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5 Psychological Tricks to Captivate a Man

Find the best way to captivate a man psychologically and make him fall in love with you. Use these different seduction techniques to capture a guy’s heart.

captivate a man

Captivating a man is to captivate his attention so much so that he only thinks about you all day long. Ever wondered about having your guy’s full undivided attention? Before answering this, know that it is quite possible and not at all that difficult. Now if your answer is yes then here are some tricks you may like to use to captivate a man and win his heart. However, once you take a glance below you would see that this is not something extra-ordinary or some deep hidden secrets. The truth is you don’t really need something extra ordinary in order captivate your man. All you really need is what is mentioned below, so just have a look before you decide one way or other.

Self Confidence

Well, this is not for him but for you. In order for you to successfully captivate your man, first you need to build up enough confidence that you could do the following things. Building up confidence may take some time, but the good news is that it’s always a work in progress kind of deal. So you don’t have to wait around for your confidence to be up instead you need to at least try to act confident.

As I always say “Fake it, till you make it” this principle is best for building up confidence. Some of the ways to build confidence is to have chat with complete strangers, flirting, better physique and many others. The one thing common in all confidence building exercises is that they ask you to step out of your comfort zone.

Work his Senses

The most effective way to captivate a man or to get his attention is to work his senses. This actually means that no matter what he is doing, he should be thinking about you. Working his senses works so well because you are actually making him feel good through all his senses and that captivates his attention. After this no matter what he does, whenever he uses these senses he would start thinking about you, sort of like flash backs. Below, you will learn how to capture all the senses of a man. Understand these seduction tricks and how you can control him to chase you. Once you understand the power of senses like looks, hearing, touches, smell and taste, you can captivate any man.

Look beautiful to captivate him

The first and the most usable sense is what he sees, as this can be used from a distance as well. Men are very visual and so captivation their visual sense is very easy. Here are some ways using which one could potentially captivate a man’s visual sense.

Look Nice

The first thing a man looks in a woman is if she looks good or not. So, if you are type of woman who doesn’t like to dress up or apply any make up then you might have to work on that. No, I am not suggesting that you wear branded clothes everyday or something like that. What I mean is put some effort in to looking good. Like wear properly pressed clothes, apply some make up, comb your hair or apply some hairstyle, apply some nail polish. Use anything that shows that you take care of yourself. This way you also end up getting some kind of attention from him.

Show some Skin

As I mentioned before, man are very visual so showing off some skin is like playing on their weakness to get a better hold on them. This in no way means that you have to over expose yourself. When using this technique if it makes you uncomfortable then don’t do it because then it won’t work. This basically means having a bit of cleavage, or wearing a skirt to show some legs as well as other similar kind of tricks. However, never go overboard when using this technique as it can send the wrong message as well.
signs he secretly likes

Body Language to Captivate a Man

Body language is one of the things that should always work in your favor if you understand the signs that he secretly likes you, but it won’t if you don’t know how to use it. The difference between being captivating or being repulsive for a man lies in your body language. So, when trying to attract a man send of positive body language signals. You can use signals like crossed legs with the free leg in his direction, playing or fiddling with your hair, making eye contact and smiling. This all signals a man that you are interested. However, when you sit with your arms crossed over your chest or look upset then it says that you are frustrated and not currently interested. Therefore you need to look into what kind of signals you are sending through your body language.

Smell good to arouse his senses

Your fragrance is an exclusive thing and so using it to captivate a man is that much effective. You don’t really have to do anything special except for taking a regular bath and applying some deodorant or perfume. This gives you a particularly attractive odor that will automatically be captivating for your man.

Use the right communication skills

As always communication is the key in every relationship, especially if you are trying to captivate the guy. Everyone knows that looks may fade with time but a good sense of humor will grow forever. Just know that no man will stay with you long term if your relationship based on looks only. So if you want to really captivate a man permanently then you need to captivate this sense properly.

Sense of Humor

A person with good sense of humor is very refreshing after a hard day of work. Everyone needs a person with sense of humor, so they can just relax and enjoy with this person. Another thing is a person with good sense of humor is kind of addicting because others can just chill and relax with this person. So if you think you don’t have that great sense of humor then it’s not a problem as it can be developed over time. Just start talking to people freely and learn to take a joke even if it comes at your expense at times.

Flirting with the guy

Flirting is the best thing about this captivating process. If you want to captivate your man then you need to start flirting with him, beginning with mild flirting then taking it to a sexy place. Don’t just stop there flirt with others as well but not the sexy one only the friendly one. This way you will get your man a bit jealous and you will get to know if the process is working or not. On the other hand a little bit jealousy is always good for your relationship. If your man says he doesn’t like when you flirt with other then you should at least tone it down a little.

Break the touch barrier

The thing with touch is that it makes everything that much more personal. Like women, men too have soft spots if touched then they are easily captivated. However, we are not learning about those sweet spots right now. Instead we are talking about the physical barrier in general and how it can be used to captivate a man. So, if you want a man to do whatever you wish then physical touch is your answer, but this only works before you do the deed (sex). Pre deed touch is how you will let him know whether or not you like what he is doing. Secondly, holding hands or having a dance or even a mere chance of touching you will get him so excited. Here captivating him would be like fish in a barrel. Again I remind you this is before the deed.

What’s his taste

This is where you can take it literally or you can take it metaphorically. By metaphorical version I mean that you should give him a taste of how much hanging out or dating you would be. On the other hand, by literal version I mean some activities that may include food and some deed. Like for example just eating a chocolate covered strawberry in an exotic way might turn him on and could be your captivating moment as well.

Another thing that can be done for giving him a taste which is the combination of both the metaphorical and the literal version. A combination is where you enjoy going out, trying new menu and making new memories. This way you he will always remember you when he is eating that particular dish. This could help you captivate him as it is said frequently that the way to men’s heart is through his stomach.

Final Advice

That’s the thing, in all this pressure of wanting the guy to like you or wanting to captivate him, don’t ever forget who you really are. Life is short and so you need to do stuff that you won’t normally do to get what you won’t normally get. Second being again life is short so you need to live your life for yourself and not to please others.

In short the two things are challenging yourself and to stop being a people pleaser. The reason behind them is that challenging yourself would put you out there and out of your comfort zone. This in turn would give you confidence and make you an independent woman. And the reason behind the second one that is stop being a people pleaser is that if you don’t stop being a people pleaser there will be no place for them to please you. Hence, again I say capture his senses to capture his heart and live a happy life.

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