How to Play Hard to Get With a Girl

February 17, 2017

Learn the best way to play hard to get with a girl you like in person and over text. These tips will help you be a problematic mark and make her chase you.

play hard to get with a girl

This is one of the best ways to get the girl to chase you if done correctly. The logic behind playing hard to get is like when you walk by some store every day, like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Just to get a glimpse of something dreamy that you wish to have, and all of a sudden, you can have it.

That’s what playing hard to get is all about. First, you have to convince the girl that you are that dreamy person worth waiting for. The truth is that the harder it is to get someone, the more you end up wanting them. And if for nothing else, know this that if you don’t use playing hard to get, then she definitely will.

There are two phases in where you will use this technique. The first of these is to get their attention. This phase lets her know that you are someone worth waiting for, the dreamy part I was talking about. There are many different aspects that you need to consider to pull this off successfully. To help you out, here are some pointers you can use to play hard to get with a girl.

Push and Pull

I know that if you want to get the girl and keep her, you need to make it fun for her. And the best way to make each of your meetings memorable and exciting is the game of push and pull. Of course, flirting is supposed to be fun. But, for me, it’s like a dance where you keep the other person guessing what’s going to happen next, all the while letting her know that it’s safe and fun.

You have to keep the things light and fun when you two meet, all the while keep her guessing how you really feel. To do this, you should play around with her by teasing her in a fun sort of way. Just refrain from any personal, family, or political comments for now. Instead, compliment her while making fun of her like, “How much pink can one person really wear and look that good.” You just have to mix it up in just the right amount that she is left laughing.

Calling and Texting

This one has been in talks across the internet as the previous rule was to wait to call the girl for at least 3 days if you don’t want to appear desperate. But that’s so 20th century, I mean, we are in the 21st century, and thanks to movies, every girl knows the 3-day rule, and that doesn’t really work or does it? So you see, even though the times have changed, the technique still works. Just have to alter the timeline a bit if necessary.

For calling, I say wait at the very least a day or two. Then again, if you got the girl’s number between Mondays to Wednesday, then call her on Thursday or Friday, respectively. This way you can make a plan for that weekend if you want. But if you get her digits on the weekend, then wait for a couple of days to make the call. So now comes the trick to play hard with a girl over texts.

As far as texting is concerned, do not try to contact texting before calling for the first time. Calling is more personal, and it lets the girl know that you are interested. Later in the chat conversation is where you can play hard to get. After the first call, you can text but wait for a few days for her to text first. Know that same push-pull rule applied here as well.

Even if you are playing hard to get, you still have to be a gentleman and make the first call. And never ever annoy her with constant text messages from your side.

Setting the Pace

How would you feel if a girl just after one date starts planning your entire future, including kids and retirement plans? Annoyed, like someone is trying to choke you with too much love? So, keep in mind that this is all about having fun. If you say how you really feel in the first couple of dates, then she may freak out. But, if you are lucky and she didn’t freak out for some reason, then she has the edge now, and she will play hard to get. Remember, the ball is always supposed to be in your court. This way, you will always keep her wondering about your next move.

Instead of yelling out all your feelings, try letting her know it in subtle ways as it says, “Action speaks louder than words.” Showing her how you feel, but not actually saying those words. This is the best trick to play hard to get with a girl and one of my absolute favorites. This way, the girl knows that you are interested, but she wants to confirm. So, now she is the one doing all the work to pry those words out of your mouth.

Not Clingy or Pushover

Some people get too clingy, like they never want to get off the phone when talking or never leave you alone. I say stop being a pushover to this guy because you come out as clingy, like chewing gum stuck in hair. Try not to be available to talk for once, so she knows that you are busy doing something. If you are available for her every time she calls you, you are in danger of getting friend-zoned.

If the girl calls you to ask about your weekend plans a couple of days before the weekend, like on Thursday, you have some plans. Remember that you want to play hard to get with a girl, and let me tell you that it works. The only exception to this one is if you two haven’t met for more than two weeks, so then you say, “Just hanging with guys, nothing definite, yet” This way, if she wants a date, she will hint about it, or she will just outright say it. You are under no circumstance to ask her out in this condition, but only confirm if asked out.

Physical Barrier

Playing hard to get is all about keeping her guessing about how interested you actually are. If you break the physical barrier as soon as you pick her up for a date, then you have made your intentions known and lost your edge as well. Making physical contact lets her know that you are interested, but if you do it differently, you may not even lose your edge.

You have to find the moment in which touching her would excite her and not turn her off. Like when you are out in a club, you could ask her for a dance. This way, you will break the touch barrier but not lose the edge. But putting your arms around her only when you have company tells her that you are the possessive kind which can be a significant turn-off and even lets her know your intentions. So, keeping all these things in mind, find your way to break the physical barrier within a reasonable time.

Play hard and keep her interested at the same time

If you have done the above things correctly, you have got her attention and made sure to let her know that you are her dream person. All that is left for you to do is prove that her dream can come true by opening up slowly. This is the second phase where gradually open up to her to keep her. Remember that you have to give something to get something and this is what we are going to do.

Open up Naturally

Opening up doesn’t mean that you have to yell all your feelings out at once. The trick is to let the girl think that you are a challenge. This way, if she wants to know something about you, she has to flat out ask about it. And if she does that, you know that it’s working and she is interested in getting to know you more. As I mentioned, you have to gradually open up, so start with something small like your hobbies or pets or movies, which are not that relevant. And as time passes, you will get to know her. I do this by telling some true stories about me, like how I chewed my favorite tie on the day of my meeting or something similar.

Know Your Boundaries

When playing hard to get with, a girl should know their boundaries. Sometimes people outright insult the girl and think that it was funny. If a girl is sensitive about some things, don’t tease her about it in front of other people because that’s not funny it’s just plain rude. Next, don’t always say that you are busy on the weekends and make her call you all the time. The effort should be equal on both the side even if you are playing hard to get. The only difference here is to hide with your charm and push and pull.

Real Conversation

Every girl knows when a guy is just talking some bull shit, so be ready to have an honest conversation when needs are. I am not saying to do this every time you see the girl, but once in a while, this will happen. An older person once told me that there are only three honest conversations a person has in their life. First is when they think of marriage, second is kids, and third is death itself.

I think I have covered enough to give you a basic idea of playing hard to get with a girl. The only thing for me to say and you to remember is that chase is never over. So, even if you are in a relationship, don’t get too comfortable because you need to keep surprising her and make the relationship enjoyable. This way, you can keep her for yourself for life.

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