20 Tips to Be a Perfect Boyfriend

April 28, 2017

Find the best way to be a perfect boyfriend ever for your woman. These tips will help to make your girlfriend happy and also makes her to respect and love you.

tips to be a perfect boyfriend

Being the perfect groom is not easy, it requires many virtues and a great deal of will and understanding. But if you're really in love with her, it will not be difficult for you to put everything on your side to try to be the best man she can have at her side. Do you really want to become that person with whom she wants to share until the last day of her life? Here we tell you the secrets to be a perfect boyfriend which you can use to be the best guy in her life.

Listen carefully

No woman can feel valued if her opinions and demands are not heeded. If it is your girlfriend, her opinions should have a lot of weight for you. Although you do not agree at all with regard to the way of thinking, you have to allow her to at least expose your points of view. Otherwise, she will feel underappreciated, she will think you do not take her seriously, and she will probably begin to feel uncomfortable with you. No one likes to be with a person who does not have you in the slightest regard or who does not care to know what makes you happy.

Try to be interesting

If there are issues that you are passionate about, but she is bored by it then do not make them the center of the conversation. Do not talk about yourself and what you like all the time. Try to have ambitious goals in life, to improve as a person, or to have minimum aspirations. It's hard to stay in love with a man who just wants to get the weekend to go beers with the cronies. It is difficult, and will require an effort on your part, but the more passion you have for your goals and the harder you fight for them. This is what will make you appear more interesting in their eyes. And if you are not ambitious or fighter, at least try to do different things and experience new things.

Get involved in your circle of friends

When you start a relationship, everyone believes they have the right to say, and the worst thing is that not only do they do it, but they can also influence how it develops. If you want yours to be solid, it is much better to count on her friends as an ally, and not as an enemy. If you integrate them into your circle and make good friends with the people she appreciates then this might be enough be a good boyfriend for her. Also, in difficult times you will know that these friends will not encourage her to break up with you.

Behave like a gentleman

Even if you think that giving up the door or opening the door to a woman is out of fashion, they love that kind of details. Chivalry is a scarce value, and that is why it is so appreciated, so that every time you behave this way with your girlfriend, you are sending a signal of respect that. This will serve to consolidate your relationship and you will be a perfect boyfriend in her eyes. Do not forget that for a woman, such acts that we may consider unimportant, are far more revealing than any promise you can make.

Gift her something

You do not have to shop for gifts each day, but there are few days you can buy her a present. Buy her a sweet that she loves, take her to the movies or dinner. On any special day you can do such deeds to be a perfect boyfriend for your girlfriend. Send her a WhatsApp to worry about her health when she is not well. Do everything that serves to show that she is of great importance in your life. Your efforts to make her feel special will make you the perfect boyfriend like the ones that women dream.

Take care of your image

Just as you like to go hand in hand with a beautiful woman, she also enjoys if the man who takes her side makes her feel proud. Take care to always look good, be well shaved and with a good haircut, wear nice and flattering clothes, and if you can, do sport to stay in good shape. She will value very much that you take care of yourself well. She will be flattered when her friends compliment about you to her.

Respect her at all times

Never appreciate the beauty of other women because if you express it in front of her, you will make her feel bad. So, save yourself the comments about how beautiful your friend is or the body that your sister has, because she can interpret them as a lack of respect. Also, never reveal her secrets it in front of others. That is the kind of attitude that she will never forget or forgive, and which can lead, sooner rather than later, to the end of your relationship.

Demonstrate maturity

That two people love each other does not mean they have to agree on everything. Sooner or later you will discover that you have different points of view on some subjects, and you must learn to respect hers. No matter how much you think she's wrong, do not try to change her mind. You can expose your ideas, and try to argue them, but if she sees you otherwise, simply move on to another topic. A perfect boyfriend does not get angry because she does not think the same or try to impose his criteria. Learn to be mature and understand that you are different people, and as such, you have the right to see things differently.

Show her your love

In addition to telling her that you love her, show her how much you love her. Your girlfriend will never get tired From hearing "I love you", so do not forget to repeat it frequently. But in addition to telling her, you have to prove it with facts. A woman loves to notice that she is wanted, but when words are not accompanied by acts that reinforce them, she ends up thinking that you are not sincere. If you tell her that you love her, your attitude has to be in tune. That means worrying about her and trying to make her happy whenever you can. Words are not enough and hence a perfect boyfriend always proves his girl with actions.

