10 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

June 14, 2016

You like a woman, but you are too shy to have a conversation with her. Here are the best dating tips for shy guys to conquer any woman.

dating tips for shy guys

For some guys, it is a great deal when it comes to meeting women. They find it difficult to express themselves and are very shy. Some even find it difficult to hold a conversation or make eye contact. If you think that your shyness is your biggest obstacle to your dating life, these tips will help you become confident.

Shy guys tend to keep to themselves, too scared to be part of a conversation, hoping to avoid being the center of attention, and above all. However, sometimes they have all the qualities to be desirable; it is not apparent to others because of his shyness. And some guys are so timid, find it difficult even to make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. But this shyness should not curb their aspirations to date a lady. However, some strategies will boost your confidence to go to the lady and be interested and confident enough to know if she feels the same for you.

In this article, we give you plenty of tips on how a relatively simple a more or less shy man can conquer the heart of a woman. It does not matter if you are looking for a sparkling one-night stand or the love desire for life. Heed our advice, and you will not soon pull itself through the world.

Generally, it plays virtually no role in how you look: Whether you are big or small, thick or thin, beautiful or ugly - with these suggestions, you will be on the road to victory when it comes to flirting and dating.

It also does not matter whether you have money or a wholly overdrawn bank account, and not even a great car or a luxury apartment is needed to score points with your female counterpart.

These dating tips for shy guys will make them learn how to become veritable womanizers or heartbreakers. Alternatively, we open to you the door to the gardens of love and the paradise of interpersonal relations.

The five most important tips to prepare:

  1. You are all alone your boss: You must already be clear from the outset about the fact that you have your future in your hands. You are the decision maker of your life and be the first to contact or approach the women. Only in very few cases, women will come and take the first step. So why wait, go and take your first step!
  2. Make sure to dress appropriately: Hardly any woman will have a man at her side if he has no dressing sense, which means he is badly dressed. Pay attention to this tip and wear clean and nice clothes
  3. Never neglect the body care: A women will reject you if she finds you stinking or your nails with dirt in it. Take daily showers, shave and clean your ears and also use a good fragrance deodorant or perfume.
  4. Place the right attitude to the day: Even if you fail and have no luck, you should know what you've got. You have got experience and a good dose of self-confidence which does not hurt, and maybe it will help you to later in the long run.
  5. Be sympathetic: It sounds logical that a man can score only when he is charming. But you need to practice. Save yourself some stupid phrases, but simply react always with a kind style and make great care that you get along no expressions of displeasure.

The hunt begins!

Before you read the following ten practical dating tips for shy guys, we want to give you something along the way: Do not get too bogged down in choosing a potential partner. A big mistake of most single men is that they are too picky in choosing a woman. Instead, expand the circle of eligible women and increase the chance to become a real heartthrob.

Best dating tips for shy guys

  1. No chance for Machos:

Long gone are the days when you could score with the ladies with pithy sayings. However, you should also not appear too soft, because no woman gets a whiner to bed!

  1. Now it's over with shyness:

Even if it is still so difficult, you MUST overcome your inhibitions and become somewhat cocky. Start at best so that you operate a kind of "dry firing." Our tip: Before you use your tricks on your colleagues or classmates, it is better that you flirt first with a young lady at the supermarket or on the street. Put a few kind words, manage and test the reaction, and provide you with some experience in flirting.

  1. Friendship was yesterday:

If you want to conquer a woman, you have to throw your scruples overboard! They may no longer like the nice buddy or the courteous coworker. Finally, you want to get up close with the lady. But be cautious and never do anything wrong, which could quickly bring a hand-print on your face or real trouble. So start with little flirting and casual dates.

  1. No endless dating tests:

Nowadays, nobody takes too long in the game of dating. Instead, in most cases, it is on the first or second date that the woman will decide whether to date you nor not. So if you were not able to score until then: Forget it! To be more impressive, don’t be shy and try to score on the first date.

  1. Learn to read and understand women:

That's always the best way to win the heart of a beloved and thereby ultimately to know their innermost. So it is essential not only to feign interest but some things to remember. If one tosses them when the opportunity again in a week, signaled to genuine understanding. So that you kindled the fire of love in women you like.

  1. Communication is everything:

Don’t be shy and talk to the woman you like about everything: the job, the feelings, and relationships. Remember to flirt with her and give her hints that you want to be with her. Don’t take too long, or you have the chance to be friend-zoned. This is among the best dating tips for shy guys. You must know that women love humor, so try to make them laugh, flirt, and have fun.

  1. Don't be too sweet:

Never be too sweet to a girl to prevent yourself from being overlooked as a possible partner. Be nice to her, but don't agree upon anything she says. You have your opinion, and stay firm on it. This shows that you are a strong man who stands by his decision.

  1. Learn the response:

Run small talk with strangers certainly belongs to the great art of flirting. Of course, that you go at the beginning is not so easy on the tongue, but practice makes one perfect. As already mentioned above, you should first practice in innocuous situations. Then go into the fray: At parties or events and the nightlife are the places where you should try your luck. Only those who stay at home remain alone!

  1. Replacing small caresses:

Don’t be shy to touch a woman casually. This is an essential part of the attraction. Instead, it would help if you started with careful, random acts, touches. Then, take her out on a date and finally end it with confidently kissing on her lips.

  1. Do not give up:

If you are not successful with a girl, you should still do not throw in the towel. After a reasonable time, it is vital to move on and restart again because there are so many lovely beautiful women who are perhaps secretly waiting to be conquered by you.

Sooner or later, you know how successful was your dating strategy. Learn from your failure and prepare a new system. Confidence is the key to successful dating and hence is one of the best dating tips for shy guys. You have to trust and use especially every opportunity to inspire the opposite sex.

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