Long Distance Relationship: 5 Pros and Cons

June 21, 2021
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These days we have to deal with technological advances, which were considered science fiction several decades ago, so this fact forces us to be active and smart. For this reason, we sometimes have to find ways to improve our occupation to earn more money or make our job more interesting. However, it does not always happen that we can find a proper job or education at the same location as our friends. Occasionally we need to relocate to another country for a long period, and this country can sometimes be at the other end of our planet. In this connection, people have to tolerate separation from each other, and finally, they can face such challenges as long-distance relationship problems.

Two controversial views exist concerning this form of relationship. Some people think that long-distance relationships can considerably boost and enhance the life of couples. Still, others reckon that partners can put up with different troubles and difficulties throughout their being apart.

Advantages of long distance relationship:

1. You will have more free time

When you hang out on your own, you can find out new interests and occupations. You will have more chances to realize in which direction you need to promote your skills and build capabilities. For example, you can take up some sport or interesting hobby, satisfying you. This fact will help you reach the maintaining a long-distance relationship.

2. You can significantly enhance your communication abilities

When you have no possibility to communicate in real life, you will look for ways to do it via the Internet or cell phone. You are likely to write messages to each other or get in touch by phone. These actions will promote the growth of your communication level. Fortunately, today we have many opportunities from Skype to Whatsup and Viber that are free for use.

3. Sometimes, a little time away from obligations is a very good thing

It is perfect for everyone to have the occasion to be sometimes alone and far distant from your close friend. Everyone will benefit greatly from the opportunity to have a break in the relationship. For example, you can give your work or education the kind of concentration that it really deserves. In addition, it does not mean that you will suffer from a deep yearning for your partner.

4. You will boost your intimate relationship

After being away from each other for a long period, you will be eager to touch your partner. You will look forward to kissing and hugging them. Undoubtedly, your intimate relationship will be much better, and the intimacy process will particularly please you. Thus, you will be in the right direction to get new feelings and impressions.

5. You will test your relationship to failure

You will have enough time to appreciate whether or not your union is strong. You will realize whether or not you want to be together with this person and if you miss them. Being at a distance, people tend to think about things differently. Sometimes it is much better to ruin a union than suffer from negative consequences in the future.
A long-distance relationship is the best prospect to become closer to each other. You are desperate to communicate with each other, share your plans, dream of long-distance dating, and be eager to be in touch as often as possible.

Disadvantages of long distance relationship

1. Technological problems

You can face headaches with an Internet connection just when you are eager to talk to your friend via Skype for an hour. It can be a great disappointment if you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of the conversation. Probably, next time your mood will not be proper to discuss particular issues, and this important matter can leave unsolved. Occasionally, due to the bad connection, we cannot send even a message at the right time that can cause different troubles.

2. Tortures of jealousy

The awful idea can attack you that maybe your partner can have an affair with another person. You can be obsessed with the possibility of cheating and betrayal concerning your partner. “What is he or she doing at the moment?” or “He or she may be kissing another person now….” Such thoughts can bring you unimaginable suffering and make situations more complicated.

3. Feeling of isolation

It is not easy to put up with the situation when you are sitting near a telephone or computer screen and hold on to a special long-awaited call or message from your partner, especially when they forget to reply. Maybe your friend is extremely busy now, but terrible thoughts about his carelessness and negligence will occur to you. Particularly, if you face a long-distance relationship in college and you need to scrape through your exams, in this situation you can end up appearing of poor performance.

4. Difficulties with misunderstanding

Probably, you have arguments and disputes concerning various issues like other normal people usually do. You can become upset if your partner’s tough mood or messages do not satisfy you because of the unpleasant or heating style. You can mistakenly understand each other. Moreover, it can be a real problem that you cannot communicate face-to-face when you look directly into their eyes trying to realize the reason for such an incomprehensible behavior. Sometimes, it is worth just touching each other to patch things up.

5. Additional charges

Once you happen to miss your partner extremely and feel the necessity to see your friend face-to-face to touch and kiss them, if you decide to visit your friend, you will have to deal with extra expenditures related to flight costs and petrol. Furthermore, when long-awaited dating occurs, you will have to hang out together for pleasure and eating out at restaurants. Therefore, it can be rather expensive for you.
However, despite the disadvantages, couples that face the challenges of long-distance relationships have a great opportunity to make their union stronger. This situation can allow you to form a bonding experience, and if you survive the test of time, you will finally see eye to eye and stick together. The most important thing is to understand how to make a long-distance relationship work properly.

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