How To Tease a Guy You Like

September 25, 2020

Find the best way to tease a guy you like with words or over text in a flirty way and make him crazy. These tips will turn a man on in bed and make him want more.

tease a guy

Teasing a guy is the best fun a girl can ask for, especially if she is interested in him. It doesn’t matter if you have just started dating or you have been together for a while. You can always spice up your romantic life with a bit of teasing. If you are worried or shy and have no idea how to go on about this then don’t be. It’s not rocket science, it’s just playful banter between two individuals who are interested in each other. Think of it as communicating with him using everything you have got. Believe me you won’t be able to stop once you start and end up regretting if you don’t start at all. So, if you are interested then let us show you the way to tease a guy with utmost affection.

Playful Things

Playful things are just what it sounds like. It’s to do with little effortless playful banter and little pranks to annoy him just enough that he thinks about you. However nothing too major, nothing which can’t be cured with your smile and puppy dog eyes. Some of those things involve poking him when he is not looking or tickling him and then act natural when he looks at you. This is a good trick to tease a guy, but don't cross the line.Throwing paper balls at him when he is reading a novel or whispering something silly in his ears and then running away will all work. Remember this is to annoy him a little and not piss him off so much that you two end up having a fight.

Tease a Guy in Flirty way

Flirting in itself is a tease as it is filled with humor and comic sarcasm. If you know how to flirt then you know how to tease, it’s as simple as that. The best kind of flirting is when a guy thinks he is making some progress, but just before the closing you take it away. Flirty tease is best when you want the guy to know your intentions. However, you still would like to play hard to get him to chase you. It’s all about sending him signs to make him want you like licking or biting your lower lip just enough to get his focus on them and at the same time talking and maintaining eye contact. This way he would start thinking about your lips and kissing them but can’t and that’s what a perfect tease is all about.

Power of Touch

Never underestimate the power of your touch. Every human craves to be touched and that’s the reason we people hug or shake hands because it makes us feel good. So, it’s only natural to use the power of touch to tease him a bit. You can use it to surprise him like when playing footsie you can drop your sandals and let him feel your legs through the silky stocking you are wearing. It will give him the tingling feeling and get him turned on at the same time.

In a more general way you can just come up from back and give him a lingering kiss on the back of his neck and whisper something dirty in his ears. That is an immediate turn on right there. Another obvious sort of way is to massage his lower back using one hand in public and then finding your way lower to his ass. Touching someone ever so gently is always a good turn on and you can always find new ways to make him want you more. For example, a friend of mine just rubs her hand on her boyfriend’s upper thigh when they are out in the park or having dinner in a restaurant and that’s it. He is immediately in the mood. So, find your guy’s weak point and use the power of touch in your favor.

Sneak Attack

When you have been in a relationship for a while, you get used to kissing each other so often that goodbyes, hello and public kisses are just a peck on the lips. But if you want to tease him then make one of this goodbye kiss a little more intimate then he is use to like put a bit of tongue in there. Sneak attack is for you to surprise him by breaking the habit and using intimacy to do it. Some couples like to do a 2 minutes dance party just to spice it up a bit.

Sometimes you can just tease him by sitting on his lap when watching television instead of sitting beside him like you normally do. If you have been a decent couple all this time then just playing footsie in a fancy restaurant would be considered a sneak attack. I have once seen a friend get in a car with the guy she has been dating for a while and instead of a peck kiss, they started French kissing and it just got more intimate from there on as I walked away.

Dirty Mind

Dirty mind is the ultimate way to tease a guy you like. Its cunning, gives him something to look forward to and if he fails to please you then you end up leaving him wanting more. It’s not something weird; all you have to do is give him a nudge to think sexual thoughts. You can use a direct approach and whisper in his ears when in a crowded place something like “I am so turned on right now” and let it sink in.

Every guy has a very vivid imagination when it comes to sex so nudging him into thinking about it is not very hard. On an average a man thinks about sex 34 times a day and that’s quite a lot like twice in every hour he is awake. So, you don’t have to put too much effort into it just eating a banana or a chocolate bar a little more teasingly will take him there.

