10 Things Women Find Physically Attractive in Men

May 28, 2017

Find the ten best things women find physically attractive in men and makes them go in the sensual mode. These are the physically traits that women find damn sexy in guys.

Just as very feminine women are always the focus of men's attention, masculinity does not go unnoticed by women. Perhaps it is due to a primary instinct which makes us see attracted to certain physical traits of a person. Men are often attracted by very specific physical and personality traits, with women it is exactly the same. The problem comes when identifying them, since each woman seems to value different things. Collecting different opinions, we have come to the conclusion that these signs of virility in a man almost always get a mostly positive response from the opposite sex. Here are some of the top things women find physically attractive in men which makes them turn on.

Hard facial features

There is something about the rough looking man that drives them crazy. It is probably a primary instinct that still lasts from that time when man had to hunt to feed the family. At that time aggressiveness was an essential element for survival. Be that as it may, symmetrical face, square jaws and marked features are something the woman often considered to be tremendously attractive.

Height of the man

Although, women are not turned on by this physical trait, but it is one of the most required thing they want in a man. Many women prefer an above average height, while many want their guy to be simply taller then them. Also, in surveys and research women have been found to select men who are taller than them. So, if your height is less than that of the woman you like, then there is a chance that she won’t find you attractive.

Strong and fit body

Muscles are also an element of masculinity that does not go unnoticed by women. It is one of the most important things women find physically attractive in men. It is not necessary to be a bodybuilder, or to spend hours in the gym, but an obese body is not precisely an ideal of manhood. They find a masculine body, broad-shouldered, narrow-waist body very masculine, and in fact there are studies that show that much of a man's attractiveness to women is assessed by this factor. Just as men like the body in the shape of a "pear" because it looks feminine, to them, a V-shaped body looks tremendously attractive.

Abs of the guy

This is the most popular thing and every guys knows that women find abs very attractive. The reason is simple that abs are a sign of a toned and masculine body. This indirectly means to a woman that a guy is healthy and has good sperms. Women consider men with abs to be sexy and this naturally arouses their desire.
So, in case you have belly fat, start working on your diet and workout as it is one of the things women find physically attractive in men.

Butts are attractive

Till now many believed that it was only men that used to checkout a woman’s butt, but recent surveys have shown that women too find butt’s attractive. This made the fashion industry bring tight and slim jeans and pants for women. This is one of the body parts which many women find physically attractive in men and get turned on many times. Squats, leg raises, dead lifts are some great exercises to shape your buttocks.

Self-confidence and security

The role of man has traditionally been to make decisions and deal with problems. And although society has changed a lot today, women still find it very masculine that a man shows confidence and self-confidence. A weak and pusillanimous man will hardly be able to attract a woman because these characteristics are considered very little masculine. Such weak and unconfident guys are the ones women friendzone as they don’t feel attraction towards them.


Another of the aspects considered to be typical of a man is to deal with problems responsibly. This means taking on your obligations and not trying to squeeze the package whenever a difficult situation arises. The woman finds this attitude very masculine and values it extraordinarily, in fact, without it, it is very difficult that no one seriously considers choosing a man as a long-term partner. Why I included this in physical feature? This is because the body language of guys in such hard times reflects how good or bad he can get. This gives a real reflection of how can a guy handle difficult situations in his relationship.

Big and strong hands

Another physical characteristic women find physically attractive in men and that seems very masculine are powerful hands. The hands are a part of the body with a very special meaning. They are a tool of strength, but at the same time they serve to caress. Also, the veins of the forearms are something that women find really sexy. In ancient times strong hands were a sign to show how powerful a man was and women would choose these men as their mates. There are two reasons behind this; one is he could protect her and the second is that it shows he has quality sperms . Now you know the power of your arms, so hit the gym and build biceps. This will make you look strong and improve your chances to impress women around you.

Deep voice

It is not that it is imperative that a man should have a grave and cavernous voice to be considered masculine, but of course, a fluttering voice or a feminine tone is not the best sign of manhood. A deep and serious voice can come to be considered by women as a very masculine attribute, and even become a weapon of seduction. In this case you must be gifted to have such voice. Some men are born with tone which women find sensual and attractive.

His actions

It may seem a contradiction, since masculinity has traditionally been identified with man's ability to keep his emotions in check. But the reality is that women find the manifestation of signs of affection and tenderness in a man very masculine. This is because among other things it shows enough personality not to be influenced by those stereotypes. Playing with children, or showing affection towards animals, or helping poor or elderly people are some of the things that make them melt for a man.

It is evident that not all these traits or behaviors attract women in the same way, but there is a significantly high percentage of them that claim to find them very masculine. It is also likely that in some cases, this perception is not due to one of them in particular, but to a whole. In any case, virility is still a magnet for women, and however much the times evolve, attraction towards very masculine men remains constant between them.

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