10 Mistakes to Avoid on Valentine's Day

September 6, 2016

Find a list of ten worst mistakes to avoid on Valentine’s Day. Keeping a check on these mistakes will help to make your day perfect and special.

Mistakes to Avoid on Valentine's Day

Love is in the air. Valentine's Day is approaching and roses and chocolates will flood the streets. It is also called Day of Love and is the ideal way to show love and affection to the guy/girl who is one of the most important things in our lives. However, there are some mistakes that could turn your Valentine's Day in one of the most embarrassing experiences of life. Take note of what you should not do in that special date.

The Valentine's day comes loaded with tips, ideas and suggestions for partners to enjoy as a couple. But to have the party in peace, we remind you the top mistakes to avoid on Valentine's Day.

If you have a partner

Do not buy a last minute gift. Did you leave for "later" and in the end is that you have to run out of time to buy a decent gift? Well, the stores are always open 24 hours and sell boxes of chocolates and flowers. Yes, it is true, but you would admit that gifts in the form of plastic flowers and chocolates are not bad, but not the best presented in the world. Really, if you buy something then try to get out of the way and use your creativity. It is best to use imagination and write a funny little note or even a love letter. It's free but worth a lot more than any last minute gift.

Don’t go for typical gift. Best Sellers in Valentine are the bouquets of flowers, stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates. What's wrong? Nothing really. They are tender and nice gifts, but they are very visible. Sure you can be more original. Also, think your partner had other partners before and they gave her all that. Don’t you want to make a difference? If you are rich and really love the girl then you can go to the other end to make a very expensive gift.

Do not recreate a film scene. It's okay to devote a day to get in the game to celebrate Valentine's day, who after all is commercial. Real love is demonstrated daily. It is one of the worst mistakes to avoid on Valentine's Day. So it doesn't make sense that you become a lot more romantic or choose that day to declare your love or propose. It all sounds a bit too exaggerated.

Beware of alcohol. If you plan to spend on February 14 next to that special someone, abusing alcohol is not a good idea. The aim of the celebration is the beloved person feel comfortable and happy, not to finish handling their boyfriend or girlfriend while drunk.

Control your nerves. Yes, being next to that special person causes nerves and anxiety, but you need to control your emotions and not talk things out of place. Enjoying an ideal date depends not only on a good company, but also spending good time. Spend all the money in your budget, but don’t borrow money to overspend. When we love someone we want to give the best, but should also take care of the budget.

If you were dumped

Do not make fun of your friends love. You might feel tempted to make fun of lovers, ridiculing their feelings and shouting to the world that Valentine is a farce. But you'd better keep your opinion because your sarcasm may offend your friends who do have family and are happy with it.

Do not use Facebook to aerate your bitterness. To express your opinion in writing is tempting, especially on social networks, where no one can stop you or contradict. But it is not the best way to let off steam. Your friends will think you're too hurt and you give them shame, especially if you feel like writing after having a few drinks.

Do not call or write to your ex. If he/she left, do you really think you deserve to follow him/her thinking about the Valentine's Day? It is better to delete your ex number. And if the temptation is too strong, better call a good friend with whom you can unburden to stay in peace. Then laugh with it and turn the page. Do not look to your ex. This is perhaps one of the worst mistakes made. Valentine's Day can be a very sad day for those who have no partner, but this does not mean you have to run to get your ex. Dignity is above all.

You're still single

Do not complain because "nobody wants you". Yes, it may be that the Valentine's day is making you feel low and sad. Even you like to have someone special with whom you can enjoy a romantic dinner, and instead you are home alone, bored. Well, think it is a commercial celebration and as someone said, "tomorrow is another day" and will come loaded with new possibilities. You can also write a list with the advantages of being single, which are many.

Do not compare. Never compare yourself with your friends happily matched. Comparisons are odious, because there will always be someone better looking, richer, happier or deep in love than you. So you think, because first of all the comparisons are entirely subjective. Stop believing the grass is greener in the neighbor's garden, because it is not true. Maybe your friends display their happiness, but you can be sure you also discuss with their partners, go through crises and even long for the days when single and carefree living.

Do not be like, "Because I'm worth it!". Of course they're worth it, because you are a unique and valuable person, regardless of your marital status. Really, you need not publish a photo looking pout on social networks to show that you are sexy and happy even without a partner. That kind of behavior actually gets the opposite effect. People think you do not want a partner and you need to show how wonderful you are.

These were some of the things not to do on Valentine’s Day to make it a special day. Avoid these mistakes to make it a perfect day.

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