How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say In Conversation

December 5, 2016

Find the best way to never run out of things to say in conversation with your crush. These conversation tips and topics will help you confidently talk to the guy or girl you like.

never run out of things to say in conversation

For some people setting up a conversation can be the most difficult step in socializing or wanting to hook up with someone. We often think that all of our conversation topics are boring or unattractive to others, but there are a number of things you can do to get conversation topics that might attract the person you are like. If you do not know how to start talking to someone we leave you a few tips.

Have confidence in yourself

It is time to let shyness and show the world that you are a great and very interesting person. Do not limit your ability to socialize with others for fear of being rejected. Have security in your personality and transmitting that energy will be pleasing to all. To tackle the feeling nervousness, you should believe in yourself that you are a strong person. If you talk to your crush with low confidence then this will definitely not make you completely focus on the conversation. With confidence you can come up with plenty of topics and never run out of things to say in conversation with your crush.

Break the ice

In a conversation the most difficult thing is to break the ice. Once this is done simply show yourself genuinely and interested and you will see how the quality of the subjects is getting better and increases your confidence much more. If you have never introduced yourself to your crush then simply go and let him/her know who you are and keep the conversation general. Now from coming conversations you can bring in some interested topics to make your crush feel connected to you.

Ask key and follow-up questions

Open and basic questions like: where were you born? Was it a beautiful place? Were your parents born there too? Do you have any hobbies? Do you practice any sport? With these types of questions, long and interesting topics can arise, because the person you are talking to will feel very good to see that you are interested in her/him. If you never run out of things to say in conversation then an important thing is bring up questions, let your crush answer and tell him/her your story related to the question. This will keep your conversation run long and keep your crush interested.

Avoid closed questions

The closed questions are those that can be answered only with "yes" or "no", an example would be do you live in this city? These kinds of questions give the end to a conversation that could have spread far more. The main problem with closed question is that it ends too fast and to hold the conversation you need something which can keep both the parties interested. Also, asking too many closed questions just to talk to your crush will make the guy/girl feel like an interview. It kills the charm of conversation and so you use it at minimum.

Time and weather will always be a good start

If you do not know how to start a conversation, you can go to the classic and not so complicated: "Sorry you could tell me the time?" Or "It's getting very hot here, we should be at 30 degrees", normally the person will continue with the talk and from there will be triggered the other subjects of conversation. This trick is to be used when you meet some stranger on the street. Use it to break the ice and continue with interesting topics.

Be as kind as you can be

Kindness is one of the values most appreciated by all. Being kind you will get the attention of that person and it will be much easier to establish a good topic of conversation. The sense of humor can also influence positively compared to a person very moody and arrogant. A kind, fun and spontaneous person is attractive to hold a conversation, a friendship or even something else.

Investigate what interests you have in common

This part is extremely important because the more common interests you and the person have, the easier it will be to realize a good topic of conversation. Find out if you like art, music, cinema, travel, study interests or what is your favorite dish or place. According to this it will be easier to specify a theme based on their common tastes. This way for the current session you will never run out of things to say in conversation with your crush. All you need to just get to know something the guy/girl likes and you like it too.

Pass a compliment once in a while

A compliment will always be a good way to progress in a conversation. Praising the person will make them feel great and this will keep them interested in chatting with you. If you tell a person that he/she has a very nice haircut, this surely will be appreciated by them and it will be forgotten. The conversation will take a turn and continue progressively. In first few conversation, don’t compliment something which can make the other feel offend or uncomfortable. Complimenting the beauty of eyes, smile, dress or anything particular you find good on them will be enough.

Never lie to your crush

Do not lie and do not pretend as this is counterproductive. Especially if you're one of the people who do not know how to lie, you'd better not. In search of the acceptance of the people we usually go to the lie, pretending situations or posing as people we are not. The best will always be to be ourselves and the let your crush decide if they want to relate to us or not.

Important rule of conversation

Apply the rules of the good listener and the good speaker. It is time to use that education that our parents taught us, listen and then speak. Do not try to interrupt, this is very frowned upon and moreover you will only make the person lose the sense of what he/she was saying and that is where a conversation begins to die. Speak slowly, listen carefully when spoken to and respect the dialogue time of each person.

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