15 Reasons Why Women are Attracted to Funny Guys

August 12, 2016

Find the best reasons why women are attracted to funny guys and what is special about them. Learn why women prefer dating a guy with good sense of humor.

why women are attracted to funny guys

Relationships can be a beautiful thing, especially when you're lucky to have someone on your side who is patient, kind and treats you well. But you know that you won the lottery when you find a man who knows how to make you laugh. The sense of humor has always been a desirable trait in men, and often is one of the characteristics that women most want in their partner. Here are some of the reasons why women are attracted to funny guys and why they prefer to go out with a guy who has this quality.

1. Can make her laugh anytime

Time spent around people who can make you laugh and keep you happy makes life so smooth. If a guy has the tricks which can make a girl laugh out loud then be sure that his girl will feel lighter and less stressed. She will happy most of the times with his humor and witty personality.

why women are attracted to funny guys

2. He is entertaining

Everyone, including coworkers, acquaintances, friends or your family, love him. It's fun to be with him because he always has a lot of funny stories and jokes to tell. If you are dating or in relationship with a guy whose sense of humor is excellent then you will never get bored. He is there to entertain you and will put all his energy just for your smile. Life with such guy is much more exiting and this one of the reason why women are attracted to funny guys who have good sense of humor.

why women are attracted to funny guys

3. Knows to avoid awkward moments

He knows how to break the ice at the moment that makes people laugh, so that there will never be 'awkward moment'. He knows that any awkward moment can be eased with the help of his humor. He has many times opened his mouth in wrong times, so now he has developed the tricks to break such awkward situations. He is confident and secure. Funny guys know how to make the best of every situation. Even in a situation of uncertainty, he shows his best side. There is nothing sexier than that, does it?

why women are attracted to funny guys

4. Keeps life healthy and stress free

Laughter is a great exercise. A 10 or 15 minutes laugh through the day can burn from 10 to 40 calories. In the same way, the University of Maryland conducted a study in which linked the laughter to cardiovascular health. Putting in a simple way, a funny guy is good for your heart. Laughing is also a great exercise for the abdominals, much better than the squats.

Laughter can help reduce stress. It improves the absorption of oxygen a person, stimulating vital organs like the heart and lungs. Similarly, releases endorphins, which makes us feel better and helps to feel less pain. So, definitely why will women not be attracted to such a guy who keeps her life out of stress and keeps her healthy.

why women are attracted to funny guys

5. Gets along easily with friends and family

It will take no time for him to win over friends and family of the woman. A woman finds the guy more attractive when he has the ability to impress the ones she loves. His witty nature and humor are enough for winning over the important people in her life. These people express themselves positively and thus make a positive impression others.

why women are attracted to funny guys

6. Know how to take different types of information

This implies that a funny guy is naturally analytical, intelligent and has creative thinking. Face it, the funny guys are thinkers, and also give you the most interesting conversations. He is really very quick in analyzing things on a woman and knows how to start a conversation from it and keep it interesting.

why women are attracted to funny guys

7. Knows when to be serious

The guys with good humor really know when something is not funny, so they will not make jokes when it is not the right time. Instead, he will empathize with the girl if she is feeling low and try to make her happy. The life is full of ups and downs. It is easy to feel insecure. We all face difficulties and embarrassing moments. There is a saying to these times: "One day look back and you laugh at all this". The funny guy will help a woman find a way to laugh about her failure.

why women are attracted to funny guys

8. Feels comfortable with himself

He knows it's good to make a really funny joke about himself occasionally. One of the reasons why woman are attracted to funny guys is better because not just she, but even her friends enjoy his company. He would never mind if some friend of the woman passes a joke on him. Unlike some guys who would get angry, these guys are comfortable when they become the joke.

why women are attracted to funny guys

9. He is good with children

Alert potential is a perfect man! Surveys have shown that a man who is good with children is automatically very attractive. This subconsciously tells women that how good you will be as a farther. So if you are dating a funny guy, then protect him from other women around. This could be a major reason why women are attracted to guys with good sense of humor.

why women are attracted to funny guys

10. There is less drama in the relationship

It is that the relationship feels like a breeze and problems never increase. They know how to immediately solve problems. Dating a guy with a good sense of humor teaches a woman the lessons to laugh at her problems in life and thus avoid stress. Not all, but guys with good sense of humor know the tricks to avoid excess drama in a relationship.

why women are attracted to funny guys

11. He makes the girl special

Funny guys are sensitive when not in the spotlight. While they may not admit it openly, they are definitely. When a funny guy opens up to girl and shares their thoughts and feelings, this makes the girl feel really special, because that only happens to her.

why women are attracted to funny guys

12. Never a woman is in bad mood for long

Funny guys are great to eliminate that frown on face. Even when a woman has a bad day, do not worry: she will not feel upset for long, because he always succeeds to get a smile on your face. In fact, laughter is the best friend of the soul. There is nothing more inspiring than the laughter shared between the loved ones. He would not mind to make a fool of himself, just to make her girl smile and feel positive and beautiful. So why would not fall for such a guy, this is a good point to note that why women are attracted to funny guys.

why women are attracted to funny guys

13. It's fun in bed

If he is able to laugh at himself, the girl can laugh at the hilarious things that happen in the bedroom. In fact, if we are realistic, almost always strange things happen in the bedroom. That makes it impressive.

why women date funny guys

14. He can make friends everywhere

You can put the funny guys in any situation, and they will know how to start a conversation. It is very easy for them to adapt, even with strangers. They are comfortable at times when others usually try to flee.

why women are attracted to funny guys

15. A guy like this is hard to find

If being a friendly, respectful and sincere guy means it is a decent human being (certainly it is quite rare), what more do you need to have a guy who has humor, is cheerful and shows a the girl a new perspectives? If you're dating one, congratulations! You're a lucky girl and he is a valuable guy.

why women are attracted to funny guys

A good joke is the most powerful aphrodisiac of nature. A study of the Stanford University School of Medicine has revealed that women prefer to funny men. The scientists discovered that the brain of a woman is inclined to find a partner with a good sense of humor, because this is a sure way of judging the genetic fitness of a man as a companion for life and father. So, if you are a guy then learn to use your humor and naturally attract woman around you.

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