7 Signs You Are In Love With Her

September 2, 2016

Are you confused whether you are really in love with a girl or its lust? Check these best signs to know if you are love with her or its just infatuation.


I'm in love? Did she feel the same for me? How do I know if it's love? Maybe it's only sexual desire? There are some clues that may help you distinguish the feeling of love, the feeling of infatuation or lust. We must first identify what is love. According to experts sexologists and sociologists, love is the willingness and the mood which a person has, in which the joy of another ends up being essential to the happiness of that person.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to distinguish whether what we feel is love or only part of an illusion. We always hear that we fell in love only once in life, perhaps if this is true, it's time to know what is true love. Here are the seven signs you are in love with her. Use it as a quiz and be honest to know about your feelings.

Not stop thinking about her

You think about what she's may be doing, who she is or in what happened the last time when you met.
You think about her throughout the day and night and dream to be with her. You'll also notice that you associate everything with her, some object, some conversation, somewhere, everything reminds you of her. This is usually very obvious, the first few times we think will be temporary, but then we realize that is definitive, we cannot stop thinking about that special person.

Imagine a future with him

If you're in love, you're constantly imagining what might happen in the future with her. How will be your house, what color will be the car or where to travel together? Even though this is a far cry you cannot stop thinking and cannot wait for the moment when everything comes true. You start to project long-term situations and do not want to imagine a future without her.

At this point we must be careful not to hurt ourselves, sometimes we get carried away by all these thoughts and end up waiting for something that may never happen. It's time to put your feet on the ground fixed and think clearly.

You love her imperfections

They may have small details that you do not like about her, but surely if you're in love then you accept all its flaws. There will be aspects of her that other people find wrong, but for you this defect becomes a positive aspect in her charming personality. Although you come to know about all about her negative sides, you still love her in the same way.

You look for any excuse to talk to her

Any topic will be good to talk to her and any questions may seem silly is a good reason to call or send a message. Time does not matter much, there may be days when you chatting on Whatsapp and do not mind talking more, that is love. If you can talk for hours without any point and your favorite thing of the day is the last conversation with her, surely this is one of the signs you are in love with her

You are not afraid to express

When you really love someone, we are not afraid to express feelings. We are not be afraid to let others know of your relationship with that person and not put conditions or limitations about what you feel for her. This is about what they call "unconditional love". In fact, you want to let everyone know how you feel about her and your friends or family will surely be the first to know that this girl is the one for you. If this is the case then you are ready to commit to her and this is love.

Time says it all

To know if you love what you feel, try not to rush, love comes with time. As much as the feelings for someone are strong at first, do not forget that perhaps it can be fleeting. Sometimes, in a short space of time the feelings are still unclear, and there may be attitudes, personalities and strengths of the other person that you don't know yet.

Although there is also love at first sight, usually, when you start too fast, it is more likely that feelings also lose its value. The moment of truth is often much more difficult to distinguish between love and other feelings. As we generally think the only difference is in the level of feelings of each. But of course, every person and every relationship is different.

How do you know if it's love?

Nobody said it was easy to distinguish between these two feelings, since both love and sexual desire can be passionate. Sometimes it can be differentiated by the intensity with which you feel, but still it is not always easy to use these parameters in matters of love . What we suggest in this case, it is to try to differentiate these feelings through a simple personal question, is that a feeling strong?

What do we mean by this? Is that feeling of love and respect? Often respect can be mainly hand to love, while infatuation and sexual desire deal lacking stability.

Also noteworthy is that sexual desire or lust is often compared more with obsession and love with a stronger and more solidified feeling, of course also much more complex. According to psychologists, yet not only are these feelings part of the scope of being in love. The apex of love can only be carried out if both people are individually made in the relationship, in this way you can truly appreciate a relationship.

You are your best advice to find true love, your feelings will surely betray. In a first contact it may be "love at first sight", but as a first contact is not everything, we encourage you to use all your weapons to learn and to find the person who really is your better half.

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