8 Signs That Your Marriage Will Last Forever

These are some of best signs that your marriage will last forever. These are qualities of happy married couples which makes their marriage last a lifetime.

Signs That Your Marriage Will Last Forever

It is said that for your marriage to last forever you need to fall in love with the same person every time. But how is that possible? What can a couple do to keep the flame of undying love? I share concepts that are signs that your marriage will last forever till lifetime. There are so many marriages happening everyday, but many end up quickly because there are certain requirements to keep a marriage healthy. Here are the main reasons and qualities couples have which keeps their love long lasting.

  1. Fellowship:
  2. In good marriages there is a tendency to see their partner as their best friend. Your spouse should be the first person you think to share something, whether good or bad. You have the confidence and desire to tell all the events of your day, even small details. Sometimes for advice, sometimes just to share. For a long run in life, partners must consider each other to be friends to whom they can share all their feelings. So in short: Spouse = Best Friend = Happy Marriage.

  3. Mutual Help:
  4. Married life should be constant mutual aid. Although the division of labor does not have to be exactly 50/50, everyone should help in household chores (help take children to school, washing dishes, clean and tidy the house, wash the car, etc.). One of the things that strengthen married life is to maintain a relationship in which both speak honestly. When everyone does their agreed share of work and still helps his/her partner, the partnership will increase and as a bonus no one will be too tired. This provides opportunities to spend some more romantic time together or do something like going on dates. You must regularly go on dates with your partner as this time will help you both strengthen the relationship.

  5. Spontaneity:
  6. Who does not like to be pleasantly surprised? There is nothing more frustrating than a sticking to the same routine life where there are no surprises. Experts believe that too much familiarity is the enemy of romance, so it is essential to continue betting on a change and personal growth. This means that after marriage one must continue to try to surprise the loved ones. For example, the husband can join dance classes, to surprise his wife with a ball during a romantic dinner. Surprise your partner does not imply just to unbalance your budget. They can use small details like romantic notes remaining in parts of the house haunting your partner, offer a bouquet of flowers without a special occasion or a special meal cooked for hubby.

  7. Communication:
  8. According to a survey, couples who discuss problems instead of ignoring them achieve a stronger relationship than couples who avoid discussing them. A discussion is required so that there is no need to develop amid shouts and complaints, but problems should never be ignored. Marriage can be compared to a pressure cooker. You must always keep the valve open or run the risk of a very dangerous explosion. And married life is exactly the same, the problems must be said and you should be able to solve them and more importantly, who loves us should know what is happening in our souls or what bothers us. One good quality which some couples have is that keeping their ego aside they try to communicate and fix things after a fight. If you and your partner have this quality then it is one of the best signs that your marriage will last forever.

  9. Patience:
  10. All couples go through good and bad times. The problem is that we usually let the bad times define our future. But according to a survey conducted in 2011, when a couple is convinced that ties will last forever no matter what the relationship is going through, they have a much greater chance of surviving the bad times, compared with those who do not believe that their relationship can last forever. When both parties agree to provide the relationship with 100% happiness and focus mainly on the happiness of the person they love, then easily they find the strength to overcome difficulties. If you and your spouse develop this quality then this is one of the clear signs that your marriage will last forever.

  11. Innovation:
  12. It is a fact that couples who do new and different things together are happier than couples who follow the same routine. It is most common to see young couples go out, go to a dinner, walking together and even surprise the person they love. Unfortunately, in most cases over the years this starts to decline and they start following a routine life where such romantic things become scarce. Partners should continue going on dates even after decades of marriage. Having one night a week just for the couple so they can go out and have fun, it can be a first step in breaking a routine. Innovation can also go through little surprises as stated in point three. What should not be allowed is that the routine becomes too comfortable.

  13. Enjoy personal space:
  14. Along with all the above qualities having personal space in any relationship is very important. Well, no doubt that couples who give each other space are happy as for example, sometimes the husband can enjoy with his friends while the wife can enjoy and chat with her friends. Many marriages lack trust and hence partners fear to provide space. They believe that their partners would cheat on them. But, do you think that this will prevent him/her from cheating? One must have the complete trust on your spouse and both must enjoy their spaces. If they are happy, they can keep their marriage happy and stay together for lifetime.

  15. Love and passion:
  16. Apart from your emotional love, physical love is also very important to keep the marriage on fire. After some years couples lose interest in sex and this is because they never try new things. In a week or at any random day, you must do some new and special thing to surprise your spouse in bed. You can try new positions, new techniques and new places to get out of the normal routine. This will spice up the love and passion for few days and then try something new. Also, it is important to ask your partner what he/she likes in bed and fulfill it. Such things help to maintain the passion and love even after years of marriage.

So now bring your partner and read this with him/her. Once you commit for a lifelong togetherness then this is the greatest signs that your relationship will last forever. Signs that you are living a happy life with your spouse can be summarized in these six simple words: friendship, mutual aid, spontaneity, communication, patience, innovation, personal space and love. The secret lies in ourselves and also in small changes we make in everyday life to keep each other happy.

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