7 Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Wives

September 4, 2016

Find the top reasons why men cheat on their loyal wives and how to prevent it. This will bring light to the subject of infidelity in relationship by men.

why men cheat

“Faithfulness lives where love is stronger than instinct.” Paul Carvel said that when asked about faithfulness. If a person first instinct is to cheat then he is going to cheat no matter how much you try to stop him.

One of the common misconceptions about cheating men is that they do it because they need sex. Just to get to the bottom of this our team asked the cheaters and their wives some questions. The results were somewhat astonishing as you may see. The major reasons we got and I quote “the spark was gone” or “he didn’t get the attention he needed”. The reasons of any sexual desire were only true in 7% of the cases. Hence, we would like to get your attention on some of the reasons why men cheat and how you could avoid it.


Almost seventy percent of men said that they cheated because they felt invisible when it came to their wives. Sometimes when life is moving too fast we forget what is important to us and that’s when mistakes happen. Like in this case, I understand that it is not the wife’s job to acknowledge every little thing that his man does. I mean after all she is the one who is doing all the work around the house. But sometimes a little appreciation for his efforts is just what he needs from straying. Everyone of us like to be praised. But when you go through all this effort to help someone and they don’t even acknowledge it than that hurts.

Secondly, a man will only be willing to have an affair or a sexual fling with someone who made him feel more desirable something that his wife failed to do. We ask most men when asked “Why did they cheat with this particular woman?”. Their answer is somewhat like this “She made me feel special again” or some version of this. But the bottom line is men craves appreciation and acknowledgement. When they are given appreciation then there is no reason or room for an affair. So, just pay your man a compliment every once in a while. Make it a point to compliment him once a day at least and you won’t have to face this situation.

Insecurity in men

Insecurity is one of the reasons why men cheat on their wives. Insecurity can appear due any number of reasons. A person could feel insecure because his wife is more attractive than him or there can be an insecurity job wise or salary wise. Sometimes wife is more outgoing and social and potentially having a lot of guy friends which in time can make husband feel a bit more insecure. If you know your man then you know that he is not going to talk about this stuff. He would rather bury it deep down, but then if you notice carefully you will know something is wrong.

Generally, men don’t like to talk about their emotions and their insecurities. This doesn’t make them heartless or cold hearted just a bit distant at time. And if you don’t want any misunderstanding then you should try to bring it up but carefully and not in a sarcastic way. Also avoid public places and talk to him only in private. A war in which two countries hate each other are often resolved by some people sitting and talking. I believe that in marriage where two people love and honor each other can have a nice life if they could just communicate with each other.


There is also a chance that your husband feels that he can do nothing right when it comes to you. So he seeks acceptance someplace else via an affair. I know this seems farfetched, but some people criticize each other without even knowing that they are hurting someone’s feelings. So think carefully, do you always keep complaining to your husband about everything he does or didn’t do.

Instead of criticizing him you could try to give better idea about how he can do something better. With this men are less likely to have an affair because you showed them better way of doing things. Secondly, if you think that criticizing him will change anything for better than you are wrong. It will only drive him away from you. Instead try talking to him and you might be surprised to see how close you two can be.

Curiosity in guys

You might have heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”, well this is somewhat in that reference. Almost 75% of men knew someone who cheated and so they begin to think that it’s okay to cheat. Something like “He did it, so why can’t I?” kind of thing. Now if this is the case, then try make it known that you don’t like the person who cheats. This can be done by telling him that you despise that person for cheating his wife. But remember don’t stop your husband from hanging out with his buddies who cheated directly. You may try telling him not to indirectly by showing him how much you dislike the guy.

Another thing that fits in curiosity criteria is that most men cheat with someone they know and that is the thing you might want to look out for. 38% of men cheated with woman they met at work. They gradually started talking to each other and then the sudden curiosity of how it would feel made him do it. So, if you suddenly notice your husband mentioning a female coworker more than he mentions any other worker then you should know that the thought has crossed his mind. If this is the case than you should just be careful about your husband working habits. Notice if there is any change in his patterns and talk to him what you feel.

Lashing Out

When two people have a fight it’s natural to lash out like to shout and scream and to do almost anything out of character. Married couples fight all the time and its common for two people sharing their lives together to have some disagreements. But when these disagreements are not dissolved quickly tends to built up then later at an unexpected moment your husband lashes out by having an affair. 65% of men said that they felt guilty while having an affair or just felt so much guilt after doing it the first time.

Lashing out is one thing that woman don’t have control over because ultimately it’s the man’s choice to do the right thing in the end. And it is not completely woman’s fault either because a person can lash out due to any number of reasons like professional jealousy, emotional frustration and so on. And the best thing the woman can do here is notice the signs and help him through it. This is because you both decided to get married, to help each other and stay together in problems.

Egoistic men

Some men are just egotistic and they don’t care about your feeling. They just care about themselves and think that they will never get caught. These men are just looking for trouble and think that their wife wouldn’t mind or they don’t think she’ll even notice. I think when they started out they were trying to do the right thing but somewhere along the way they missed a step and forget about your feeling altogether. I understand it’s nice to compromise once in a while to have a long and happy marriage, but just make sure that he knows where the boundaries are. Also, let him know what the consequences are when he crosses those boundaries.

Make it a point to let them know that you too have feelings and if he hurts them then he is in for a lot of trouble. Setting some ground rules are good but what are rules for, if not to be broken but setting boundaries are a whole different matter. It’s like saying that this is the line and if anyone crosses it then there will be dire consequences.

Emotional Dissatisfaction

Almost 50% of men said that they cheated because they felt emotionally unstable and not because of sex. It is a common illusion that men cheat because they want sex. The truth of the matter is only 8% of men gave the reason of cheating as sexual nature. Other reason why men cheated is because he was bored of the routine and wanted sex with a woman who was more hot and sexy than the wife. It was true for only 12% of men.

And lastly it was to find he slept how long after meeting the woman. Surprising it was just a little over 5% that the men slept with them on the first night. Most men don’t go for it at the first possible instant. Instead they wait for their wife to notice and when she doesn’t, after a while they just go for it.

How to prevent it

Now you know the reason why men cheat and its time to show you how can you prevent this infidelity. Sex is powerful thing and when a man is getting it enough from his wife then he is not going anywhere else. Just appreciate your man and help him as they are fools who don’t know anything, but still are good at heart. Anyone who is kind enough to know that you have to work in your marriage to be happy is smart enough to understand how to handle their husbands. No man marries a woman so that he could cheat on her at the first hiccup. He married her for a chance to keep her happy and for her to keep him happy. Just be reasonable and communicate with each other about everything and you will have a nice marriage.

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