Six Secret Technologies to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

March 30, 2018

When you choose to enter a relationship, you should do that with complete trust. But at some point, if the unshakeable feeling of infidelity strikes you, follow your instincts. Snooping isn’t bad if you want to find evidence to shake off your suspicions. Unfortunately, fears are not enough to catch your partner's infidelity, and sometimes, it backfires miserably. However, using good technology seems to be the most rational and reliable way to support your suspicions.

how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you

Advancement in technology means that no philanderer escapes scot-free. Suspicious partners have far more advanced techniques for text message spying at their disposal nowadays. They need not rely on the lipstick traces or sniffing out perfumes anymore.

While the filthy rich have enough bucks to splash to hire private investigators to find out about their partners' infidelity, easy access to technology means that you can opt for a do-it-yourself route.

Here are six fantastic tech solutions to catch your cheating boyfriend:

‘Find my iPhone’ can be your Hawkeye

This feature is a great way to find out about your stolen phone. Though ‘Find My iPhone’ does inform you about the phone location, it cannot help you catch the person. You cannot call the office and tell them to search everyone at the Burger King on Broadway and see if they have your phone. The only actual use of this app could be if you have misplaced your phone anywhere in your house.

But it can help in tracing infidelity. For example, if your boyfriend ever used your iTunes to download a song, then you might access his iCloud account, which can give you all his traces and location information in real-time.

Text message spying software

Chats messengers like Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other similar apps are the real hubs of kinky communication. Plenty has been researched about their role in infidelity among teenagers and young couples. But there are spying software out there that are surprisingly discreet and available at a meager price. Whether your boyfriend uses iPhone or Android, you can access his chats through these apps no matter which smartphone your boyfriend uses. These text message spying software also give you their call logs, and you can even remotely keep an eye on them. Xnspy, one such app, can provide you all those mentioned above for less than $13 a month.

DIY Gadget

Do-it-yourself sleuthing is so prevalent nowadays. There are gadgets in the market that you can use to catch your boyfriend during the act. Devices are available with hidden cameras to see any cheating act. If he is frequently out of the city, you can put a telephone charger with a tiny camera in your partner’s travel bag. There are even kits for detecting semen on the clothing. You can use recovery gadgets that can retrieve the deleted information from cell phones. So much so that there are credit card-sized GPS trackers. But since they are physical, you should tread carefully.

Peek into their App history

You do not always need state-of-the-art gadgets or Xnspy text messages spying app to find the truth. Sometimes, the cheater’s technological aptitude is enough to dig into the truth. Apps also have a storied history, just like the internet browser keeps your browsing history. Many apps have permission to save prior information to be helpful in the future. Your partner is not intelligent enough to think that deleting the browsing history means no one will know about his murky affairs. The Google Maps history will blow the lid off if she wants to see that you have been to the bar across the town or a strange apartment. There are even apps that cover your tracks, so beware.

Mine the search history

Google has made it easier for users to search anything on the internet, and the most innovative feature of any web giant is auto-complete. So you think of any item, and just when you start typing in a search term, an email, or a name on Facebook, the computer will take no time to guess the word based on your previous searches. But you can imagine how this can be a problem. For example, typing a few initials of your boyfriend’s new co-worker will pop up all the emails sent back and forth, even if they have been deleted. So there is a lot more to manage than just clearing your browsing history because if your girl gets it right, you need to start searching for a new apartment.

Manage the Budget

You must have come across the breakup stories involving joint bank statements. Your boyfriend could never justify a $1000 bill from Gucci if you didn’t receive anything. There are many intelligent ways to manage your money these days, but so are the many new ways for your wallet to haunt you. There are apps in the market that send you alerts right away when a transaction is made. If you have spent the month eating McDonald’s and watching Friends with him while there’s a hefty restaurant bill on his credit card, then you need to give it a quick review.

We have written an article on 10 physical signs your wife is cheating. There may also be some useful information in there for both a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

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