10 Signs of Body Language Flirting

May 26, 2016

Find the best signs of body language flirting which will help you attract the person you like. These signs will help you perfectly understand attraction.

signs of body langugae flirting

Flirting through body language is one of the best ways to keep the person wondering whether you like them or not. But see, here is the problem most of the body language flirting are not intentional as they are our second nature, we do these things without even realizing that we are sending these signs of body language flirting. Sometimes it is very hard to know if a man or woman is interested in you because they say one thing and mean another, but you see fortunately your body language can’t lie like you. So, in order to help conceal your attraction to a man or woman who is off limits or showing affection to someone you like then body language is the best way to do so.

You know, on an average a woman when she is excited or when she likes someone she sends at least fifty signs through her body language, some of which are intentional and some are not but in case of men they have as much as fifteen which shows in their body language when they like someone. So, it is through somewhat they say that men are emotional fools as they don’t know how to express themselves both figuratively and literally and where as women gives a pure signal whether she likes you or not. But don’t worry here we can help you with the most common signs of body language flirting one should look for when attracted to someone or should send when you want to attract someone.

Eye Contact

If you believe in love at first sight then you better have a nice way to make eye contact because that’s what happens the first time you are attracted to someone. Eyes are a way towards the soul is an old saying but in all honesty when you make eye contact with someone you are potentially giving them a sign to approach you and have a conversation with you because you are telling them that you are interested with your eyes. And to be confident to know that is what is happening then you will make eye contact at least three times followed by a shy smile and then you know that this is the interested sign.

Show Off

Showing off is one of the way to get their attention, you may not like to do it intentionally but sometime you even show off unintentionally through your body language like talking or laughing a little bit louder than normal so they get the sight of you. Touching your watch which is very expensive when standing in front of them so as to get their attention on your watch and let them know your status. This is one way to express you alpha male or dominance nature generally seen in men but well reciprocated by women as well.

Facial Expressions

Facial expression are something even if you try to control are really very tough to get in order because they tend to be your first instinct kind of thing. Like say you scream when you felt something hot burning your skin suddenly and just like that when you are attracted to someone your face says it all. Every person doesn’t know these things and hence they are missed by a lot and so here are the common facial expressions which you might like to notice or control. These are important signs of body language flirting to notice while attracting a person.

  1. Eyebrows: People tend to raise their eyebrows sometimes when talking to someone which is a positive sign when added to a smiling face and a nod. But sometimes people just agree with you because you are the one saying the thing which is getting the positive reaction but from another perspective raised eyebrows combined with an angry face tends to say that you have offended this person with what you said or done.
  2. Eyelids: If eyes show the way towards your soul then eyelids are the gateway because it is a natural and instinctive reaction for your eyelids to blink more fast when you are attracted to someone standing right in front of you and then you tend to mirror their action even in blinking.
  3. Lips: You see people use lips to draw attention towards them saying that they would like to be kissed but then again they might be doing that because they have dry lips. Sometimes when you are attracted to someone then you tend to bite your lips lightly or touch it with your tongue in order to draw attention to it, sometimes even when they are not there and you are just thinking about them.
  4. Nose Flaring: This is just another way of checking if they are breathing heavily because people tend to breathe heavily when excited and meeting the person you are attracted to is pretty exciting.
  5. Pupils Dilation: Primary way of knowing if person you are talking to is attracted to you is to see his or her pupils getting dilated as they focus on you and only you and their body feels excited and then their pupils get dilated.

Unconscious Physical Contact

When you are attracted to someone you tend to get close to them as much as you possibly can because that’s human nature and in order to achieve that feeling you end up with unconscious physical contact. This physical contact might be accidental at first by instinctively holding his hand and leading him somewhere or when trying to protect her from a moving car. Once this is done unintentionally then the physical barrier is broken and now you try to touch them just to see how they react and it’s nothing big or pervert type is just basic human gesture to feel someone closer to you.


The best thing about human mind is that it is always conscious but not present at the same time like fidgeting. This is something your brain tell your body to do little things like touching your hair, cleaning your pants or skirts or any other minute things which your mind tells you to do in the background without making it obvious that your crush is coming towards you so be prepared.

Body towards You

The first thing you need to notice is that when someone is attracted to you they will face you no matter what. Even if you are in a crowded room they will face you and their feet will be in the direction facing you and they will be making eye contact while talking just to make sure that you know that they are attracted to you. In other words you will see that if you are attracted to this person then notice yourself like say if you are standing erect, and showing off your good side and actually making an effort without even knowing it.

Tilting Head

When someone is attracted towards you or you are attracted to someone then you will notice that this person or you lean towards each other unintentionally even when you are not talking. I am not sure why that happens but I am sure that it happens and maybe it is just to feel closer to him or her a little bit more. And remember a person who is sitting back on their chair with hands crossed then this person is not really interested or bored out of his mind so you might like to change your ways of courtship.

Natural Laughter

It is said that “Laughter is the best medicine” and it is even true for body language flirting as when you are attracted to someone you tend to use your laughter as a way to attracting them towards you by showing them that you are happy and that they can be too if they approach you or something similar. Some people even talk in a different voice tone with the person they are attracted to because they think it might help them ease a bit.

Staring towards you

Although staring sounds a bit creepy but when you are attracted to someone you can’t take your eyes off of them and that is what staring is essentially. No matter what happens they keep their eyes on you whether their friends are trying to talk to them then too they are facing you and looking at you from a distance as you move around the room. Sometime people even ignore the flirting comments from opposite sex made towards you when they have spotted the one they are attracted to you just to let you know that you are the most important thing right now even more important than your friends and some other flirtations.

Protective or Possessive

When you are attracted towards someone then you necessarily become part protective and part possessive towards this person because you don’t want them to get hurt physically or otherwise. Being protective or possessive is not a bad thing because they both are needed to have a healthy and happy relationship but one need to remember not to get over possessive and over protective because that may just ruin all the attraction the other person felt towards you to begin with.

You see, these signs of body language flirting is like a dance form in which you have to mirror your partner even if it is a certain stranger right now. According to statistical analysis on attraction only 8% are attracted towards verbal communication, 38% depends on your voice and your tone when talking to them but most importantly the remaining 55% is left to body language to help attract a suitable mate. And there is nothing wrong with playing with body language as it is our basic nature and still practiced by every mammal there is including us. And at last I would like to say that using body language you can make yourself desirable to any women you want and so try to learn about it and apply it in day to day life.

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