12 Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

March 20, 2017

Find the best signs of chemistry between two people. These tips will also help you know if there is strong chemistry between a guy and a girl in their relationship.

Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

According to the psychologist, chemistry is about all the hormonal processes and neurotransmitters triggered when two people come into physical contact. It is very particular, and it determines the compatibility in many senses (smell, touch, etc.). An expert also reveals that this chemistry is what activates the pleasure circuits in the brain.

However, chemistry has a problematic component to analyze. It is a little rational and sometimes unscientific or with few definitive rules or slogans. What can confirm the reason is whether or not that happens, as a conscious process, and what it means for your relationship?

First of all, having chemistry does not mean that the "half-orange" or the "soul mate" has been found. To begin with this topic, one must know chemistry is only the first step towards attractions. It means that both people have manifested their interest in the other understandably. Some signs of chemistry between two people are as follows.

Have shared interests

That "opposites attract" has been demonstrated as a fallacy. If you do not have common interests, the relationship is bound to fail from day one. If instead, they share some aspects of their existence, it is a good sign. Having shared interests helps in having conversations that keep both the people never get bored. It subconsciously makes the other feel that you better understand them and thus helps to build attraction. It is one of the initial signs of chemistry between two people.

They understand their sarcasm

An excellent example of sarcasm is when one begins to say things that are a little serious with an idle face in a relaxed and even childlike atmosphere. If both are in the same tune, they may stand up to an exciting exchange of sarcasm, something that not every person can do unless they have some intellectual level and knowledge.

Respect is mutual

No person is perfect, however, it seems. Respect is indispensable in a healthy relationship, and to be healthy should begin in the early stages, that is, when the chemistry starts. If there is respect, this is a sign of chemistry between two people; otherwise, it's nothing. Well, chemistry does not just happen on a physical level; you need to connect emotionally too. You need to respect, trust and love for the chemistry to grow.

Mirroring each other

One way to know if there is attraction, chemistry, or admiration is to observe body language. When you mimic some movements, poses, or even tics, it means that you want to appear or please the person you copied from. The guy or girl may not do it intentionally, but their brain forces them to provide hints to the other of attraction through the body.

Notice the small details

Some things can go undetected by the naked eye for those who do not know a person beyond the surface. But, as he has become an important person, she begins to observe the subtleties of his personality or if something has happened to him with just a glance.

They laugh together

Although they are not the kind of people who laugh out loud, they do it together when they laugh. Singing or laughing with other people makes you feel more attached to them because they share activities that generate endorphins. In addition, they may have certain private jokes that only they understand, increasing the level of intimacy and chemistry.

Whether you have already developed some internal jokes, or have some private experience, or if there is a change in your tone of voice. This shows the chemistry between two people, especially when comparing how you talk to that person and how you talk to others.

Silences are comfortable

When there is chemistry, silences are the opposite of annoyances, where you wonder if the person you talk with is bored and does not just go for good education. Silence is comfortable because you know the other person is happy to be with you, and so are you.

Their behavior is consistent

All people lie to a greater or lesser extent, but some people do better than others. It is difficult to lie well all the time, and that is where people begin to notice details and contradictions. When there is chemistry between two people, there is none of that. Both want to know more about each other, and for that, they do not need to pretend.

Time flies by

Time flies when you are having fun! The same goes for two people with chemistry. They can stay talking all night, enjoy the silence, do some exciting activity, but time will always fly by quickly. This is because they have so much enjoyment to share that time passes too quickly. Likewise, if you find a guy/girl with whom your time flies, there is chemistry between you two.

Both of them do their part

As was said before, chemistry is a good sign if you want a relationship with the potential to be more serious. However, it is not enough to get to fruition: it takes work, time, flexibility, respect, and trust, among other things. Furthermore, this effort should be more or less equitable since that indicates an interest of both parties in advance.

Have crossed the touch barrier

It is the clearest sign of all. When slight touches can be made (on the shoulder, back, arm, etc.) and react positively, it means that they are on the right track. This kind of comfort can lead to good sexual chemistry, and you cannot fake that.

Signs of chemistry in a couple

  1. They feel that contact is essential. The desire to physical touch like kisses and hugs and with or without sexual intention is very necessary for chemistry between couples. It is very healthy because between that cascade of hormones is oxytocin, also called the love hormone. This love hormone is absolutely essential for healthy bonds.
  2. They complement each other. For a relationship to be lasting and keep the passion burning, it is necessary to understand what love needs and be ready to give it. The couples with chemistry try to live in a way that is pleasing to both of them.
  3. They perceive that love is reciprocated. Psychologist explains that in order to keep the love of the couple alive, it must first of all be reciprocated. To tell the loved one that he is important to us, it is enough to combine the imagination with the surprise factor.
  4. The feeling of being desired by your partner is very healthy and is a good thermometer for the health of the relationship. "When that chemistry disappears, we soon fall into relationships that could be more of a friend than a partner. Couples with high chemistry levels activate their physical attractiveness and try to please each other. They take care of themselves, knowing what their partner likes or dislikes and that goes for both sexes.
  5. They want to revive and maintain the passion. Passion disappears because you stop doing the things that feed it and not the other way around. In a couple with chemistry they want to feel passion, and to do that they do things which produces passion. Without passion there will be no chemistry between couples. If you stop doing the things that make each other feel loved, you stop feeling love.
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