How to Seduce a Woman With Words

April 26, 2016

Find some of the best techniques to seduce a woman with words. These tips will help you build romantic chemistry with a woman with some comments.

seduce a woman with words

Some people say that seduction is an art form that a few can only master, but I say different; I say it’s a trick, a technique that can be perfected if learned and practiced correctly. Yes, it’s true that for some people seducing or picking up girls comes naturally, but those people depend on their looks or their social stature to do so, but what if they are robbed of their good looks and charms? What then? If the playing field is evened, then no one would be able to pick up women unless and until you can master the seduction technique of using words. So, here are some techniques you can use to seduce a woman with words.

Create some positivity

Positivity is the line you draw to mark your comfort zone, but you have to give more if you want more. So, be confident that you need to have a positive and friendly attitude even though in a weird situation. For example, let’s say someone spill a little drink on your clothes. Now how you react to this situation will determine what your perception will be in people’s eyes. So, that is very important for a favorable attraction to begin with.

Now, if the person who spilled the drink by mistake is apologizing to you, then you say, “No worries, it happens to everyone,” and move on and clean yourself up because this sends out a positive vibe. Secondly, if the person doesn’t even know, you can make a face behind his back or be calm and tell the person about his drink and let it go. Because what you do in this scenario is the way the world will perceive you, and the women are always watching; in fact, sometimes they are the ones testing us. So, be careful and always be friendly even with strangers so in the end, if someone asks about you, you can rest easy because if you have done everything the right way, you don’t have to worry about what people say behind your back.

Be Calm and Confident

For your seduction technique to work, you need to maintain your calm and relax. So firstly, don’t get over-excited when talking to a woman; I mean, come on, you need to be quiet and work your magic as smoothly as possible and not jumping up and down with excitement just because a woman is talking to you. And secondly, be confident that you can get the girl even before you see the girl because if you doubt in your mind, then you will be double guessing everything you are saying, and that would never work because sometimes you are going to have to say things that don’t make sense and then laugh with the girl on yourself by saying “I can’t believe I just said that” or something like that. So the best way to project that you are confident while maintaining your calm is to smile and make eye contact with the girl or woman and then take it from there. And lastly, enjoy being single, able to flirt and mo, re than anything, enjoy yourself while seducing because if you are happy, you tend to keep people around you happy.

Notice Carefully

For the seduction to work, you need to notice the woman you are trying to seduce carefully. Like, say a woman who is laughing at everything you speak, then she is definitely into you unless you are a comedian on a show, and that she might be into you. But a woman who is laughing at only certain things that you say, you might want to take a mental note of what those things are and then try to work your way up by using playful banter. And for a woman who has crossed her arms around her chest and is not even making eye contact with anyone, then she is trying to be alone. Still, even then, you can start talking about how much you hate being at the crowded place and try to bond on all the things you hate in common and ease your way in playful banter. Sometimes when you are nervous, take a look at women’s clothing and body language because these are the things that are dead giveaway whether a woman would like to be approached and possibly be seduced or want to be left alone.

Harmless Banter

Once you have started talking to the woman and you know what type of woman she is, then you must ease your way into harmless banter because this is the place where you can make her feel relaxed and safe as women are more likely to be successfully seduced if they feel safe and comfortable around you. Harmless banter is to tease her about something playfully but remembers never to tease her about something important to her as we intend to make her feel comfortable rather than get into an argument. Once she reciprocates the teasing, then you know that she trusts you enough to take a hit as well.

Take a Hit

Taking a hit means handling banter or a little bit of teasing from the opposite sex quite naturally. Well, if you are going to tease her, she will tease you back as it is human instinct to push back, but when seducing women, you must know how to handle these kinds of hazing so it doesn't come off as rude or hurtful. Remember, no one likes a guy who would make fun of everyone, and if someone dares make fun of him, he gets ticked off. So the best way to handle the situation is to laugh at yourself with her because she did say something funny, didn’t she? A person who can laugh at himself and make it fun to be around him is more likely to succeed at seducing women than the one who is full of himself and can’t take a hit.

Stay in Control

Staying in control tells you not to overdo it because overdoing something makes it annoying, and annoying doesn’t play well with seduction. For example, sometimes you describe something so funny that you can’t stop laughing about it, but you want to tell the story. Hence, you do it while laughing your ass off. Still, in the end, no matter how funny the story was, your friends did not enjoy it as much as you did because you couldn’t stop laughing, which made the story less funny and made you more annoying, and so goes the example of not overdoing something. And secondly, when someone or the woman is teasing you or just trying to annoy you while trying to seduce a woman, you need to maintain your calm and try to change the subject or laugh it up.

Connect Emotionally

Once the flirting has begun and the playful banter is exchanged, you can move along to make it personal and try to connect emotionally with her as required for successful seduction. You can start by calling her by her first name and then take it from there. The best way is to smile at her make proper eye contact and when talking, try playfully calling her by the first name like say, “that’s hilarious, Sarah,” or try something like that. Sometimes casual physical contact not by intent and not insensitive places can also create an emotional bond like touching her on the hand by mistake while moving yours or handing her drink.

Spice it Up

Even in this 21st century, some people are so shy about sex that they make others around them very uncomfortable. But when trying to seduce a woman with words, you need to be able to talk about sex casually because if you are shy about it or get weird about it, then no woman is going to talk or even want to have sex with you. So see, the essential thing is if a woman can talk about sex with you, then she is thinking about sex, and then all that remains is the suggestion of having sex with you.

So if you can make her feel comfortable for the first two things, she will get comfortable with the idea of you two doing it, and once that picture enters her mind, then it’s just a matter of time. If the flirting and playful banter has worked its charm correctly, then you would not have any problems in spicing it up, and if the emotional bond is secured, then all you have to do is take a leap and go that 90% for the kiss and see if she comes the 10%. Just don’t make it weird; start by sending her the signal that you are thinking about it by talking about her lips like “Your lipstick looks great,” just something that tells her that you noticed her lip,s and then take it from there.

Keep it Mysterious

Keeping it mysterious is when the seduction is working; I mean, if she didn’t stop you from kissing her and I don’t know maybe even kissed you back a little bit, then at least you got to make out with her. Then if you want, you can make out with her a little bit or suggest taking it somewhere private like your place or hers maybe. But, see, sometimes, if the seduction has worked perfectly and she is kissing you back, then you wouldn’t have to ask; she will. But if that doesn’t happen, ask naturally, like “Want to go somewhere private, like say my place?”
If everything works in your favor, you are in for a treat, but that is not always the case; sometimes, you luck out. As it is told, “Seduction is a numbers game; some days you win; other days you lose, but there is always the next day.” And in the end, I would like to wish you luck and say happy hunting.

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