12 Tips To Understand Women Mind

January 29, 2017

Find the best manual to understand women psychology and her emotions. These tips will help you deduce her actions and body language to know what she has in mind.

understand women

From the beginning of time, men and women have spoken different languages. Man tends to be clear and direct, but why is it so difficult to understand what women want. This is because the females are much more subtle and has a mode of expression that needs to be understood in all its nuances. I offer you all the keys to achieving this impossible task with this manual to understand women. With this you will begin to better understand your crush, girlfriend or wife's emotion and psychology. Just stay alert to the signs and act like they expect you to.

Why they get upset easily

Sometimes women take us out of our boxes when they get angry about things as inconsequential as not to send them a message of good morning. And we struggle to understand either to give them a flower or chocolate to make them happy. Isn't that enough of a sign of love? Of course she knows that you love, but she needs a test that will confirm your love. She wants to feel special. So the little details represent a source of joy or sadness.

Why they like to be difficult

There is nothing more disconcerting to a man who interpret the contradictory messages sent by a woman whom you are trying to conquer. If one day she been happy at your side, what’s the need to complicate things the next day? If this is your attitude then you might be misunderstanding her because her desire is to project a sense of value. They like to feel like a precious asset, which is only available to the guy who really works hard to achieve it.

Why do they say "nothing happens" when it does happen

Your girl takes 2 hours pout, but you do not understand why. And no matter how you ask, she replies "nothing happened." And although you know perfectly well that is not true, there's no one to take her out of this situation. And do not expect her to tell, at least not immediately because she will not. The reason? Women believe that men have an obligation to know what they did wrong and woe to her as you don’t know it. You know what comes next if you have not properly apologized for what you have done. A peaceful and calm explanation is best to deal with this situation.

Why they are they so dramatic

In fights with you there is no way to calm her down. Sometimes she may shout at the top of her voice while sometimes she may start crying. The funny thing is that it seems they like being dramatic. Are you surprised? That's because you have not yet become aware that the girls love a good drama. Face it, this is part of their nature.

Why ask so many questions

More than once you've found when you're watching a game and your girl finds nothing better to do than get to ask you everything. And what is offside? Why they get so excited when they score a goal? Come on, don’t let the typical children's questions unnerve you. Or when you're quiet and she'll ask why. What is so much to ask? Can’t you just be quiet? They can, but do not want. They want to be part of every moment in your life , know what you think and how you feel. They want to be your friend while watching the sport they are not interested in the slightest. Do not complain. It is a sign that she cares about you.

What about their incomprehensible reactions

Believe it or not, hormone disruption affecting menstruation women alter their mood to the point of putting them in the extremely irritable zone. So sometimes you think they make a fuss of a small problem or that their reactions are disproportionate. So the next time try to have all the patience as possible because once she calms, she will know her mistake. If you bounce back at her then it will make your relationship much more difficult.

Why are they so fond of changed look

Do you have a hard time understanding why she changes her hairstyle so often or why is she always up buying new clothes? There's a reason she wants to look beautiful. She want you to not get bored of her and therefore strives to always be look new and interesting. That's why it is so terrible for women when you do not realize the changes she does for you. If she has done something new and you do not appreciate, she will be angry, because for her it's as if you despise her effort to please you. So pay attention to this psychological tip to understand women and understand why they pay so much attention to look good.

Why they are so indecisive when choosing

You tremble when she asks you to accompany her for shopping. You know that after waiting two hours to prove all kinds of rags, she will finally return home with only a blouse. Indecision is very common in women and it is not only in terms of clothing. As a rule, they have a hard time deciding because they fear making a mistake. No one likes to be wrong, but for them it is even less.

Why they ask you to be honest and then bother with a reply

The women always repeat that they want a sincere and honest man, however, reality shows us that sincerity is somewhat particular. The female concept of sincerity does not include you to say things that might disturb them.

As long as it's not like that, you can be brutally honest, but to questions like "Does this dress make me look fat?" Or "How do you think of my hairstyle?". In these situations diplomacy gives much better results. Even if you say what you really think, try to make it with the utmost as tactfully as possible, because you can cause a disaster if you don't.

The reason? She needs to know that you love her unconditionally, regardless of their body even if it’s more or less beautiful. Better to stay away from any statement that can lead to a whole drama.

Why say "Let's do it..." when they mean do it yourself

"When are we going to paint the kitchen?" Do you tremble when you have to hear that phrase. Because deep down you know perfectly well that it’s meaning does not include her. She is actually saying that why are you not painting the kitchen? The custom of women included in tasks is to make you realize in a subtle way that they want you to do something. They prefer to put it that way to make it appear that they are not ordering you, but woe to you.

Why 10 minutes always ends up being 1 hour

When grooming, women change their dimension of time. During any time of the day they are quick, but they get in front of the mirror and take their stuff to beautify themselves, waiting an hour doesn't save you. "I am coming, just 10 minutes" is the phrase that activates the mechanism by which the perception of time is disrupted completely. What you should know is that they might say ten minutes 5 to 15 times. This is a metaphorical time, because she really is going to take whatever time necessary until she looks absolutely perfect.

Why get a headache when you want sex

It is not that they do not like sex, but probably the fights affect them much more compared to men. This makes her put an excuse that can be varied as she may be too tired from work and household chores or there is some underlying problem between you two which why she has come up with this excuse. Finally it may also be that she is actually having a headache.

The reason that instead of raising the matter openly they put an excuse is because they want you to show interest. Communication is very important in the couple and she needs to know that you care what happens to her. So rather than get angry because she again refuses to do so, try to talk and find out what happened with a collaborative attitude. Once she'll finds you interested, it will be easier for the girl to share with you her concern and the reason that blocks your relationships can be solved.

In summary

It is difficult to understand female mind. It always has been and always will be. But surely this manual to understand women has clarified a number of things. What you must take into account is that women need and seek security, stability and acceptance. They expect that their partners must support them and need to communicate in a more intense way. They also need more constant reinforcements, hence the continuing need to test things work as they should. Understanding women is not as complicated as solving a strange hieroglyphic, much as sometimes they seem to speak in code. You just need some understanding on their psychology and you will be able to win your girl’s heart.

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