8 Signs Your Date is Not Into You

September 22, 2016

Find the best signs your date is not into you and the guy or girl is not interested. If you notice these signs then better leave your date.

signs your date is not into you

The conversation, gestures, looks, how to behave on a first date ... you look at all the same details to see if we can have a future with our companion ... or not. Surely you've experienced situations of all kinds, both pleasant and uncomfortable, but you should exactly identify the symptoms that make an date to fail?

First dates can work brilliantly or may become a bad shot, especially if your companion is not what you thought finding. If you are observant, you'll know quickly if your date is going well or if instead is going to hell quickly.

But the nerves cannot leave you time to think clearly, here you have the signs your date is not into you and the girl or guy is not that into you. Although, do you know how to evaluate the date, whether it is good or bad? You can quickly find out if your date is not going quite right if your company does any of these things. Do not forget!

Comes too late

Okay that not arriving on time may be due to a thousand factors, but it is certainly not a good way to start. How can you be late for a first date? When you've been in a room with someone you care you do everything possible to make a good impression, right? So, the girl or guy has kept you waiting then it is a fifty percent chance that he/she is not that into you.

Talking too much about them

If your date is talking about himself/herself in third person, run away. If it does but still spends much time bragging and telling stories of his/her life, leaving little time for you to talk then it not worth your time. Several studies claim that narcissists are more attractive, but do you really want to be with someone who does not show interest in you and thinks only of himself/herself.

Shows distant

Body language can be more important than verbal; it is that the position of a person says a lot about themselves. The distance between the two, how you sit to have a coffee and physical contact will give you the keys of interest. If he/she do not want to be near you, refuse to make a loving gesture or rejects you when you try to get close, goodbye! Also, if he/she does not make an eye contact while talking to you then this is one of the signs your date is not into you.

Rude or disrespectful

His respect for you is something you should take into account, but not the only attitude you should measure on a first date. If he/she does not show good manners in a restaurant, or treat the waiters and other people around disparagingly, beware! Perhaps it is the case in other facets of his/her life and personality that you are not interested at all. The way a person behaves around is an important sign to look for when you meet them. If they are rude and disrespect other and act too good with you then remember that after some days they won’t respect you too. So be careful and it is better to say goodbye to such people.

Does not stop looking at mobile

Someone does not listen to you and constantly is looking at his/her mobile phone is one of the most frustrating things that can happen today. If on a date your companion is busier answering Whatsapps and Facebook that will be because he/she is not too interested in what you have to tell. If the attitude bothers you, you can always send a message by way of farewell. You should keep an exception, it maybe something important for him/her, but ask him/her not more than 5 minutes. Even then if your date is busy with his/her phone then your date is not that into you and it’s time to say good bye.

Talking about ex partner

It is normal for a person on date to ask about past relationships or mention about their ex girlfriend/boyfriend. However, if after every two sentences his/her name is pronounced, something goes wrong. The guy/girl is obsessed with his/her former partner? He still wants to be his/her ex and maybe on this date he/she is missing their ex too much.

Do not know what to talk about

One of the moments that we fear most in any encounter with someone new is that there is an awkward silence. What happens if you have nothing to talk about? Maybe you don't have anything in common, don't share interests or you just don't want to have a conversation because you don't like it. If on your first date your date does not have a thousand things to tell you then your date may not go well. Some guys/girls are too shy and this can be a reason for a boring date. Such person requires more time to get comfortable with others, but if it’s your first date then it will not be going to go well. If you are shy then you should definitely take a look on these topics.

The date ends too fast

We have arrived at a fairly logical point. When you are with someone and spend a good time on your side, you wish that the time pass more slowly to enjoy more of the company. So if your date ends too fast, the evening does not lengthen naturally and listen to the mythical excuses "I have things to do" or "I'm meeting some friends," perhaps she or he is not that into you. On a date you should be the priority at that time!

These were some of the points you should note to know if your date is not going well. You should keep a check on this points to not waste your time on someone who is not your worth.

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