10 Signs a Girl Is Flirting With You

August 27, 2015

Find the ten best signs like like texts, touches and body language that tell if a girl is flirting with you and wants to attract you at work or in college. Pay attention to these flirting signals to be sure about her feelings.

signs a girl is flirting with you

Many of us tend distracted or can’t stop thinking elsewhere whether that a woman you are talking has an eye on us. It may also happen that if we noticed a strange behavior on some girl, but do not know for sure if she is flirting or not. To clarify all these doubts that many of us have we reveals 10 signs a girl is flirting with you. Flirting is not just with words, but her body gestures too indicate a lot if she is attracted. You just need to know about the right signs and if you receive such signals regularly then you can definitely tell that the girl is flirting with you. So here are the ten signs which girls give when they are trying hard to attract a guy.

She looks at you all the time

Let me present a truly ridiculous thing called "the principle of the love" which states that when a man or a woman is in love they cannot control their eyes and keep looking at their love in regular intervals. Like the birds are attracted to shiny things and fly to them, people are not able to look away from something they find interesting and attractive. You can feel when a woman is watching. Here comes the name of this principle that applies to flirting.. I'm not a fan of this principle which although seems a nonsense, but is not. If you have a doubt that she is attracted to you and flirts with you then just try to find out whether she stares you or not.

In front of you again

If you get the feeling that she walks seemingly senseless in front of you several times this can be a positive flirting sign. She is trying to get you to notice her with this obvious sign smug, so you need to say something. When walking in front of you repeatedly, she is telling you that she wants your attention, but at the same time do not want to make it as easy and expects you to do something. Although, this sign does not guarantee, but if you already doubt her and find her everywhere you go then it is clear that she is wanting you to make a move.

Draws attention to her face

The face of a woman can be very seductive and we are fully aware of this fact. Some of the effective signs that she is fallen for you are applying lip gloss, running her fingers over his lips and doing things which bring your attention to her face. There is a tremendous amount of energy flirting tied to a woman's lips. The lips are a tool to boost very powerful and effective attraction signals.

Wants you to accompany her

If a woman finds a way to get you out of a social gathering where they are either a party, crowded bar, asking you to accompany somewhere in college or an intimate dinner with friends, she's trying to tell you that she wants to be alone with you. Sometimes the girl will get really strange excuses to get you alone, so do not run away from the unconventional nature of the request.

Mimics your body movements

For some reason, when humans are interested in someone, they begin to take certain traits of the other person. If she begins to imitate your gestures (how to hold a glass or how to sit, for example) well she may be interested in getting your attention. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She may not do it intentionally and even may not know about it, but if you find her to mimic your body language
then it’s a sign of flirting.

Plays with her hair

This it is a relatively simple and common sign to know if a girl is flirting with you. The hair of a woman is a versatile weapon. When it comes to your attention, she can wind a lock or drop over one eye in an attempt to create a sense of mysterious attraction. She may often touch and play with her hair when talking with you and this is just to keep your attention on her face.


If a woman is talking to you by chance at a party, office or in your college, find a reason to touch you(not a slap) is sending a big, fat signal of flirting. This is the oldest trick and clear manual. When she comes and touches your forearm or shoulder, hand or wrist slightly, you know what you want. This girl while sitting or standing beside you always looks for excuses to touch you and this is amongst a few clearer signs that a woman can provide when she flirts.

Laughs more with you

There is always going to come to talk to you and sometimes a woman will brag to your friends just to try to attract you. She will always make sure to stay within your field of vision and direct most of their energy to you. When she is with you, she will try to bring energy to the conversation, laugh more and maybe even tease you to get attention. Laughing more with you and at your jokes combined with some touches prove that she is flirting. This is one of the researched signs a girl is flirting with you. Researches have prove that women often show more interest and laugh more at the jokes of a guy they like.

Entering your personal space

Personal space, by definition is where others are not. When a woman enters this space, for example, grazing you and giving you a look and a smile, you are being invited to respond to this sure sign that she is presuming you to like her. The quality and character of the invasion will give you clues on how to respond.

Brings you closer

She approaches you with this strongest flirting card. This means that she allows you to maintain eye contact, playing with her hair, touching slightly and imitate your gestures, among other techniques to show off. If she has reached close to talk to you, she wants to hear from you. Like in the image you can see how the girl is bringing the guy closer to share some stuff in her book.

Here are some of the common signs that tell if a girl is flirting with you. If the girl is shy then maybe she will avoid touches and keep looking at you. However, if the girl is confident then touches are a powerful weapon that she will use to attract you. The one sign which I missed above is that if she knows you well then she may also often have long conversation over text. If you receive more than three of the above signs repeatedly then I must say that if you are also interested then make a move.

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