10 Common Reasons for Divorce

September 5, 2016

Find the top ten valid reasons for divorce among couples. This list will show you the common causes of breakup or separation in the marriage.

reasons for divorce

After years of fabulous roses, many couples realize that marriage takes more than a kiss on the lips and morning romps. In fact, few recognize that to deal with it, you need tons of patience. Yes, the one that is extinguished as the days go by and more if your relationship is the sheer monotony!

The problem comes when it is already too late, when you realize that the simple "fights" became the order of the day and that the only remedy is the divorce. Does this sound familiar? No one has the secret to a marriage of fairy tale. However, the situation can be alleviated if you open your eyes on time and give a stop to these small but significant issues.

Couples always think that the relationship is going stay happy, but that on the contrary, it becomes opposite for many. Why does this happen? What are the most common reasons for divorce? Would you like to know? Come with me!

1. Lack of Communication

I know, but the gift of the word is so powerful that it avoids the famous snowballs (when a problem is bigger so that you can't control it), avoid hard feelings, tears, deceit and yes, divorce. Many big wars are prevented when communication takes place. Every small and big issue in a marriage requires proper communication to resolve it. If couples don’t talk about their likes and dislikes about the relationship then this can lead to cracks.

2. Finance problems

Undoubtedly, lack of money or monetary problems leads to frequent fights that even can trigger periods of violence. It is one of the main reasons why couples end up dissolving their marriage. When you want to go shopping, but he prefers to invest in his collection of guns or you give more importance to have a modern and luxurious house. It is the nail on the head? The economic problems in the couple if not treated in time, not only will leave you with empty pockets, but they can also crack your marriage if the communication doesn't help.

Either you take five months or five years together, talk about finances openly and this will put you on the same page. It will achieve a balance between pleasure and duty without falling in the extremes.

3. Family problems

Ah, the myth of the mother-in-law is true! Rumor has it that, when you get married, the family comes included in the package. However, when you are already accustomed to the morning hatch of mom in the house for breakfast or the ironed clothes, your wife always, always, will be the one losing.

Remember, one thing is your family of birth, who they are and will be your blood for the centuries of the centuries, and quite another for the couple who chose to start your own generation. Give them the place they deserve. If you ask me, your husband or wife must become a priority in order to prevent development of cracks in your marriage which finally leads to divorce.

4. Routine or Boredom

The routine kills, of that there is no doubt. There is no worse "remedy" for a couple who get pulled by the monotony and bet it safe. Come on, I am not saying to go for vacations every month, but try to save some time for you to pamper yourself, go to the movies or just talk. If you do not, there will always be a third to please! Get out of the routine and try to surprise your partner with small gifts or anything else.

5. Privacy disappears

All know that due to the arrival of children privacy of couples is lost and the sex always is relegated to it last. This leads to lack of physical satisfaction for one which then seeks for it outside. This if not avoided, eventually, ends up being the cause of separation.

Sad but true. The children change the pattern of a couple, even more if you let "control" every aspect of their lives. After becoming parents, this is not the only cause of divorce. The difference of opinions and parenting can also affect the relationship. Imagine! Nobody wants to be seen as the weak in front of the children and if you love to take the "power" from your husband when he tries to discipline, then it may upset him and vice-versa.

Couples need to find a time for each other. First for a mutual break of being parents and second because it is important to be on the same path when raising a child. Take it as an opportunity to grow as a couple and as individuals.

6. Lack of mutual respect

When one or both members of the couple are no longer adhered to each other, this produces a tear in the marriage that is difficult to remedy and crack is enlarged more and more until, sadly, to the divorce. Respect and trust are two aspects which if lost can easily break the marriage.

Another common reason for conflicts which are known for breaking up several relationship. Many times jealousy and lack of trust towards your partner can deplete the love in marriage. A bit jealousy between partners is fine, but it should not cross the limit.

7. Lack of identity as individuals

Being in a co-dependent relationship is not at all healthy. If you do not have your own interests or the opportunity to express yourself and your partner does, it is likely that the relationship will not work. If you're not comfortable doing things without your partner or do not remember what you liked when you were single, you probably feel "stifled" without knowing why. This can also happen with your partner, which is a bad omen for a happy marriage.

8. Excessive control

A healthy relationship is one in which a partner does not have to go through too much control moments. Each of the partners must have their activities and friends without feeling guilty or intimidated. If one partner controls excessively and want to know each steps of other then this creates problems. It is almost certain that this will make the couple ends in separation or divorce.

9. Infidelity

Now, this is a well known ground for divorce among couples. A cheating partner often breaks the marriage. Some partners forgive, while for some they can not.

10. The inability to resolve conflicts

All couples have arguments and problems, but many of them don't give a closure to the situation and can not finish or small talk without aggression. In addition return over and over again about things of the past what ends up being one of the most common reasons for divorce. Arguments and fights in couples is common, what you need is to bring peace to your relationship.

After a certain time in marriage, couples stop doing things which can help to keep marriage alive. Lack of giving time to your partner after having children, lack of physical and emotional satisfaction and lack of communication are major reasons for marriages to end up in divorce.

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