Fulfill Your Promises

It's the only option you have if you do not want her to get tired of you. No one forces you to promise anything, but if you choose to do it, you will have to keep your word, or else she will not be able to trust you. And, in case you did not know, love is based on trust, no relationship can be built if it lacks trust.

Do not be carried away by the enthusiasm and promise things that you do not know if you will be able to fulfill. Sure you love to see her excited, but you will not like to see her face when she discovers that your words are taken by the wind again and again.

Support her in difficult times

Life is not always rosy, and surely she will also have to go through complicated times of suffering and pain. In those moments she need to feel your support than ever before, so if you think about it you will lose many points before her. When she fail, when you fall ill, when you lose a loved one; if you truly love her, you must be there for as hard as it is.

Give Your Space

Even if she wants to spend most of the time with you, you need to give her the opportunity to have her privacy too. Do not make the mistake of wanting to know everything she does, where you goes or where she is at every moment. If you give her freedom she will have no problem telling you about it. And remember, we all need to be alone sometime. The fact that at a particular moment she does not want to be with you does not mean that you are not important anymore. Maybe she just need space and time to put her ideas in order.

Do not be jealous or controlling

The main killer of relationships is jealousy. As much as you think that it is a show of love, wanting to control everything you do or talk to is not a good sign. If you are thinking of spying on h34 phone, if you follow her to know who she is meeting, or if you get furious because you do not know where she is, you are a long way from being the perfect boyfriend. To make her feel at ease with you, she needs to notice that you trust. It is a sign of security in yourself, and also, you make sure that she does not follow you for wrong reasons.

Show your love in unexpected ways

Surprises are an element that help to reinforce any relationship. She expects a certain degree of commitment on your part, but if you go further and show her love in unexpected moments and situations, you will seem like the most irresistible boy in the world. Go pick it up without warning when you leave work or classes, buy the gift that delights her so much that there is no special date to justify it, or stay awake all night helping her for presentation. She will appreciate it.

Become her guardian angel

You have to protect her, and that means being alert to any danger that might stalk her. Surely you may be busy, but go to pick her up when she is late from work. It is important to accompany her if at that time it is not very safe to walk alone in the neighborhood. You will have to make an effort to be a perfect boyfriend. You also do not need to be on top of her at all times, but you can detect situations in which she may not be safe and quickly come to comfort her with your presence.

Do not let anything make her cry

When circumstances make her sad, there you must be to support her, and to make her smile, because her happiness is the most important thing for you. That means, in addition to comforting and encouraging her in difficult times, you should never be the cause of her sadness. All couples discuss and have problems, but what makes the difference between those that work and those that break are the way to deal with these situations. If you feel that you have to hurt her because she made you feel bad, you are not on the right path. The perfect boyfriend knows how to forgive, and does not enter into revenge games.

More tips to be a perfect boyfriend

Be honest always

The only way for a relationship to have a future is to go with honesty ahead. Lies can work for a while, but if you are not honest about your intentions and plans for the future, sooner or later, it will all end up in the air. She needs to know that she can trust you, otherwise she will never give herself fully.

Accept her with the good and the bad

Do not expect her to be perfect because neither she nor any other one is perfect. So accept her mistakes, her shortcomings and everything that is not as perfect as you would like, because it is the only way that she gives herself totally. If you criticize her, or if you make her feel uncomfortable for whom she truly is, she will never see you as a true companion.

Make her feel irresistibly beautiful

No, this is not going to buy the latest outfit. This is how you look at her. If your way of looking at her is special, if you cannot suppress your smile, or if your eyes shine in an unusual way when you have her in front, she will feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and this is a feeling that engages. Look at her as if she were the most beautiful woman you've ever met and you've earned her forever.

Show the world how proud you feel about her

If you really love her, you will have time to tell everyone. You'll be looking forward to introducing her to your family and friends, and of course, you'll be happy to change your Facebook status from "single" to "In a relationship". This shows that you are committed to her and you are proud to announce it to your friends and family.

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