10 Reasons Why Men Love Good Girls

August 11, 2020

Find the 10 best reasons why men love good girls as a partner. Learn about men’s psychology and why they prefer good girls for serious relationship.

Why do men love sweet girls

In life there are only two kinds of women: the rebel girls and good girls. Although the rebels "have more fun", the truth is that we discovered that boys simply prefer good girls or well behaved girls for long relationship and marriage. And there are thousands of examples to confirm this, as Noah in The Notebook, while searching for Allie practically out of its square well behaved teen life and live with it his first love. Some of the surveys have also pointed out that men prefer settling with a good girl and below are some of the reasons why men love good girls.
First of all, good girl never means the one who is shy and not confident about herself. There are many bad girls too who are shy and in confident. Here the word ’good’ represents the nature and values of the girl.

Something happens to good girls that they are not seen as someone for dating, but are the ones that guys fall in love with. This is because they could see all the qualities of a girl who always does the right thing. It was why we all came together this list of 10 things to understand why men always look for a good girl.

1. They are extremely loyal

It is within our code of values and morals. We are loyal to our family, friends, work and especially to the person who is in our heart. If you're a guy who already has demonstrated your love and she loves you back then rest assured that she will be loyal and true because it is something that is simply part of many good girls.

why men love the good girls

2. Honesty is part of their personality

They are practically an open book to all that ask them, they answer with the truth, even if it may hurt. Something you should know when you're with a good girl, is that there is nothing worse than force her to do something dishonest or something that goes against their own values. Such girls never like to be dishonest because it does not make them feel good from inside.

why women like good girls

3. We will always be tender girls

We are warm, sensitive and pretty much gives us tenderness. Perhaps that is why the most wicked and rude guys looking to be with us, because although we do not want, we always tend to see the beautiful side of life and all that fills us with joy. So it is common for a man whose life is gray and sad to forget and think of the cheerful and happy world out there.

why men love good girls

4. Never says 'NO' when needed

why men love good girls

5. Will always support loved ones

In them there are no feelings of envy, they are very understanding and support every dream of any person who are important to them. So without judging or asking anything in return, we will surely be the first to support the dreams of their man.

why men love good girls

6. They like to hear people

There are people who are dedicated to talk too much, but they will never shut them, unlike listen carefully, because these people may only need one person to put them some attention. Listen to what others have to say makes them learn more about life and themselves.

why men love good girls

7. They learn and improve

For more corny as this sounds, the truth they learn from their mistakes to be a better person. Every day we like to motivate us to be better and to try not to make the same mistakes as always. They never look for the ideal man, but we like someone who knows how to motivate us.

8. They are very caring

They not always go around everywhere because they really are not as gregarious as other girls. Good girls much prefer the low profile and genuine friendships. So probably it will take sometime for you to find them, know them and impress them. Once you are able to win her heart, she will be the one who cares for you, more than you have every cared for yourself.

caring women

9. They bring happiness to life

Such girls bring positive energy around and thus men like being with them. They care about their happiness, but they care more for their partners happiness. Many times their partner usually tells them how much they admire the dedication and commitment to his life. They like keeping their partner and his loved ones to be happy.

why men love good girls

10. Never stop being romantic

Although we have never believed fairy tales, we must admit that for us, either as a couple, friends or family, love is one of the most important engines and for which we fight every day to maintain. We believe that being romantic is not the last century, it is a feeling that knows no age or boundaries.

why men love good girls

The qualities of not wanting to hurt or being dishonest to anyone and the love, commitment and trust are the reasons why men love good girls and want them to be a part of their life.

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