Best Topics to Talk to a Girl

September 28, 2016

Find the best topics to talk to a girl you like on first date or in college. These funny and interesting topics of conversation will make the woman interested in you.

topics to talk to a girl

One of the things women value the most in a man is his ability to talk. But if the girl is someone we love, we are blocked at times. It makes us to get increasingly nervous and everything ends up spoiling. Thus we lose the capability to talk to her which makes us look shy and less confident. To avoid this, it is best to have planned a number of topics for a conversation. This helps you get rid of shyness and thus she never gets bored. You don't know what topics to talk to a girl? Here are some that work and will make her interested in you.

Break the ice

This is a very important step if the woman is not known to you. You first need to approach the girl and make her comfortable talking to you. If you just met her then before finding topics to talk to a girl, you first need to break the ice with her. Be confident and once the ice is broken, you can introduce yourself and then continue the conversation with the topics given below. The fundamental aspect of winning a girl is through confidently talking with her and in between try to make her laugh.

What you like

It is not a question of smooching or spending all the time telling you how much you like it. Women don't like men who put on an altar, so don't push this topic. But surely if you take it out occasionally and almost unwillingly, she will be happy. Is it fun? We dance good together? Did you see sexy? Sure you have plenty of things to choose from what you like. Yes, you have to be honest and not fall into the rally. In addition, a good trick is to speak of virtue that excel in a generic way and put it to her as an example "I love the sexy and very feminine girls, well, more or less like you".


Do you know someone who does not like music? It is one of the best topics to talk to a girl. You may not agree on the musical styles, but neither is important, because what you really want is to talk with her. And if you ask about their musical tastes and give your opinion about what you like you, there will be talk for a while, either because they are the same or because they do not match at all. Music is a topic of conversation which makes every girl feel comfortable.


If you ask the girl her hobbies and the things that she likes, she will realize that your interest for her is real. It is possible that she will attract much physically, but love only arises if the other person knows thoroughly. That is why it is necessary to know her and the things that make her happy, because it gives you weapons to surprise her and please her later.

Her family

This is a one of the good topics to talk to a woman, but only when you have talked to her previously on a few occasions. Family is everyone’s closest circle, so there are always things to talk about them. Ask him about her parents and siblings, what they do, what your relationship with them. Being a subject that affects you very personally is always a conversation that improves the bond. Although if you find that her relationship is not good or there are many problems in their family then you should not bring it up too often.

TV or movie

Another topic on which I'm sure you can pull the thread is talking about movies. The whole world sits in front of the couch to watch a movie or her favorite show ever. Everyone has their favorite artists. Talk About Series, movies or artists of film and television can give you a long conversation with a girl. Comment movies or series that you have enjoyed the two is entertaining, fun and you a little closer to her.

Talk about yourself

If you talk all the time she may get bored and believe that you are a self-centered. But girls don't like men without personality. You've had your hobbies and tastes, and you will do well in to share them with her. That way she will know you a little better. Don't think you only want to please her, but that what you're looking for is that the two of you may know more of each other. Don't give up on your personality to please a girl.

Work or studies

Talking about work, studies and plans for the future, is a subject that always works because it is very broad. It is one of best topics to talk to a girl to increase the conversation. You can ask the bosses and colleagues, teachers, what aspirations they have. There's a whole world of issues regarding the work or studies that serve to keep alive a conversation. Then you can continue about any funny situations or romance stories of your college or office. Also, there can be many more topics which can be brought while talking to a woman you like.

Allow her to speak

One of the best tricks to get the topics of her interest is to let her do the talking. A normal conversation between two person should be 50:50, but in this case it should 70:30. Let the woman speak more and this will let you know about the topics which you can talk or the ones which can be avoided to keep her interested in talking with you.


These are some of the topics that you can use if you do not know what to talk with a girl. Don’t go and choose all the topics too quickly. It is best to focus on those with whom you feel more comfortable. This is to get the conversations going in a natural way and she doesn't notice you, even if forced to have several topics of conversation. Having several issues is always better than just talking about one or two, because she may end up looking like someone boring.

Even if you have some top of you like to talk more topics, use the other from time to time to not make repetitive. If you do, you will soon notice how she loves to spend time with you.

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