If you want him to think about you that way, than you should start putting the idea in his head beforehand. For men the first thing when they wake up is that they are horny. So all you have to do is leave the bed in his half button down shirt and he is there. Start to tease a man with foreplay in the morning and by the dinner time he has already thought about the things he would do to you and that too in full detail. Just saying, man’s dirty mind is a gift for a woman who wants to tease him.

Naughty Sexting

If you are planning to chat with a guy in the middle of work day then you better not make it a soppy one. Instead try making it a naughty one. Don’t you think he is getting enough seriousness at work as it is so when you come in and make his day. A little naughty then it just gives him something to look forward to. Sexting is all about the fun of it, it’s all act for when you two meet. Many don’t know that it is also a great technique to tease a guy and seduce him.

You don’t need to write long text just a short and intriguing one which immediately makes him think about you. Simple texts like “Just got out of the shower”, “Was thinking about you last night” will do just fine. You don’t need to explain them in detail. Just leave it for his imagination and your work is done. Again if you have planted the seed with dirty mind then sexting is a nice way to follow through. If you haven’t then it also works to plant the seed. All this can also be done via a phone call and I believe it is called phone sex.

Dirty Laundry

It is not what you think or maybe what you think is right. Dirty laundry is when you wear something naughty underneath your everyday clothes or you have brought some lingerie. Best way to use it effectively is to wait for the opportune moment to let him know about your clothing. Don’t make him wait too long or it will appear as you don’t want him to get it. This a common way to please your man in bed.

Instead try using the circumstances in your favor like when you are at a party. Let him come near you just enough for him to notice your dirty laundry then use the power of touch and leave the rest to his imagination. You may have seen this in the movie or with your friends when they say “I am not wearing any underwear”. Well that is one way of dirty laundry without any laundry. But the gist of it is to tease a guy enough to make him want you at that instant but can’t because of the circumstances.

Public Teasing

Public teasing is using PDA (Public Display of Affection) to your advantage. Every guy likes to show off his girl but then again so does every girl. Hence PDA works so well when used for teasing purposes. Try rubbing your hands on his thighs or playing footsie as close as you can without actually going there. Making him think that you would actually go there is the point here.

Making out in an elevator or in an alley on your way to restaurant or any place where anybody can walk in on you is the best way of teasing. See this way when you want to stop you can just say “Someone is coming” and leave the room. Another way and probably the best way is passing by groping. In this when you pass by him you may grab his ass sneakily and then walk away giving him a flirty smile. Same can be done in an elevator filled with people. This way even though he desires to grab you, he can’t because there are people around and that’s what makes it a tease.

Thrill of the Chase

As every girl likes to play hard to get, similarly every guy likes the thrill of the chase. So, why not use this to your advantage? Thrill of the chase in case of teasing is essentially telling him to come and get it. The best place where you can work with the thrill of the chase is the dance floor. You can pull him closer and let him feel your body. Then push him away on your wish and he won’t mind because you two are dancing. But soon you’ll see how he will start wanting to get close to you.

You can also do this literally, like spraying some water on him and then running away. This way you will ensure that he is chasing you and then take it to the bedroom or in the shower whichever works for you. Another thing you can do is give him a long and passionate kiss and then leave him and walk away slowly. You will see him following you and then you can remove your clothes and make sure he sees it. There are lots of ways where you can use this trick to tease a guy in bed. You can use your imagination to play this game.


Teasing a guy you like is just another kind of foreplay. Remember you don’t want to be a tease only but also have to follow through. No one likes a tease, I mean not in the long run anyway. Sure initially it is fun but when a guy is not getting any follow through he is going to give up.

That’s why you should be willing to get involved with the guy as I am sure you would, as you like him. Remember teasing is for fun and flirting. So just have fun and don’t get annoyed when he doesn’t get your hints or he doesn’t reciprocates. Make sure to make eye contact as it is the ultimate tease and be ready to be teased back. Once again I say teasing is the best fun a couple can have in a relationship. So live in the moment and have a blast.

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