No Contact Rule To Get Ex Back

August 21, 2020

Find the best way to perform no contact rule to get ex back fast. Instead of begging, use these tricks to win over your ex heart and make her want you back.

no contact rule to get ex back

If you have just been through a break up but you still love your Ex. And if you started surfing the web to find a way to get your Ex back then you have definitely come across something called a “No Contact Rule”. Now you want to know what No Contact Rule exactly is and how it can help you to get back with your Ex then you are in the right place.

Basically it is as it says No Contact with your Ex no matter what for a certain period of time. But first you must understand that it is not easy to go through with it because at times all you will need is to talk to your Ex and you will break the rule. But lucky for you here is a step to step guide on how to go through with No Contact Rule to get ex back and how it can help you mend your broken relationship.

No Contact Rule

No Contact Rule in simple terms is to avoid any and all contact with your Ex. For explaining purpose let’s say that your Ex is a drug that you are addicted. Now if you know anything about stopping addiction, then you know that the best thing is to go cold turkey. That’s exactly what you need to do; you go cold turkey with your ex. What you need to understand is that going cold turkey is needed because you are in some way addicted to your him/her. Addiction is when you are thinking about them all the time and you reading this article is a proof positive of your addiction.

Now if you are thinking about going through with it then you must know that no contact encompasses the following things. No text message or any social media contact, no phone calls, no bumping into each other and definitely not going over each others place, not even talking via a common friend. It’s exactly what you do when you are addicted to something you go full cold turkey because even a small hint of them is dangerous for your addiction.

Reasons for No Contact

As I have explained before, no contact rule is like breaking an addiction to your ex. In order to get over an addiction you start on how to live your life without your addiction. Just in this case you are going to learn to live without your ex. And believe me when I say No Contact is the best way to get it done. I am sure now you are wondering that how would this help when your plan is to get them back.

It would help because now when you get back together with them you won’t come as desperate as you did before. Now that you know that you can survive without them then you would appear confident rather than a needy and desperate. Do you think that anybody wants to be with someone who is needy and desperate? I don’t think so. And I don’t you were that person before you met them and it’s about time you get back to what you were before you met your ex or maybe even better.

Two important things about this No Contact Rule are that during this period you become a confident individual person who can be happy all by yourself. And your ex who broke up with you might realize what a big mistake they made after seeing you grow after this no contact period.

Things to do During No Contact

Don’t just sit around and mope during this no contact period or you will lose your mind. You need to live your life and do everything in your power to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t matter if you are alone right now the important thing is that you don’t end up alone. The main reason to go through no contact is to make you feel better and for you to be your own person. This is not going to happen if you just sit around in your pajama’s watching television and eating ice-cream. And to help you here are three things that you should do when in no contact rule.

  1. Go Physical
    The best thing to do during no contact period is to go physical. Nothing makes you feel better then to go physical during cold turkey time. Doing some physical activity helps you to get your frustration out and it also releases endorphins which makes you feel better. Another benefit of doing some physical activity is that it helps you to get back in shape which also makes you feel good. And this changes show when you meet your ex after the no contact period. Going physical doesn’t mean that you should go out and have a fight instead do something productive like exercise, yoga, jogging and other physical things that can help you.
  2. Go Social
    I understand if you want to sit around at home and pine over your ex but that is not helping. And even though you don’t feel like it but going out with your friends and having a good time is helping. Your friends and family are the people who will make you realize that you are loved no matter what. You can also go out on a date if you feel like it. You don’t necessarily have to jump in a relationship but a couple of dates will definitely give you an ego boost. Going on dates during no contact will help you realize that you still got it and people do find you attractive, which is all you need to get your confidence back.
  3. Get Relaxed
    Lastly, chill out a bit. The world hasn’t ended yet, you are still alive well. You need to understand even though are going through a hard time and you are coping with it the best you can. So every once in a while it is good to give yourself an out by relaxing a bit. It doesn’t have to be something grand you just need a breather and for that you can do yoga, meditation. You can also go for spa or massage if you like. Sometime all you need to relax is a nice bath.

Things to Avoid During No Contact

Just like there are some things that you have to do during no contact period similarly there are things that you should avoid at all costs. This here is to warn you because your brain may play tricks on you during this period and it will be tough to ignore it so look out for these things.

  1. Avoid Obsessing
    One of the thing people do during no contact period is that they obsess over their ex which is not good. The whole point of no contact rule is to putting yourself first and to forget about your ex. Obsessing over your ex is your brain’s way of tricking you into making contact like sending a short text message. Don’t do it as it will clearly shows how desperate you are and then there is no point in going through no contact rule.

    It’s alright to think about your ex every once in a while but thinking about them constantly and checking their social network page every two minutes is being obsessive. So if you find yourself going through this then it is best that you avoid social media for no contact period. You need to understand that you are using this no contact rule to stop your addiction. Just like when you are addicted to something you don’t just take it a little bit and so you shouldn’t think about your ex even a little bit as it is a slippery slope from there. Hence the cold turkey method is the best way to stop addiction.

  2. Avoid other Addictions

    Don’t trade one addiction with another because that’s just as bad. Remember no one likes an addict which is why you are here in the first place. It’s alright to have a drink when you are out with friends but don’t make it a habit. And if you think even for a second that there is a chance of drunken dialing then make sure that you have a friend that will stop you. Having a support system is the best way of getting through no contact period. You will see how much your friends are there for you, now that you need them.

Things to Consider Before No Contact

This here is just some things that you need to consider before going through with No Contact Rule.

  1. Period of No Contact
    Normally a No Contact period should last a month considering that you handled the break up part normally. And if you have been texting or calling them or shown any sign of desperation then you should consider extending no contact period for 60 or even 90 days at times.
  2. Breaking No Contact
    If you break no contact rule like if you even send them a personal text then you have to start all over again from day 1. Just like when you are trying to stop addiction and you slip up you have to start all over again, same goes for no contact period.

    Secondly, if your ex contacted you then it is not considered as breaking no contact rule until and unless you started talking to them or even replied to their text. Barring any emergencies you should maintain no contact rule no matter what. Even in case of emergencies you shouldn’t start talking about your personal life just stick to the subject at hand.

  3. Living Situation
    Sometimes you are in situation where you and your ex are going to have to see each other regularly. You may work together or you live together and no one can move out or you two have a child together. In cases like these No Contact rule is tough to follow and if that is the case then No Contact Rule can be appended as follows.

    1. You are not allowed to your ex on any topic other than your child, your work or things related to household.
    2. Never talk about personal stuff with your ex or that would be breaking no contact rule.
    3. Don’t be a jerk and badmouth your ex instead trying being gracious and helpful.

    If you follow these amended rules than you are good and you can go through with No Contact Rule.

Remember Me

Understand that this technique is going to be tough and it is no child play. So instead of thinking of it as no contact rule to get ex back difficult, try thinking of it as detoxification of your mind and soul. Yes, it is going to be tough on you. At times you will also pick up your phone just so you listen your ex. However, at that time remember why you started this in the first place.

In the end remember that you have lived without your ex for an entire month and you don’t really need them, but you want them. When you think about it this way you will appear confident when talking to your ex rather than some needy person like you were before.

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