10 Reasons Why We Never Forget Our First Love

November 19, 2016

Do you still think why I have feelings for someone with whom I fall in love for the first time? Here are the reasons why we never forget our first love according to psychology.

Why We Never Forget Our First Love

Beyond the first kiss, our first love opens a world of possibilities and helps us discover aspects of life that will accompany us forever. This is the most naive, innocent love which is able to teach the good and the bad of future relationships. The first love is usually lived during adolescence or youth when you are still willing to live new experiences and take risks. Surely your first crush or relationship was with an ideal person. It was true love for you and that the guy or girl was the perfect partner with whom you wanted to live forever. But why does this happen and what is the reason why we never forget our first love? Here are some of the reasons:

Those moments are memorable

While there are plenty of new things to experience in life, there are moments that become so memorable that we simply cannot forget them. This is something that happens when we talk about our first love. Although love is always something special, when it comes to the first one, it becomes a unique experience that is impossible to forget. For better or for worse, this relationship has awakened new feelings in you. This new relationship, no matter how real, good or bad was accompanied by feelings of wonder, intrigue and emotion which were unknown to you. Although it may not last long, it is something that will accompany you and make you feel a mixture of emotions difficult to explain during the rest of your days.

First love is powerful

The first time you fall in love, you can feel that it is the best thing in the world. You realize that you care about another person much more than you could ever have imagined. Even though you thought you understood what the word "love" meant, the first time you experienced it, you discovered a world of infinite possibilities of romance and emotion accompanied by fear. It does not look like anything you have felt before, so you end up keeping this new discovery permanently in your memory.

The first broken heart is also powerful

The only thing that is lived with the same intensity of the first love is the first rupture. On most occasions, this feeling of anguish is usually surrounded by memories of that person. That is why it is not uncommon for the first heart break to be the most painful for anyone. It does not matter if the separation was difficult or friendly. If you think about it, you may find that it still hurts a little bit. Ending the first relationship or getting rejected by your first love is difficult because you have to let go of feelings that seemed almost magical. The amount of effort and pain that separation brings is something that marks you for life.

First love is innocent

To fall in love for the first time is an act of total innocence that usually grows little by little without you noticing. It is not something that is in your plans, but it simply happens. So, it becomes something more special. After falling in love for the first time, you become aware of what you want to gain from a later relationship. This means that you are gradually putting some pressure on yourself to find that person that will lead you to feel what you felt for the first time. This usually makes you act in a certain way and think differently to find this type of connection.

First love is accompanied new experiences

When you experience the first love, that special person is able to inspire you to experience new things. This somehow makes you partly responsible for some of the personal growth that you experience. That person usually becomes a witness of certain changes of your own and in a certain way becomes your first positive support. In addition, for some people the first love may also have involved first physical experience which leads to chemical and emotional reactions. Two very clear examples are your first kiss or your first sexual experience. Undoubtedly, these are first times recorded in your deepest memories, even if they were uncomfortable or awkward moments.

In addition to new experiences occurred during a period, the heart at this age is still innocent, adventurous and able to surpass defeats and failures. If you have had a first love, you are likely to remember forever the first feelings, experiences, responsibility and inevitably the first time your heart was broken. This is why we never forget our first love as it gets us exposed to many new experiences.

The first love is your first "we"

Although before this you have been part of a team, but with your first love you often experience that first time you really feel important part of a "we". The first time you make a decision based on the sense you have for both as a couple and not just for you is when you really feel the equity that exists in what "we" refers. It is not uncommon that this first experience has taught you the importance of giving up some of your preferences in order to have a more equitable relationship.

The first love represents youth

The reason why we never forget our first love is because during youth people are willing to achieve what they want and in those ages they tend to create ideals about people and their life itself. The movies, the stories, the books, the songs and the stories of others often influence life more than it seems.

Thinking about your first love over the years is not just about that particular person. Most of the time it is about the energy you felt and how happy you were at that time. You can bring back good memories of your youth to reach that era where everything was simple and easy. During this period you could feel things that you had never felt before like butterflies in the stomach. These were great emotion we got when receiving a call or a message from your crush and the proud feeling when you are the reason for his/her smile.

The first love represents possibility

In addition to representing your days of youth, the first love can also remind you of moments of possibilities that seemed endless. It is the time when you feel the responsibility of keeping someone feel happy and loved. You know, those moments when your whole life was a world of new and exciting things. Thinking about this first relationship evokes a great variety of everything that would have happened if you had made other decisions at key points in life.

The first love changes you

The positive effect that one has on the other often marks a period of personal growth and development. This is derived from new experiences and the fact of facing your fears from the hand of your first relationship. It helps you to form as a person and to advance in the world. It was the first time you allowed another person to have a significant impact on who you are and this is why we never forget our first love.


Despite the unforgettable positive or bad experiences it made you a better person. Fights, personal struggles and your first dislike taught you to be a more careful person in your next relationships. With each passing relationship, you realize how to sustain a balanced relationship with few fights and mutual well-being that benefits the two parties. That is why no matter how painful your first relationship was, it will be almost impossible to forget or leave behind your first relationship.

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