How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy

December 29, 2020

Find the best way to play hard to get with a guy in real and over text. These tips will help you be a difficult woman to attract and still keep him interested in you.

play hard to get with a guy

There is something sexy in a woman that is getting begged by a man. The mystery and excitement of the hunt comes into play when a guy does not know if a girl will finally fall to his charms. Despite playing hard to get to attract men, if played poorly you can lose t. If you play too well, men think that you have no interest in them and slowly lose interest themselves. So, here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind to play hard to get with a guy. These tricks will keep up the mystery within the guy to know whether you are interested in him or not and he will keep chasing you.

Find a middle ground

While men enjoy thrill of the hunt, the woman become boring if chasing her is too easy. To keep the interest of a guy, a woman must know where to draw the line. From the cycle immemorial women have been taught that men are attracted to women who are not available to them. While this may be true, it also true that guys may start to lose interest, if a woman is never at his disposal. If want to play hard to get with a guy, you need to show at one point that you are interested and at another point make him doubt this. Be available for some time, then take some time before you reply to his texts. This will keep him hooked and make him chase you.

Never cross the line in the game

There's a fine line between a person's attraction to play hard to get and be so inaccessible that he loses interest and moves to a different pursuit. Most women decide to play hard to get in the dating game. It is an effective method of attracting attention of the guy, but you should know how to get it hooked before he clings. Each guy appreciates a difficulty level and after that he may lose hope for you. He may think that he might not be able to impress you. So, analyze the boundary of this difficulty of your guy and play close to the line, but don’t cross it.

Keep him in mystery

Flirt with the man constantly, but be sure to flirt with other guys in your neighborhood. Laugh at his jokes and tell him how handsome he looks, however, make sure he sees you touch other guys. This makes him understand that you are hard to get women and impressing you is not easy. Remember to not stop giving him compliments, else he will think that you are not interested. Also, never stop talking with other guys to make him see the competition around him to impress you.

Let him wait for you

Wait for 10 minutes to return his phone calls. When a man calls you, do not call immediately, but do not wait too long to return the message. Waiting 10-30 minutes is enough to play hard to get girl. This should be done few times and not each and every time. Not answering him for too long can take away his interest in you. Remember to answer his messages in less than an hour and not after a day. He answers text messages and emails from time to time. Unless it is a text message or an urgent email, try to respond only half the time. You have to look busy and only partially interested in him. In this way, you seem busy and difficult to get.

Let him work on your hints

Ask him to come and see you, but only when other friends are around. Never ask him to do something alone with you. This will make you appear to be partially interested. Instead, ask her to join you and your friends for a movie or a game. Of course, you can take advantage of your time alone with him in these places. This way you play hard to get with a guy and also keep the guy doubt your feelings towards him. Another way is to tell one of your mutual friends that you are interested in him, but tell another friend that you are not open for love and do not want a relationship. This will send you a confusing message, which in the long run will make it seem difficult to get. He will not know if you're really interested in him or if it's just a rumor.

Never call him first

Once you have exchanged phone numbers, it is important to wait for him to make the first call. If he asked for your phone number, you know that he is at least a little interested to make a decision about calling you. It takes a few days or however a week or two, but when it does it can be called for the purpose may be to ask you out. If he does not call for what you consider an unreasonable period of time, it may be time for you to call him. Calling him first is never a good step, but you should not make him feel that you are interested. Call him and ask for some help or think of any excuse. This way you get to keep important cards of the game and still carry on with him.

Keep the chase for him

Timing is everything when it comes to playing hard to get with a guy. If the guy asks you out, don’t say yes immediately. Let him see your hesitation in taking the decision. Instead of yes, you can say ‘maybe’ next week we can think as you already have plans with your friends. Thus, it will be appreciated that you are interested, but not always available. Even if you do not have anything planned, never let him know that. Let him wonder and wait for your answer. He will meet the new interest if you keep a little mystery going. When you go out with him let your intellect and personality shine through. Keep the conversation light and not to reveal too much of something like past relationships and such topics.

Playing hard in relationship

After the phase of attraction and dating, comes a time of relationship. Here you should stop playing hard, but at the same time keep some chase for him. You need to stop being mysterious and open your heart to let him know the real you. The disadvantage of playing hard with your boyfriend can lead to misunderstandings that you are also interested in other men. Instead of playing hard, you must just let him see that you are still desired by guys and they like your company. Here you must talk with other guys casually and not flirt or touch him too much.

This will keep the chase for the guy that if he fails, there are other guys who might win over your heart. However, this part should only be played sometimes. At last, you need to prepare for living a long relationship where you both love, trust and respect each other to have loving live together.

Tips on playing hard to get women

  1. Play hard to get reserves to attract the man who is hard to get himself. Shy guys might not approach or take more action to impress if you play hard to get with them.
  2. Don’t rush in making him feel the attraction towards you. While in your first few dates, if you share your plan of wedding and kids with him then you might lose all your charm.
  3. If you want to look a difficult girl to attract, you must first show him that you are confident and independent. Let him see that you are happy being single and there is no urgent need of a guy in your life.
  4. You must not enter a position where you are trying too hard to get his attention and attract him.
  5. In this game there are times when we make other feel offended like in situations when you answer his text late. If the guy complains then be gentle and make him understand that you were busy.
  6. You must take it as a game and remember to never over play it on your guy. Find a balance in this game between attraction and chase.
  7. Do not play hard to get once you find yourself in a real relationship. Relations thrive with good communication, not children's games.
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