How to Look Sexy to Catch a Guy's Eye

December 8, 2020

Find the best way to look sexy to catch a guy's eye in school, work, parties or facebook. These tips will help you get the guys attention without talking or being obvious.

look sexy to catch a guy's eye

What makes a woman to be sexy? You look at some women and do not understand why they are so popular among guys. Some are not tall, neither intelligent nor rich, nor thin, nor has curves of stroke, but their appeal is such that they attract many guys. If you want to be a attractive woman, you can try these techniques which will help you become more attractive and look sexy to catch a guy's eye.

Confidence in yourself

The sexiest thing that you can have a woman in public is confidence. Even though she is not a multimillionaire or supermodel, but being confident in herself makes her look sexy to everyone. You will be seen as the kind of person everyone around you want to be. If you do not have confidence, act to have it and soon it will begin to feel real.

Furthermore, it is a quick way to detect men who are not worth it. If he feels uncomfortable because you are sure of yourself or because you do not yield to all his desires or you don't consider yourself beneath him then he is not worth it.

Respect and self-esteem

Closely related to the above, a woman who respects herself will be respected by others (at least, others who are worth it). This also implies that you are not serving the first male to give you the time, but you are a valuable person. The male has the instinct of the hunter in his genetics, hidden but present and feel more interested in a woman who knows her worth, rather than one which is easy to get. They like the chase and playing a bit hard to get will make you look sexy to guys.

Natural look

While each person is different, there are some commonalities which will help you be a sexy woman. Artificiality is rarely sexy, while a natural look is more appealing. Wearing heavy makeup gives the idea of falsity and has led to some unpleasant facts (like a husband who after marriage seeing his girlfriend without makeup for the first time demanded a divorce immediately). Good taste attracts, the worse exaggeration tends to scare. In a recent study performed on a group of men and women came to a conclusion that men prefer women with a natural makeup look rather than heavy makeup.

Personal Hygiene

This implies to both men and women who want to look sexy. You may look beautiful, but if you smell bad, almost no one will approach you. It may seem obvious, but some people do not understand how important it is to take care of your personal hygiene. It is only because for the bad message it sends when a man or woman lacks proper hygiene. A person who smells bad gives the impression of not caring their body, indicating lack of self-esteem and confidence. A sexy woman, on the other hand, smells good and looks clean. Take bath regularly, brush your teeth, wear clean clothes, add a good perfume, style your hair, take care of your nails and apply some makeup to feel confident and sexy from inside.


Silly women will never be seen as equals and if you want to look sexy to catch a guy's eye then be intelligent. The saddest thing is to see how a woman afraid to show what they know for fear of not being loved. If a man does not appreciate you if you are not less intelligent than him, then he is not worth it. A smart woman is sexy, not only because it demonstrates their skills, but because she has the confidence to do so.

Your Ambitions

Forget the idea that a woman being a woman who has no life and ambition. A woman with ambitions is much sexier than anything. If a guy says to not follow your goal, put clear that that's your ambition and will not to leave because he does not like. Why let your skills wither, if you can make the world have another talented person like you?

Being a complete person

People are not attracted to the one-dimensional characters, which can be summarized in one sentence or a few words. Some people may seem classic, but in story talk to them you realize you have much more depth than you thought. That's the kind of interesting person with whom you want to be. Forget the idea that you are not a complete being until you fall in love and have a partner. You're a complete person and if someone feels offended because it is their problem, you have the right to be yourself.

Don't be always available

Related to the previous point, you should never show that you are always free for anyone. If you agree right away when the guy asks you out, you implying two things: that his proposal is the most attractive of all or you have free time (or else do not care much). Turn down the guy’s proposal for a date especially if you have other things on that day and time and if you like him too then ask him to plan for some other day. This gives the message that your time is not unlimited and you have priorities. This also makes you bit hard to get girl and gives the guy a chase which makes you look sexy.

Don't say it all

Never share all the information about yourself to a guy. Let your actions speak louder than your words, and think if you want people around you suddenly know everything about you. A surprise leaves a lasting impression that something was said a long time ago. It makes you look sexy as it adds a bit of mystery whenever a guy finds out something new about you.


At the time of our grandmothers, it was normal that the husband bring bread to the table and wife take care of the house and children. Today, that model is obsolete. An independent woman is much more attractive than one that depends on someone else. This indicates that you possess skills that are valued in cash, you are responsible and you will not be a burden. In addition, it gives you the advantage of not needing anyone else to live, which is very attractive.

Decent house care knowledge

I don't mean to be the perfect housewife of the advertising in the fifties, but the minimum knowledge to maintain a house. If you want to live on your own, it is very good idea to learn to cook (it is much cheaper and healthier than eating out or eating instant foods). Every person should have the basic knowledge to keep home clean and administered. With the confidence that you show in work and the way you handle you home will make guys feel attracted you. Yes, this will help you look sexy to catch a guy's eye and he would not resist falling in love with you.

Right clothes to your body

The clothes you wear sends nonverbal messages to others. The clothes don’t have to be too revealing or tight. Wear something which makes you feel confident from inside. There are clothes that look better on some people than on others. Do not try to follow a fad that will not attract, or not makes you feel good. Concentrate on the parts of your body that you like and look for clothes that stand out.

Catch a guy’s eye on facebook

On social media it is very important to be friends with the guy or you have a few friends in common. Take few pictures and upload them. If he is in your friend list then this will definitely help you get the guys attention. If you are not friend with him and have mutual friends then tag this mutual friend and share it on facebook. Now, this shared image will not only come up on your friend’s wall, but also show on the guy’s wall. This way you get his attention on this social media platform. You can also take help from your mutual friend to introduce both of you, this way it will be much easier.

If you want use heels

A women wearing heels makes her legs looking attractive which makes a woman look sexy to catch a guy's eye. Some women need to wear shoes with taco for health reasons. There has been some research done on this topic which showed that heels make the walking of a woman more feminine. Both males and females voted for women wearing heels as it looks much sexier. Others, however, may have health problems by using them. They are not comfortable for many and using them without being accustomed can result in disaster. Think twice before using this type of footwear and only use them if they do not represent damage to your health in the short, medium or long term.

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