10 body language signs that show that a Girl likes You

August 19, 2021

How to know if a girl likes you?

Most men want to find out the answer to this question to get confident around that girl, but girls are very mysterious and intelligent; they will do everything possible, so you can never find out what’s in their mind, and you never could know their intentions. But even being such clever and intelligent, they can’t hide one language – body language.

Here are 10 body language signs, telling that girl likes you.

She stares at you

When a girl likes a boy, she will probably look at him, maybe because she likes his face or something else or wants to catch his attention. So if you see a girl’s gaze on you, you could know that she likes you. On the other hand, if a girl never looks at you, that also means that she likes you. She’s trying to hide her feelings; that’s why she’s trying not to look at you; she doesn’t want to be evident to you.

She smiles when talking with you

Most people smile to please other people, and girls are no exception. She smiles at you because she wants to let you know that your acceptance is essential for her. Girls could also smile to seduce you. Most girls look very sexy when they smile, so smiling at you could also mean that she wants to get more “closer” to you. She would also laugh at all your jokes, even if they’re not funny. She will laugh because she doesn’t
I want to make you feel uncomfortable.

She bites or licks her lips

signs a girl likes you

This is one of the most obvious signs a girl likes you. Biting or licking her lips, she wants you to know that you’re sexually attracted to her. She’s trying to seduce you, showing that she will turn the “green light” for you. So, after this sign, you can try to get more intimately close with her. By the way, only courageous girls will show you this sign. You could never catch modest girls biting or licking their lips.

She plays with her hair

Girls play with their hair for no reason when they get nervous. If she starts playing with her hair during a conversation with you, or when you look at her, that means that she’s getting nervous, which also means that she likes you. But of course, they could also play with hair just because they have nothing else to do; they’re just trying to spend time faster.

She compliments you

Well, this one is way too obvious. Girls can complement each other to comfort themselves, but they mean what they say when complimenting men. And girls are very creative; they will never say “you’re beautiful,” they know a thousand ways and words to compliment someone.

She shows off her body

When girls trying to get someone’s attention, first they change and make their appearance better. If a girl wants to get your attention, she will start wearing clothes that show their body's most beautiful parts, even if she doesn’t like that style, that kind of clothing. But it would help if you found out from her reactions; she wears those clothes for you or other men,
or maybe just because she likes that style and she’s trying to look different.

She’s glad to hang out with you

Yes, most girls will not spend time with someone they don’t like. So, if a girl quickly says “yes” when you offer her to spend some time together, that means she likes you, and she feels comfortable when you’re with her. She might also suggest plans to you of her own.

Her behavior changes when you’re around

For example, if she’s quiet with others but aggressive with you, you can stop asking yourself, “does she like me?”. Yes, she likes you! She’s just trying to hide her feelings that way; she’s afraid that you will never pay attention to her, so she’s trying to calm down her love. Or she could treat you differently than others. She might be introverted, but when you’re trying to make conversation with her, she’ll become a “social butterfly” and talk to you without feeling uncomfortable. Once you know she likes you, you need to get her more interested; read our guide on our tips to help make a girl blush to know what to do next.

She’s trying to get your attention

She could “accidentally” bump into you to get your attention. For example, she would try to find out where you eat your lunch, and she would “randomly” go there too, hoping to make conversation with you. She would try to found any reasons to talk with you, even if that reasons look foolish. If a girl likes you, she will always try to be in the same places, do the same work with you, etc.

Her tone of voice when she talks with you

Yep, this one is a scientifically proved fact. When girls talk to someone they like, their tone of voice changes in different ways. She might talk with you loudly or quietly; she might talk with you in thick or thin tones of voice. When you join a group conversation, she will try to lead that conversation to get your attention.

Friend Zone

It’s essential to find out, is she trying to get you into her friendzone, or does she like you? All these signs could be just a game for her; she could purposely show you these signs, so you will think she likes you, but actually, she’s want to make you her “friend.” Yes, unfortunately, some girls are enjoying to play with men’s feelings. Check 10 Signs of a Friend Zone.
So if you understand that she’s playing with you, you could play your own game. For example, if she’s trying to get your attention, keep calm and don’t pay her the attention she needs. Start pretending that you’re just “friends” before her. If she starts to talk with you about another guy she “likes,” pretend that you don’t care about her feelings. Follow this advice, and you will never get into The Friend Zone. Good luck!

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