9 Signs of Obsession In a Relationship

September 12, 2021

Find the best way to know the difference between love and obsession. Check out for these signs to find out if there is an obsession in a relationship.

Signs of Obsession In a Relationship

Due to the success of the 50-shade style, it has been discovered that many people, especially women, have an unhealthy idea of what love is and where the boundary separates it from obsession. It is challenging to put love into words, but it is straightforward to do with obsession. To help you eliminate this confusion, we list which will make you understand the difference between love and obsession. Next, find the common signs of obsession in a relationship to better understand and deal with your partner.

Not giving space

They send you messages, call you, and demands you to respond immediately. If as soon as you're separated from your partner, and you or they are texting, calling, asking things over and over again (and pretends to answer immediately), this is not a healthy relationship. You are not a half, you are a complete person, and you have the right to your own time and space. If your guy or girl displays anger for not picking up the call or replying late, then consider this as a sign of obsession in a relationship.

Invades privacy

A partner who wants the other to give them the passwords even when uncomfortable sharing is not loving. They may try to doubt you by saying, ‘don’t you trust me?’. Well, some people share, but some don’t like when someone invades their privacy. Privacy is a right less and less present in human existence. However, you have the right not to give your partner access to your social network accounts or cell phone. If they ask for it once like a joke and do not ask again, there is no problem. However, if they feel offended and insists, that is not love; it is the desire to own you. Love elevates, possession reduces you to being an object.

Never listens

In your relationship, things have to be done as they want, and you have no voice to vote no on it. The guy/girl may listen to you with a face of boredom or annoyance. They do whatever they want, telling you that your ideas would never work. Your partner is deaf to your words because he never considers your opinion on any matter. How lucky you have him at your side. This is not a good relationship where you share your views or what you feel.

Everything is personal

The obsession with a person makes a point where everything is personal. This is a big difference between love and obsession. If you cannot go and have coffee with them for any reason like you have to work, the finals are near; you already have plans with family or friends, which makes your partner crazy. However, they will take this personally and think that you do not want to see them. For your partner, it's not that you have life, not that you are a person, not that you cannot go because there is a grade five hurricane, is that you do not want.

Follows you everywhere

While it may seem like a nice gesture if it happens a few times, if it is something every day, it can be annoying; a person obsessed with you will do it to make sure you do not cheat on them. This is to check that you are actually where you say you are and not hiding something from them. It is even worse when you tell them that you will not arrive at your house until late at night. The obsession of your partner will lead him to follow you to check what you are doing. Well, this is the difference between love and obsession as the one that loves you will trust you.

Extreme Jealousy

Whenever your partner sees you with a guy/girl makes him/her highly jealous. While this is not a big difference between love and obsession, people in love also show jealousy; obsessed people are jealous on a very high level. This can make them either hurt you or the friend you were hanging out with or talking with. If this is the case, let me warn you that you are in a relationship with someone who needs help from a psychiatrist. It would help if you stayed alert with such obsessed people as they are sometimes harmful.

Catches your attention in an unhealthy way

He calls you when you are at work or preparing for your exams, telling you that he needs you and something of life or death. Then, you come, leaving your life to one side, and find your boyfriend/girlfriend in perfect health. They created this drama because they wanted to talk about something that they could not wait for. Even when the guy/girl knows you are busy with something important, the continuous calls or texts are a sign of obsession in a relationship.

Threatens to harm

There comes the point where you say enough. You do not want to be with that person; you do not feel good in that relationship; you do not see him in the future; you feel drowning and have had enough of their attitude. Then, they say things like, "If you leave me, I kill myself," which may also include threats to your life. Finally, the guy/girl will tell you that he/she will not leave you alone and will follow you even if you change your name, country and partner. Well. Now you may have come to understand the difference between love and obsession in a relationship.

Extreme Insecurity is Obsession

Threatens or strikes people with whom you interact. For example, he saw you talk to a boy in class, and the next day he was in a fight with him and did a brutal beating. She saw you smile at the coffee girl, and when you return to the premises, she is not that day due to a nervous breakdown. They do not tolerate having friendly relationships with people of the opposite sex. This is familiar with jealousy, but here it is insecurity.

Here he/she, regardless of whether they are your lifelong friend, your cousin you adore, the brother/sister you lived with for years, or that friend who helped you in difficult times, etc. They feel a lot of insecurity and believe that you belong to them to the point that you must be in a box and only have them as a loved one. This is not love; it is being obsessed with someone to the point where one may require medical help to recover.

Move away and move on.

The safest thing to do for yourself when you have a harmful relationship like this is to look after yourself and move away. Please read our guide on how to have a successful relationship, the tips in this guide will you be helpful for you when you do find the right person.

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