8 Things Men Want In Relationship

April 12, 2016

Find the top eight things men want in relationship from their woman. These tips will help you better understand how to keep your relationship happy.

things men want in relationship

Before you start out with that man, you should know what men want in relationship? By nature a man does not express his feelings often, but it does not mean that they do not expect anything. We women have a very big flaw because we want all the attention, love and care, but for men the idea is that they do not want to get stuck with a woman who brings problems to his life. Here are the most important things men want in relationship and if provided they will do their best to keep the relationship run smooth and happily.

He wants to be your hero

A man chose to express their affection through actions. Hence they like to be "heroes" to solve any difficulty that comes your way. In fact, before it becomes a difficulty, they prefer to intervene and help to distress you. For men it is like that they want their women to depend somewhat on them, else they feel that their woman thinks that he is weak. So, even if you are a very independent woman, but be a little dependent on your guy and often praise him that he is strong and he is your hero.

They want space

Men needs time for themselves and hence give them space. This is among the top reasons why men do not commit because they feel that their space will be snatched from them. They are looking for someone who respects their space. There is nothing more unpleasant for a man than couples who pursue all day and not give time to each other and freely enjoy their free time.

Whether they want to spend time with friends, play games on computer, play soccer, go jogging or just lie on the couch at home watching television, let them enjoy their free time. The men take much advantage of the moments when they can cultivate their individuality and once a man feels that a woman understands and lets him enjoy with friends too then he would commit his life with her.

Physical satisfaction

For a man sex show goes beyond manliness and his constant need for physical contact. Men see this act as relevant in their lives if they are committed to someone, a link that in turn becomes the most satisfying, special and unique. Sometimes it is good to take the initiative and please your man. Why if your boyfriend/husband excites you every time and you never take the initiative? Dare to initiate a single moment. I assure you that your reaction will be amazing to him. Many men suffer from anxiety about their physical organs. Although it is a phenomenon that becomes more visible with the passage to adulthood, they also have what is known as "performance anxiety" which has much of his ego. In such case you can comfort him.

Emotional support

Men do not show their emotional side to everyone, except their close ones like a friend, sibling or wife. A man won’t say verbally, but want his girlfriend/wife to provide emotional support to him in their good and bad times. He wants the strong support when things are bad for him. Your partner will like it when you ask him about his day or anything else he would like to discuss. Give him motivation and the power to struggle in day to day life. A strong emotional support is the thing a man wants in relationship.

Like being praised

My love, how handsome you are, that shirt looks very cute, how hard you work for our family; all these kind of compliments are required for a man to be happy in a relationship. The man whose wife calls him handsome or appreciates him for his hard work make him feels the best. Often they are surprised or even complain that their partners are unable to recognize about them. Your compliments should do the work to strengthen that bond that unites both of you. The reward will come later each others company to happily live your life and avoid most of the difficulties which regular couples face daily.

Like being loved

The opposite sex shows great appreciation for the affection given to them. With a massage on his feet or preparing favorite meal are just saying "I love you" with a letter or kiss is what a man wants in relationship. Not everything happens under the covers, but other small things like displaying your love is also very important. Tell your man that you admire him. With praise you win the favor of every man. Psychologists say that a man gets emotionally attached when they know how much their partner loves and admires them.


Respect is an important criteria for both men and women. If one of the partners shows no respect to other then this relationship will end soon. A girlfriend/wife who is not respecting his man is actually hurting him in heart. If your guy discovers that your behavior is not appropriate with him as a person, it is impossible for him to love you and keep you happy. He will then start find ways to end the relationship with you. Hence, respect is among the top things men want in relationship.

Want less drama

In a survey, most of the men agreed that they hate the most when their woman brings excess drama to the relationship. Drama can be in the form of either fights, excess complains, unnecessary jealousy or comparing your relationship with someone else relationship. Men complain that they don’t want lots of such drama because it gives them stress. So, it is best that you don’t always complain or remain angry with your partner because this will make your man doubt whether this relationship is good or bad for him.

Finally, it is very important that you never hide anything from him as well as say the truth every time. If you don’t like any of his action or you have doubts about any of his decision then better tell the truth. Also have time for communication where you both discuss calmly of growing your relationship or fixing anything that is creating troubles. Many men love it when their woman cooks some delicious dishes to surprise him. So there are lots of things men want in a relationship, but the most important points are listed above. Lots of love, communication, trust and respect you should care more about. A man who is happy in the relationship will find several ways to treat his wife/girlfriend as a queen.

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