How To Start a Conversation on Tinder (for men)

May 3, 2016

Find the best way to start a conversation on tinder and be successful in your dating life. These tips will teach you to start chatting with the girl and win her.

start conversation on tinder

Tinder is the best dating app out there and if you are using and not getting success then you are not using the right technique. Here we can help you maximize your potential on tinder to get as much dates or hookups as you wish for. "Action speak louder than words", so if you like someone on tinder then you should start the conversation with them rather than just liking their picture as in this way you would at least get some response from your match. Here we can help you learn how to start a conversation on tinder and get the maximum response in a best way possible.

Set Your Goals

Before even thinking about starting a conversation on tinder you need to know what you want from this conversation like say do you just want to chat for a while, or go on a date, just want to hook up once or want to try dating and even relationship if it takes. So, it’s this goal setting that will help you to chat properly because you will know when to change the topic and in which way to drive the conversation to get what you need. Whatever your goal maybe, be confident that you can attain it by simply starting a conversation because most people don’t have the guts enough to go for it. If you are ready then we can help you to achieve your goal by taking the first step that is starting a conversation.

Browsing all matches

Once your goal is decided then you have to look through the potential matches who may have the same goals as you or who can be persuaded to attain your goal. Browsing is to see all the matches you got on tinder and recognizing what you want and then going for it. First of all, let me just say that nothing is impossible but one need to be realistic enough to see what is obvious, don’t they? I mean if you just want to hook up once then you shouldn’t go for the girl who have wrote “Looking for a relationship” in her bio, now should you?

Because, that may just waste your time and quite possibly lead to an awkward situation but still it is attainable. Instead just look for someone who is interested in the same things as you are and be upfront about it as there is no shame in saying that you just want to hook up, I mean, come on we are human, after all. See, if you come across a woman’s image in which she is semi or fully naked then she is probably interested in sex and if you are too then go for it but if she is wearing nice clothes and smiling and giving all types of signals and if you are confused but you like her then go for it and we may be help you to persuade her and if not you will know what she is interested in and if you want that with her then you can go for that, I mean, sometimes a casual hook up can lead up to a great relationship, you never know what might happen.

Start conversation with good openers

Using nice openers is a good way to start a conversation on tinder. Now you know the person you want to chat with and now all you need to figure out is what your first message should be. You know first message is suppose to be a little bit funny and just enough witty to make the other person respond. You see first message is not suppose to be the best one but just good enough to set you apart from all the other people who have matched with them. And if you want a reply then you need to remember these five things viz. check your tinder match’s profile and bio, write something to get an emotional response, include their name in the message, check for grammatical error and lastly please send the message because if you don’t you are never getting the reply.

Let’s take an example, say suppose a good looking girl with smiling pictures gets 10 matches per day and from them only 5 have messaged her from which 3 messages goes like this “Hi”, “hey, What’s up?” And “Hi, How you doing?” and the other two messages are a little bit unique. You see all you have to do is get to the section where your message is a good unique because first of all if you don’t message her then you don’t exist and if you do message her then it shouldn’t be that lame “hi” I mean come on, is she not worth some effort. So just try to be creative and use her creativeness to your advantage like use her bio picture and mention something about it or use her bio description in your favor. Like if she have an image with her pet dog then go for something like “Kate, I see you like dogs, I too like doggy” But be careful to notice if she is the type of girl who does not take it the wrong way. And if she mentions something in her bio about her favorite movie or something like that then use that to your advantage.

Goal Planting

You see the point of using apps like tinder is to speed up the process of meeting people, but if you are going to use this in your own traditional way then it is going to take forever for you to ever land a proper date. I mean if you are using tinder then you may as well use it like a player and meet your goals rather than prolonging the inevitable. So, if you know your goal then all you have to do is plant the seed of that goal in your match’s mind and let their imagination run wild.

You see, the basic concept behind this technique is to let the other individual know your intent beforehand so when you do strike the question that it is not awkward, but obvious. In order to do that you need to talk about you both going out together or hooking up in a humorous way just so they picture that image in their mind and rest is just build up imagination till you actually meet in person.

Information Needed

This step just becomes a mere formality if you have done the above steps properly because if both of you have already thought about going out then she are not going to hesitate to give you her number after all you are going to need it to prepare for your date. You see, the person is already interested in you and you two have talked about meeting up casually, but nothing concrete so if you ask for her number. There is no reason for her to feel panicky, but then too whenever you give out your number to some stranger there is always that feeling in your gut. So in order to make her feel at ease, you need to mask it with playful banter and make her feel comfortable sharing their information. Try making her smile by commenting on her latest comment and when their reply is lol followed by some message smiley face, than you can try going for “What’s your number, so we can start planning (your date you talked about like some movie) with you” And you get their number, you see, not that tough if done properly.

Common Mistakes when starting a conversation on Tinder

Till now we showed you how to start a conversation on tinder and nurture it to meet the goals you desire but there are some things you should know which instant mood killers in a nice going conversation. So, here are some common mistakes that people make on tinder that you should try to avoid.

  1. Don’t make grammatical mistake, its funny when it happens once in a conversation but it is not it is happening in every message.
  2. Don’t get defensive and argue about something because that just spoils your mood as well as theirs.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail or seem vulnerable because if you don’t say what you want then they will never know and the conversation will start to get dull.
  4. Never focus on some boring topic just to continue the conversation instead always leaves the conversation when it is hot because then you leave them wanting more and because of that they think about you all the time.
  5. Don’t ask to many personal question in fact don’t ask too many question period, after all this is flirting not an interview.
  6. Don’t compliment them continuously because then your compliments just lose their depth and becomes meaningless.
  7. Don’t share your personal details voluntarily instead wait for them to ask you something personal and then you start but try not to over share.
  8. Don’t be negative and don’t apologize without any reason, I mean if you are negative about something then keep it to yourself because if you say it then it sends a negative vibe from you and never apologize if you have not done anything wrong, I mean, have some dignity to stand up.
  9. Don’t tell how to think instead let them decide on their own in this way they feel free to think and talk to you about anything.
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