15 Signs to Know if You Like a Guy

December 27, 2020

Find the best way to know if you like a guy or not. Take this quiz and check the list of signs that will help to know whether you truly love this guy or its just infatuation.

Know if You Like a Guy

You think that you have starting liking a man, but do you really like him? That question is more difficult to answer because in sentimental relationships, not everything is as clear as it should be. You may like the guy for a while, but later you may doubt yourself whether he is really the love of your life. You are confused and want to know if you really like a man. Well, here are some signs that will clear your doubt and make you sure about your feelings for the guy.

Signs that you like a guy

  1. You wake up in the morning and your first thought is for that man. Then you smile and remember the last conversation you had with him. With a little luck, you are waiting for a Whatsapp message which beings a smile from on your face. You keep thinking about that man several times during the day. You can barely concentrate on work and the silly smile has been left as a sign to know if you like a guy.
  2. You pay special attention to look good and spend more time with him. If there is a chance you may also stay with him after work. You carefully choose the wardrobe and you do it with the purpose of impressing him. A smile on his face makes you happy then this a sign to know if you like a guy.
  3. Smile a lot when he's near you. A clear sign that you have started liking a guy is when you laugh and smile more when he is with you. It is very difficult for you to hide the pleasure you feel being with him and express it in the simplest way with an authentic smile. You will understand his humor and find conversation with him to be more interesting. If this is the case then your heart has certainly slipped for a guy.
  4. You like to stay close to him. In social gatherings you always try to be under his 'radar'. Even if he is not with you, when you like a man, you will make sure he does not lose sight of you. One more common sign of attraction is when girls or guys constantly stare at their crush.
  5. Pay him special attention. The threshold of attention of men is very limited, unless you are talking about something that really attracts us. If you are commenting on the last romantic comedy you saw and we are giving you all our interest, it is a good sign. You try to be attentive and please him with compliments. You also remember his birth date and all important dates he has shared with you. This special attention would be strong indications that you feel something for him.
  6. Time has flown by when you are with him. You feel a pang of disappointment when you realize that you have to leave him and go home. You like spending time with him as his company gives you joy.

Body language to know if you like a guy

Sexual attraction goes much further than someone seems handsome to the naked eye. It is that when our brain for whatever reason detects a person we like and the body triggers a whole series of reactions of the situation that are causing the typical feeling of joy and initial excitement. Do you think you have started liking a guy? Body language never lies, until you are a professional liar. Here we explain to you how the body reacts when someone we like which will help you better understand your feelings towards your crush.

You sure have run into that guy who seems to be more special than the others. Do you have a doubt whether you really like him? These ten signs of non-verbal communication will teach you to silently discover what you feel for the guy. Do not forget to take the test of the following page, which will help you to find out in detail:

  1. It can be difficult for you to communicate verbally. We have already learned in past articles that men do not have communication skills like women. Imagine when we try to express what we feel! A slight stammer is likely, hands on the mouth or sudden drops in the tone of voice. Remember that the fear of rejection seizes us in those moments. If you have some difficulty talking to this guy which is not the case with other guys then it is for you to know that you like a guy.
  2. There are many ways to show to guy that we like him without exaggerating. One of the clearest is that which manifests through our body language. We all know the typical signs of flirting, but there are reactions that we cannot control. These reactions are the best to know if you like a guy and the attraction you feel is real.
  3. Sweating is one of the strategies that our body uses to convey the attraction, just because through sweat the other person can detect our pheromones and feel attracted to us. The palms of the hands, the armpits and even the intimate zone tend to sweat when someone is really attractive to us.
  4. The signal above may be evident, but this will hardly be noticed: the dilation of the pupils. When we receive a pleasant stimulus, like seeing or talking to someone we like, our pupils dilate as a physiological reaction to pleasure.
  5. There are many gestures we can make when we like someone. One of the most common is to place our legs or feet looking at that person, especially when we talk with him. This unconscious reaction indicates that we are oriented towards that person, giving our full attention. We also have the tendency to stand straight and take out the chest to expose a more slender, confident and feminine figure.
  6. One of the common reactions in women is to touch or play with the hair in nervousness as our hair is an element of sensuality and attraction for men. Meanwhile men when they approach a girl they like, unconsciously, place their thumbs in the area of the belt in order to highlight their genital area, a way to indicate their availability and manhood.
  7. Biting or licking our lips is also a sign to know if you like a guy. Everything seems to be the product of a calculated plan of seduction, but it really is a reaction controlled by our body. When someone draws our mouth and throat usually dry, and is that we feel nervous to be close to that person. That is why we ingest more liquid and tend to play with our lips.
  8. The most famous bodily signal of all: when someone we like we blush when we see him, when talking with him or when he makes a pleasant comment. Our heart runs at the speed of a thousand and makes the capillaries of our face dilate too much. This makes us we feel a heat rush and that our cheeks end up with the color of a tomato.
  9. Attraction has a direct reaction on our lacrimals. It is not something that can be avoided, because it is a totally involuntary reaction. You will see that your eyes have a particular "shine", which you can not describe.
  10. Also when a woman likes someone, they we can react with other subtle signs such as exposing the neck or wrists, touch our clothes especially in the chest area (both men and women do) or slightly open legs in the case of girls, a subtle invitation to intimacy.
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