What To Do When Your Ex Chasing You?

June 6, 2016

Did you recently had a breakup and now your ex keeps harassing you? Use these tips if you don’t know what to do when your ex chasing you everywhere you go.

What to do when your ex chasing you

Generally most women and few men at some point in life has to endure this kind of ex lovers unable to accept NO for an answer and keep the strange hope to return. But sometimes what starts could turn your ex paranoid and aggressive. The exes, whether they are aggressive or not, have something in common: when they become obsessed and still consider you as partner may become stalkers with a single idea in mind to regain your love.

There are people who do not accept the breakup with their partner. Such types of people invade your privacy and keep harassing you. What to do with these people? Here is a series of tips and advice that could help calm their excessive craving or anger and bring peace to your day.

Now there are different ways your ex will harass you like sending flowers, chasing you wherever you go and sends you texts and leave messages on the answering machine at home and then these actions of your ex may tend to become dangerous to some extent. Here are the best tips which will show you what to do when your ex chasing you and mentally torturing you after breakup.

Different types and ex boyfriends/girlfriends


Now regarding the stalker type, they are less dangerous and more manageable, but just as heavy. They are like bunnies 'Duracell' that they are never out of batteries and continue to chase you everywhere.

Irreducible friendly:

This is a category of ex which is more friendly than the previous one but equally annoying. It is those who do not cease in their attempts to recover. Are those that appear suddenly on the street, supermarket or work as something casual and unpremeditated. Always smiling and friendly. It may act as if nothing had happened and try to hug or kiss in public to try to break your will. They are friendly but insist, insist and insist always the same. These characters try to influence your family and friends to exploit weaknesses in your will.

The sad exes:

The latter category is simpler and friendlier than the previous ones but will not fail to affect you. It is those who adopt the attitude of "poor little angels". He will look pass silently gawking by your presence. He/she may even cry to his friends and if given the chance will tell you that his/her life is meaningless without you. Will dedicate poems of dubious quality and make every effort so you know that you've ruined his/her life. In these cases, you need a strong and strict enough talk: Leave me alone!

Once you know the types of exes, now it is time to learn what to do when your ex chasing you and here are some of the points to keep in mind.

Explain your situation and feel safe

First, it should make you feel very safe. Do not accumulate guilt or regrets for thinking that if you had acted otherwise your relationship would not have ended. Breakup or misunderstandings between partners happen all the time. Emotional needs and feelings of people are constantly evolving. Often, the dynamics of couples makes each member evolves differently. At first it feels that he/she is perfect for you, but after spending time you understand that your partner and you cannot enter a deep and serious relationship. If you accept this fact of life (and the other could also come to accept it) you've taken a big step toward peace of mind.

Speak clearly with your EX

What you should do is always talk straightforward. Be assertive and have strong speech, it is not about to scream, but be emphatic and convincing in your decision. Be honest and tell your ex you no longer love him/her and have no desire to hurt him, but make him see that there is no future together and to move on. Your partner may promise changes and different attitudes and try to seduce you and hit to your weaknesses, but if you have decided to move on then explain your partner once and ask him/her to not contact you. If you like to be friends with your ex, even then ask him/her to not contact for few months until both of you get relief from the heartache of breakup.

Do not talk to him angry

You should not talk to him when you're angry because your ex will misinterpret that he/she still has an affect on you (because it is obviously interrupting your life) with the fact that it still matters to you as a couple. Every time you have to talk to your ex do it calmly with a serious tone and firm voice, but never sound angry or exalted. Let your ex understand that your decisions are the product of logical thought and not an emotional reaction.

Surround yourself with people

There are far much less chances that your ex will harass you when you are with your friends. Generally, ex boyfriend’s intense fear your friends, he knows that there is a chance that he will be surrounded by people like your friends. Although, you cannot keep yourself surrounded by friends all the time, but during the first month after breakup it is better to not travel alone is your ex is obsessed about you.

Avoid contact

The problems arise when your ex-partner does not accept reasons and strives to understand your feelings have changed. Some people often take out their anger and frustrations on the person who they loved until yesterday. They can reach disrespect, insult or perhaps beyond without thinking of the children, if any in the family, and common friends. Given this extreme situation, it is desirable to avoid all contact with that person. You must tell all your mutual friends to not disturb you with any topic elated to your ex.

Ask for help

If after speaking clearly your ex is still stalking you and appearing wherever you go, it's time to get help. Talk to someone your ex trust enough, may be his brother, cousin or best friend for help. It is because you have a good reason to do so. Tell the situation and ask them to help you to reason, you just want to go on with your life and leave the rest in the past. The ones your ex trusts will better make him/her understand that you have moved on and no longer want to be with him. This kind of stalking by exes is a few cases can lead to a dangerous situation. Hence, if you feel that your case has reached to the extreme levels then better ask help from the police.

These were some tips of what to do when your ex chasing you and keeps torturing you. If after using all the techniques above your ex still does not understand then ignore and avoid any contact. If you feel threatened then tell him/her you will go to the police. Do not answer, do not look and be like a wall to him/her. Eventually he/she will get tired of talking to the wall.

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