How to Tell a Guy You Don't Like Him Back

October 27, 2016

Find the best way to tell a guy you don't like him back in a nice way without hurting his feelings or being mean. Use this tips to indirectly tell him that you are not romantically attracted to him and don't want to date him.

tell a guy you don't like him

Telling a guy you don't like him is not always as easy as it sounds, is that although we do not feel attracted to him not want hurt his feelings or break heart, especially if it is someone close to us. So when rejecting a guy's important to be subtle and delicate, avoiding to hurt his self-esteem. It is important to make it clear you're not the girl for him, but this should be done subtly. So we have prepared for these steps which can be used to give the guy hints that you are not attracted to him.

Make your decision

The first and most important thing before you tell a guy you don't like him is to really be sure of your decision. It is very important that you analyze what really feel about him and if you are completely sure you do not want your partner. Think about it very well because the worst thing you can do is to repent and then look again. We must not play with the emotions of people, you understand that if you reject someone rejection is final.

Delay answering his calls and messages

There are people who believe that the attention you give them is equal to the love you have them. Cuts off all communication and get on with your life. If he is someone close to you then better delay replying to his messages and calls. If it is a more or less sensible person, it will capture the situation, or someone in your circles will make him see what you mean. At some level this means to avoid him which can make him feel insulted, but he will get your answer that you don’t like him and you are not interested.

Do opposite of what he likes

“You'd be prettier if you had straight hair", go on with curly hair. "Why do not you wear pants?" Continues with your skirts, long or short it is your choice. If it is low, tell him you like high. If the political party A, tell him you prefer B. If a man who dreams of a family, slide that you have no intention to bring more people to the world. If he prefers a "natural" life, mentions that you are an ambitious woman and want someone to support you in your career to the post of CEO. This may break his illusion and it is a great indirect way to tell a guy you don’t like him.

List the characteristics of a man which is absent in him

Don’t miss a chance to oppose him. You need to this guy that you too are quite different to be happy with each other. If he long tell him you like short men. If is too buildup, tell you like guys with normal body. List all the physical feature absent in him and this a this way you indirectly tell a guy you don’t like him. Do not hesitate to add things he cannot change, like his genetics. This way he may understand that he is not your type and maybe leave his hope to be with you.

Show that you have friend zone him

Well, this is the second last step where you either show him that you are friend zoned or bro zoned by you. Show him all the signs that you have friend-zoned him and if it is unclear to him then better bro zone him. Tell him that you are the kind of guy I would like as a brother as my brother is just so much troublemaker. This way he will clearly get an answer that you have no feelings for him and you have bro-zoned him.

Cancel plans with him

There are few men who will ask you out for a coffee or dinner and as a friend you might say reply positive. So it is better if you cancel all the plans with him, instead if there a college or office group going out together then definitely you should go. And if you are invited to go out for a movie or dinner, the two of you only, tell them you cannot or do not have time or do not want. Reject all bids, with a firm and dry "no thanks". This will make things a bit clear to tell a guy you are not interested in him and maybe he is wasting time on you.

Do you have a boyfriend

If you have one it is great, but if you don’t then never fake it. This step is for people who are already in relationship. This makes things easier as he may realize that that he just had a bad luck as there is someone already present in your life. He sees you with your current partner and is convinced that you don’t like him. Show him photos of the happy travels, mentioned how exciting it was, says the interesting talks and experiences shared and say it enthusiastically.

Lastly be honest and talk to him

It is important that when you tell a guy you do not like always alone and in a private conversation. Never do it in front of your friends or your family or you could make you feel very humiliated. Tell him you want to talk and invite him to a quiet place where you both can have some privacy and where nobody bothers. Be honest and tell the guy you don’t like him without being too harsh.

It is important that when you say you do not like do not be too direct or abrupt. Simply say "do not like him in that way". It might hurt his feelings and self-esteem, so he begins by speaking of his many positive things and that is a great guy, but you're not interested in having a relationship with him and you prefer to keep the friendship. It is important to make clear that it is you who does not want and that there is a problem with it. Never offended or say negative things about his personality or physical appearance. You should treat it with the respect he deserves.

Don’t give him false hope

It is important that to make it clear you do not want to have a relationship with him. Never give false hope by saying things like "now I'm not ready but maybe later" or "right now I do not want a relationship, maybe give me a few months to change my mind." If you do not want to be with him clearly say that you do not consider it appropriate to have a relationship and that although he is a wonderful guy, but you have no interest in anything more than a friendship.

Don’t let him manipulate you

He may try to argue and say things to make you change your mind, showing you he the guy for you. Do not be manipulated or feel sorry for him or the situation. If he tries to convince you otherwise be firm and say that although he is handsome and has very positive things you do not see it as anything other than as a friend and there is no switch to. Do not stretch the conversation with endless excuses and explanations too. If you do not like a guy there is nothing to do, you can be subtle and speak with respect and gentleness but not get bogged down in an eternal conversation where repeat 100 times the same.

Let him overcome the heartbreak

Once you tell a guy you don’t like him can break his heart. It is important to know that it is quite possible that he wants to get away from you for a while and do not want to remain friends, at least until he overcomes the pain. Respect his decision and force not push things. Let him overcome his feelings for you and see you again as a friend without feeling uncomfortable or make you feel uncomfortable. It is inappropriate for you to feel bad, you made the right decision and have avoided further damage. Eventually he will get overcome heartbreak and will be completely fine.

Break all ties if he is too obsessed

Still, there are guys who do not understand or do not want to understand that you are not attracted to him. If this is the case, go and say, bluntly, that he does not appeal you. Cut all the ties if you want, until he understands it.

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