How to Propose a Guy Indirectly

September 10, 2020

Find the best way to propose a guy indirectly in school or work to be your boyfriend or for marriage. Use these tips and ideas to propose someone you like.
propose a guy

So, you think you are in love. You finally met a guy who is handsome, financially stable and he treats you well. It seems as though he is the only one who gets what you think and you him. But now the problem is that he hasn’t made any commitment to you, yet. The important thing in this situation is to know if the guy feels the same way about you too. It doesn’t matter if you have known this guy your whole life or you just met him a couple of weeks ago when you love someone you have to go for it. Since you are here I am assuming that you are thinking about it and so here are some tips to propose a guy indirectly to be your boyfriend.

Confirm your Feelings

In order to go through with this first you need to make sure what you feel right now is real. Sometimes these feeling have a knack for sneaking up on us when our ex boyfriend or best friend is in a relationship. One should be sure that what they are feeling isn’t because of some petty jealousy. Your feelings needs to be genuine in order for him to see it otherwise it would be awkward later on. To make sure what you are feeling is not some jealous rage or loneliness acting up try going out with him on a friendly date or get involve with him in a group activity. This way when you two are in close proximity you will see how good you are with each other and if you are lucky so will he.

Once you know that your feelings are genuine then it’s time for you to do something about it. You should start sending some hints towards him to show that you are interested. It should be cute yet subtle so he gets the point. A little flirting here and there, a bit of late night chats along with some one on one movie and dinner date should be enough to make your message clear. In the beginning it’s not going to be all dates and gifts. Slowly you both will come closer and that’s the time to strike. One thing you should know is never to go after a guy who is already in a relationship. As even if you successfully break them up it still wouldn’t be enough for you to get the guy. Instead it will only drive him away further as you just broke his heart.

Make a Plan

As soon as you are sure about how you feel, it’s time to make a plan to propose a guy to be your boyfriend. Guy’s are dumb because even though it appears that the guy is doing all the hard work like asking you out, taking risk, buying presents and stuff just imagine how many subtle hints that woman had to throw for that guy to even think about talking to her. I mean for a guy to get that courage you need to make sure that he got the hints properly. To make sure that everything is done properly you need to develop a plan and here are some tips to help you with that.

Approach to propose a guy indirectly

There are many ways one can approach a subject of relationship, all you have to do is to make sure you do it right. What a person need to remember is that this is a once in a life time opportunity and it would be best if it is a memorable one. So, when considering a proposal approach one should consider the feeling of the subject and use it to the best of their knowledge. Let’s say if your guy is bit adventurous then a treasure hunt proposal approach is what you need. If he is a sensitive guy then a hand written letter with a memorable token would make him happy. And if he is a hopeless romantic than nothing says a relationship better than a home cooked meal with you as desert, just kidding, a cake with icing saying “I Love You” would do too.

