How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

April 17, 2016

Learn the tricks which will help you make your boyfriend happy. These tips will keep your relationship happy and thus help your bond to remain strong.

make your boyfriend happy

His happiness is within reach of your hand. Relationships sometimes suffer because we do not pay the necessary attention. When you spend a lot of time with your partner it is normal that things start slowing down and many couples think that his/her partner no longer loves him/her. Your boyfriend or your husband deserves attention and affection and above all deserve to be happy like you. If you think your boyfriend is not happy or if you simply want him to stay happy with you then here are the best tips to make your boyfriend happy.

You're the most important person for him, so we thought several plans for you to get your guy and make him realize how much you love him and how much you care for his happiness. You have to remember at all times that it is important not spend lots of money, but you share your heart. Everything you are going to propose will be simple gestures that will only take you a few minutes of a day.

First you be happy

You cannot make him happy if you are not happy yourself. Nobody wants to go out with a person who is sad and depressed all day, so often smile at him and say how happy he makes you. Take care of yourself and feel good about yourself and improve your self-esteem will make him appreciate even more. Get out shopping, go to parlor and feel beautiful. Remember at all times that you have to be true to yourself and above all, do not change for anyone. He fell in love with you for what you were, so you do not try to be someone else now. Be beautiful and be happy yourself to keep your partner happy. Follow your own hobbies, they're part of you. Before we told you how to make your boyfriend happy, first you look for yours own space and happiness. Girls with hobbies and interests are more attractive.

Pay attention to him

We all like to pay attention to us and have details with us and your guy is no exception. Don’t you like it when your are surprised with a rose, so now you think of ways you surprise him, too. If you want to make your boyfriend happy, embrace him when you're strolling down the street or give him a furtive kiss on the cheek when you are with friends. You send him a text from saying ‘I love you’ or send an cute image. Show him that you care and love him and this is going to make any partner happy.

Take interest in his life

Beyond the time you are together your boyfriend has a life with his family, friends, hobbies and work. Believe it or not, there may be some stress associated with his work or family problems. Ask him when he comes home from work about his day or how is your family. You can share your emotions and interests with him and it will help you feel closer. You can be his girlfriend and best-friend at once. If he does not want to share with you about his work life or anything then don’t force him. Simply share your feelings with him and slowly he will also open out with you and feel happy to have a partner he can share all the problems of his life.

Prepare his favorite dish

Sure you've heard the saying a million times that a man’s heart can be won by food and it's true. All men like to eat, though they deny. Do not underestimate the sense of taste. If you're starting a relationship and you are not yet clear about his tastes, ask about his favorite dishes with the excuse to know him better. If you already bear a safe time memory then you know what he likes to eat. Now it's just a matter of getting down to work!

Cook him by surprise one day his favorite dish. Buy a bottle of wine for two and sets the table for a special occasion. If the pan and pot are not your forte, you always have the option to invite him to your favorite restaurant, but be warned you'll earn more points if you're the one who prepares the food.

Share hobbies

Your interest in his hobbies is one of the things that will make him happier. Nothing unites more than having interests in common so take the bull by the horns! Whether his passion is golf or video-games, the question is to show interest. In a recent poll it was found that many guys love when their girlfriend sits with him to play video-games or watch his favorite sports together. So, if your plan is to make your boyfriend happy then sit with him to watch a cricket or football match. Sit with him on the sofa and ask him to explain how the sports or video-game is played, if you are not aware. The important thing is to involve yourself in what he likes, even if you initially not have much interest in it. Keep an open mind and say the truth if you don’t understand any game. Sure your guy appreciates the effort.

Give space

Pay attention to him, but at the same time giving him space is also the most important. It is very easy to get carried away and want to spend all day with your guy. When you're starting a new relationship, everything seems perfect and exciting. It is important that your guy has his own space. He must have his own life away from you, with his friends and family. Do not make him feel bad if he leaves you on Friday with his friends because then he will come back to you with more enthusiasm than ever. Tell how important it is for you, but do not push him over the account. If one day he says that he needs to go for a walk alone or wants some space for him then don’t take it personally. We all need our space from time to time! Think of it as something positive, you can take the opportunity to talk to your friends or relax while watching a movie.

Bring in some romance

Romance is what both men and women want in their relationship. The passion and romance are at the top when the relationship starts and then with time the graph declines. This is because they never not try new ways to keep the romance levels high. It is better that you try new positions in bed or take a few romantic trips in a gap of few months. Go walking on the beach or in the park and show your love which will make your boyfriend happy. What depletes the romance is when you question him for everything, when you feel over-jealous and when you doubt his character every time he is with friends. Trust between the two partners is one of the pillars that keeps relationship happy. If you don’t trust him, then how can you keep your man happy.

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