10 Reasons Why You May Feel Attracted to Someone

February 2, 2017

Find the scientific reasons why you may feel attracted to someone either sexually or emotionally. These tips will help you understand the psychology of love and attraction.

Reasons Why You May Feel Attracted to Someone

Attraction is still a phenomenon that cannot be explained precisely. Despite the many studies conducted in this sense, it has not been possible to determine a cause that explains in a clear and conclusive way why we feel attraction for other people. All that has been learned from such studies is that there is a mixture of chemical and cultural factors that make some people connect with each other and not others. If you want to know what factors influence this strange process and why you feel attracted to someone then read carefully.

The physical aspect

One of the most obvious factors of attraction is the physical appearance. However, there are no rules that are 100% true, but this is one of the reasons why you may feel attracted to someone. In general, and according to the investigations carried out in these studies, human beings are attracted to people with a high degree of facial symmetry. With regard to the body, there are also some standards that are usually met. The relationship between waist and hips in women, or between shoulders and waist in men, are factors that often trigger attraction.

The genetic aspect

In a way linked to the physical aspect, the attraction to certain typologies is explained by an unconscious desire that our offspring have the best genes. Women who are attracted to strong or muscular men understand that these men have the best gene and are prepared to defend them from any threat. On the other hand the men who are attracted to women with big breasts unconsciously interpret that they are companions that can feed their offspring better. Such attraction does not occur consciously for these reasons. It is implicit in our genetic code as a result of the times when these factors were decisive for the survival of the species.

Family similarity

It is very common that there are women who fall in love with men similar to their parents and that there are men who do the same with women who resemble their mothers. It is not a psychological type of complex, but simply that we are accustomed to that type of physical/behavior and establish a positive connection with them. Since they are traits of our parents, the people who have cared for us and cared about us, when we come across others that have characteristics in common with them, we usually give them a positive assessment. The result of which can lead to attraction.

Cultural affinity

Having similar experiences or cultural references, or similar values and tastes is a strong attraction for many. When we talk to a person who likes the same things as us and who sees life in a similar way, a stream of sympathy is generated, the intensity of which can vary from simple friendship to the desire to become his couple.


Here lies one of the great mysteries of attraction which not only attracts us to what is similar to us, but what is very different and what we need. All people have a number of virtues and flaws and we usually tend to admire people who excel in what we cannot to reach their level. The shy people admire the extroverted character and conversely. Those who are a whirlwind of activity, appreciate the tranquility and calm quality of a person. Both members admire characteristics of which they lack, and that admiration is the previous step for the attraction.


This same phenomenon of complementarity occurs with protection. On a large number of occasions, the woman aspires to find a man with whom to feel protected. Guys with strong body makes women think of them as a companion that guarantees stability and protection. In the case of men, it operates in reverse: its attraction is produced by the sense of worth that it is known to him that the women considers him as a strong partner and this role is the one that gives rise to attraction. Knowing that someone else needs you makes you strive to meet your expectations and finds it extremely satisfying to be able to fulfill the desires of protecting it.


Not knowing a person in depth, asking questions about him/her is also one of the strange reasons why you may feel attracted to someone. On one hand, the desire is to know more and on the other unconsciously many of these gaps are often filled with the attribution of imaginary virtues that builds attraction. It is very common that, if a person calls our attention for some reason and we know almost nothing of it, we end up giving a series of positive characteristics to make them fit our initial perception.


Personality as a whole is one of the factors that most influence. There are traits that we admire and others that we detest, and when we find a person with more number of good traits, the attraction appears. However, while there are personality traits in theory more attractive than others, there is no one type personality that is appealing to everyone. We each have a different scale to measure the personality traits. Therefore, what for some may be a magnetic personality, others may find it a cause of rejection.


This is where the real point is and the among the major reasons reasons why you may feel attracted to someone. We can find a person who fulfills all the requirements that we believe is necessary to be attracted to him/her and yet that attraction does not occur. In infatuation there is a great chemical component, since it is the appearance of certain substances, namely endorphins, enkephalins and phenylethylamine. The cause of that state is almost permanent euphoria in which we feel falling in love.

Body language and your way of expression

It is not possible that we like everyone equally. When a person is in love he/she starts using a body language and talks in a way to make the other feel attracted towards them. You try to make them laugh as this is a sign to show the guy/girl that will be happy with me or use flirting and body gesture to make the other think about you in a romantic way. I mean to say that the way you interact with the person plays a major role why someone feels attracted to the other.

The reasons are countless. The way a person laughs, his voice, his way of walking or looking; any of these details can motivate a chain reaction that floods the brain of substances that make us feel attracted to others.

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