  1. Sensitive Approach:
    In this approach you show your sensitive side to your man. You see most men expect women to be chatty, thanks to all the sitcoms. But when you are willing to send him a nice love letter or a nice memorabilia then they might be surprised. These kind of small and cute surprises are way better than a big surprise party because it shows him your sensitive side and make him fall in love with you. This way you don’t have to propose him, sooner or later he will be the one doing the proposing.
  2. Adventurous Approach:
    This approach to propose a guy takes time and lots of planning. If you think your man is not the one to back out of an adventure then this is the one you need. The best is to plan this ahead of time like a nice treasure hunt going to all the places you went on your dates and your cute meets. This helps him to remember how good you two are together. Don’t take any drastic measures; the simplest things can have a lot of affect on men. Remember you are doing this to have fun and in the end the great finish is suppose to be you telling him how you feel.
  3. Romantic Approach:
    Nothing beats a nice romantic dinner and walk on a beach when it comes to relationships. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, all you have to do is to go out on a nice romantic date, have some laugh and then take a walk arms in arms and when you are alone tell him how you really feel. Sometimes, one needs to feel comfortable to tell how they feel, so you can also do this at your place. You can have a home cooked meal and a candle lit dinner and the after you get to say your peace.
  4. Seductive Approach:
    Nothing pleases men more than a woman willing to go there. In seductive approach everything is done in a push and pull ratio. With enough pushing and pulling your men will just have to tell you how much he likes you. In order to get him there you have to show some skin when needed and then dress conservative when not. Simplest way to seduce a guy is to kiss him a lot. If you understand how kissing works then you might kiss him all the time. Say, you want this guy undivided attention than kissing is the way to go. And if you want to distract him from something like a surprise plan than too kissing works. But the best is when you kiss a guy when he least expect it and for no reason. Of course for this one you should know the guy well. But it works for most of them so you might as well try it.
  5. Direct Approach:
    If you are uncomfortable playing any games then it’s time you take the direct approach and propose a boy you like. In this you don’t bush around the bushes and wait for the guy to come around. Instead you make up a plan considering how, when and where and then you go for it. If all works well then the guy will reciprocate the feelings. Direct approach is a bit risky because you leave all the cards on the table and wait for him to show his cards, in a manner of speaking. But most of the time direct approach gets result instantly whether good or bad but it gets it done.

Things to Consider

When making a proposal plan there are some things one needs to consider for a plan to be effective. First thing you need to consider is to make sure that you are doing to right thing and this is what you really want. And once you have chosen which approach you are going to use you are ready. For the final touch that here are answers to the three most important questions where proposal is concerned.

Where to propose?
This is not about where the entire proposal is going to take place but only the important part. This is where you ask him to be your boyfriend. If you have done proper planning then the two of you are already in a romantic mood. Now pick a place which is quiet and private. Remember this place should be around people just not close enough that they can overhear you two talking.

When to propose?
Knowing when to go for it is really important. And it all depends upon how you listen and read the basic body language. Sometimes people have had a real rough day and it makes that day the worst time for you to come and out and say it. And according to the approaches you two are going to be out or having a meal together or both and if that is the case then you have the perfect opportunity to judge the mood. Listen to what he is saying and if it’s complains about something then he is in foul mood so see if you can change it. On the other hand if he is hinting towards romance then you know that he is ready for it.

How to propose?
Now that you know when and where to do it, it’s time we talk about how to do it. If you have followed the advice till now than you are in a place where people can see you but can’t hear you and he is good mood. And now it’s time for the real deal. Start with telling him how fun this date has been and how much you like that he have always been there for you. Then tell him that he is the best friend you have got. Listening to this he will feel like he is getting dumped, so when you tell him the three magic words it’s a relief and the chance for reciprocation has increased enormously. Just make sure to use the three magic words as no proposal is complete without them.

After proposing the guy

One thing you need to know is that any proposal doesn’t necessarily mean instant results especially when a relationship is concerned. Guys are morons and they won’t always know what the answer to the question is. You have to guide them to the right answer which requires patience. So plan your date accordingly and if all is done properly you will get the response you so desire. But even the best laid plan sometimes get messed up and in that case all you can do is be calm and handle it like a pro.

In either case positive or negative don’t start doing something irrational. Some people start dancing when they get a positive response which is fine when you are in a club, but not when you are in sophisticated restaurant. The best way to show your appreciation is kissing, touching or having a laugh. And never curse or beg when the result is not as expected just be calm and give it sometime and maybe he will come around. I know many people advice that if a guy wants something he will get it but that is not always the case especially in a relationship so consider giving him sometime.

Many people think that proposing a guy is something that a forward woman does but when you love someone it is best to tell them. Don’t wait around for him to get it together, if you are sure then you should take the initiative to show him how you feel and lead him to say how he feels. And proposing to a guy is not some weird thinking as it makes a great memorabilia and it is always good to have a lady who is not afraid to show how she feels. But doing anything needs courage but doing it well needs planning and we hope we have helped with that. Just be calm and go for it.

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