15 Signs The Guy is Crazy About You

August 16, 2016

Do you doubt a guy in your college or work to have a crush on you? Find the best signs to know if the guy is crazy about you and truly loves you.

the guy is crazy about you

It has been some time since you started a relationship with a guy and have lived incredible moments together. Your ties are becoming stronger and know you want a lot about him. You want to know if the guy is crazy about you and does he truly loves you. Another possibility is that he is your friend who acts normal with everyone, but his actions when you are around makes you feel that he is in love with you. Whether you are in relationship with him or you are still friends, these signs will clear if the guy is crazy about you and whether you are truly special for him.

Normal signs of attraction

  1. He keeps in touch almost all day. Under any pretext, although he has no more reason to do it, he texts or calls you just because he wants to hear from you.
  2. Remember the things you say. Not only listens to you, but also remembers in detail all the things that you tell, either about problems at work, a memory that comes to your mind or something that happened to you just now. If that boy remembers all the important days in your life then definitely you hold a very special position in his life. He remembers your birthday and all the small details you shared with him.
  3. He wants to know everything about you. That includes family, friends, favorite places. Warmly attends the events that you invite him because he knows that this is a way to be closer to you.
  4. Does anything to see you happy. If he is looking to make you happy in every possible way it is because he is falling madly for you. He pays attention to those things you like and that make you happy. From a flower arrangement or just a small note in the mirror telling you how amazing you are. Somehow they contrive to let you know I think of you and is happy you're in her life. He is playful. All the time he says little jokes, plays with your hair and tickles you and would also not mind to make fun of himself because he loves to see you laugh.
  5. Speaking of the future. If you are in relationship with the guy then this he will usually talk about you both as a happy couple in future. This shows that he is not just crazy for you, but also in deep love. He makes plans for the upcoming holidays and speaks without hesitation of the possibility of a life together with much enthusiasm.
  6. He looks at you. No matter if it's not your best day, or if you're spectacularly dressed. If he likes you, he always looks at you sweetly and sometimes with his eyes fixed on you for a few seconds. He quietly stares you while you are around him, not in a creepy way, but in a loving way. Looking at you and your smile makes him happy and thus he secretly has eyes on you. If you notice him then this is among the common signs the guy is crazy about you.
  7. Send surprise messages. A boy who writes to you without you expecting an answer undoubtedly is crazy about you. It's his way of saying that he misses you and thinking about you but with a gesture.
  8. Spend your free time with you. There is a big difference between the man who wants to spend all his free time with you, or the man who asks you out only if you have a place on their agenda. If the guy you like is included within the first, he is completely crazy about you.
  9. Available to help anytime. When you look worried he asks you what you can do to make things lighter. He will do everything on his part to help you out in any situation to make you feel better. He will put his needs to yours like to wrap up his jacket around you in cold and will help you out in any situation when asked.
  10. Happy relationship A pair consists of two independent persons who have a common goal, a life in common that makes them happy. If he knows something makes you happy then he will do whatever it takes to give you that satisfaction. Do not hesitate a moment to know that the guy is crazy about you.
  11. Physical contact. Starting physical contact with any excuse is a sign that he feels a brutal attraction for you. With these actions he is either trying to check your affection or trying to make you attracted towards him. And it shows well. He would generate small intentional friction on your hand. Intentional friction demonstrates the need to be with you, and to strengthen the connection that is being born among you.

Signs of Body language

Like us, the guys do not always tell us what they feel. But learning to observe their body language, we can understand them better and know what they is going through their head. So, pay attention to the following signs to discover what they think.

  1. His pupils are dilated. Unless you are in a dark place, it is a sure sign that this guy is crazy about you. According to Dr. Patti Wood, author of “Success Signals: A Guide to Reading body language”, the dilated pupils are the result of brain response to the fascination with something.
  2. Eyebrows raised. It is a unconscious reflex that usually occurs when something surprises us or when we see something we like. Say he has the most open eyes and you could see it better. If while you talk, he raises his eyebrows slightly, it means that he is interested in what you're telling.
  3. He leans toward you when you speak If he approaches you to listen well, although there is no ambient noise or anything that annoys, he has an interest in what you say. He interested in you and does not want to miss a single thing of what you tell them.
  4. Walk your side. The way you walk when you're together indicates a lot about you. That is, if he always walks ahead of you, maybe he's more worried about him than you. And if the adjusted his steps to yours or constantly looking for you while you walk, means that he cares about you.

These were some of the best signs to know about the feelings of the guy towards you. It is not very hard to know if the guy likes you. If he is shy then his actions will let you know about his hidden love for you. If he is a confident person then both his action and words will let you know that he has fallen in love with you.

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