.

Ask open and positive questions

Although it is advisable to avoid closed questions, it is not a drama use them occasionally if then continued by adding an open question. For example:

- Do you like Korean food? (Closed question)

- If Yes then what dishes you love? (End with an open question)

What is really important is that you talk with your partner using positive questions. The reason is that we tend to be more willing to talk about what causes us pleasant emotions.

Some examples:

Where are you from?

This is one of the best to finish talking about work, origins, family or hobbies. Everyone has a story and is very flattering to share with anyone who will listen.
What is the best thing you like about __?

Very useful because it brings joy and freshness. It evokes the best of people and it offers many opportunities to engage in positive.
How did you get to __?

Another allowing your partner to tell a story itself and the wide range of conversation threads.
What is your biggest challenge ...?

Ideal for professional conversations. We all like to tell you how we overcome the difficulties.
Tell me more about __.

Although not a question, it is also a great way to create new threads. And ask someone to delve into what is telling is very flattering.

If she answer these questions with a "do not know", do not give up. Yes they know but they only have to think a little more about it. Ask again making an assumption and answering for her (I think the biggest challenge for you is __). So you help answer the questions and include humor in it.

Contact with more stories and fewer facts

Stories are powerful tools of communication. They have been the main form of transmission of knowledge for centuries and created many opportunities for emotional attachment. The reason is that when we hear one, our unconscious cannot help but imagine ourselves as protagonists of it. That serves to make your partner feel more identified with you.

In the same way it is good to have a list of topics, so is having a repertoire of stories. As you go wearing them see which ones are more interesting, more fun and which ones should be discarded.

When it is your turn in a conversation, do not answer only with "I'd also like to go jogging." Yours has some history related. "I'd also like jogging. Except when I have a dog behind, as on street a few days back.

“ Convert your questions on stories. Speaking of shoes is not interesting. It is the story behind the shoes which can be fascinating.

Watch your body language

Everything you've read in this article cannot serve anything if your body does not say the same as your words. When you have a conversation with someone and the body language indicates mistrust and insecurity your brain gets two contradictory information. This creates discomfort and a feeling to not trust you completely.

To prevent this happen to you keep in mind the following:

  1. Make eye contact during the 30-60% of the conversation, especially when you hear. It is not necessary to do all the time, but neither avoid it.
  2. Do not lean full front and enter the personal space of the girl. Position yourself at an angle which is fine for both else the opposite can generate some discomfort.
  3. Use an open stance. While it is logical that occasionally crosses arms or legs to relieve internally, do not remain in that position throughout the conversation.
  4. Nodding occasionally while your partner is talking to motivate her to continue doing so.

After investigating many patterns of behavior it has been found that the main barrier to keep alive a conversation is not running out of anything to say, but stay with nothing to mean. Sure you've experienced situations where you have not dared to tell what you were really thinking. You are worried about what if you say something too absurd or out of context. Now, remember these tips to keep a conversation going with a girl and make it fun.

Knowing the theory of how to keep a conversation going with a girl is not enough. You should implement it. At first you will make mistakes, but with practice you will perform good in terms of ease to talk.

Start practicing one technique for a week before moving on to the next. Ideally, you do it with people that there are no consequences regardless of whether you do good or bad, as co-workers, taxi drivers or waiters.

Finally, remember that do not quit trying if you fail for the first few times. Your responsibility is to try, but there are times when the other person simply will not want to talk to anyone, you will not find any common ground, or will be a terrible conversationalist.

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