5 Things to Say to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

March 17, 2021

Find the best phrases and things to say to get your ex-boyfriend back quickly. This plan will help you from initiating contact after a breakup to winning him back. If you are still unsure of whether you should pursue this, read our guide, which discusses whether you should or should not date an ex.

Things to Say to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back

You are one of those who have loved and lost but hope to win him back again. Don’t worry; it’s entirely possible to get him back, but what’s rare is to stay that way permanently. Now, I know you came here looking for a shortcut for things you could say to get him back. But you know it in your heart that there is no shortcut to love, and even the ways that can help require a lot of work.

So, what would you do if I said that I have some words and phrases that can help? Yes, I know I contradict my previous statement. But, yes, there are indeed some things that you can say which may help you to get your ex-boyfriend back, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You see, you can’t just say sorry and then cheat on him again; you have to follow through.

And secondly, you can’t even say that you are sorry, just like that out of the blue; you have to build it up so that she knows that you mean it and so that you wouldn’t appear desperate saying it. So, here I will explain how these words and phrases work, including the things to say to get your ex-boyfriend back. This way, you not only get him back but will also be able to keep him permanently by becoming one of those rare ones.

Why do you want your ex boyfriend back?

Before you decide to go through, you need to know the reasons you are doing this with absolute certainty. Some people are too scared of life on their own; for some, dating is a hassle, some get jealous seeing him trying to move on, and for others, and I am quoting here, “I can’t live without him.”

Well, let me tell you this in advance then, you can live without him as you had a great life before you met him, and you certainly can live an extraordinary life after him. But the question is that, do you want to have a happy life with him? If yes, then that’s the perfect reason to get him back. So, make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons and not because you are scared or jealous or anything else.

Why did you guys break up?

To better understand the situation, we first need to figure out the cause of the actual breakup. And for that, you need to answer these few questions honestly.

-What exactly went wrong in this relationship?
-What were the situations like leading up to the breakup?
-And lastly, under what circumstances did the relationship ended?

If you answer honestly, you will know exactly where you stand and how much work needs to be done. I mean, if you guys just fought, you broke up, but still, you are friends. Then you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation. In these situations, a good conversation with a sincere apology will let him know that you care. This can resolve the entire problem efficiently.

But in cases where he left you for someone else, then I would say it’s late for a heart-to-heart now. Now, in these cases, being calm and trying to talk things out can work, but chances are slim. He has already made up his mind, but it certainly won’t hurt until you end up begging and groveling where you lose all the credibility.

And then there are cases where you had an ugly breakup. So many things were said and done, which is pretty common in these types of situations. But after a while, you realized that you didn’t mean any of those things, and you really love him and want your ex-boyfriend back. This is where this article can help you the most to get back from the extreme and get your ex-boyfriend back.

Why go through No Contact?

I am asked this question a lot, and more often than no contact period is necessary. If you are not familiar with the “no contact rule,” then here it is. No contact rule briefly means not to contact your ex-post break up for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Now you have the same question as everyone else “Why do it?” So, here is the answer if you try to contact him, you appear desperate and straightforward because you are not ready yet. You can do things in this no-contact period. First, you can use this time to improve yourself and reflect on the mistakes you have made. Secondly, it also gives him some space and a chance to miss you as well.

What if you meet regularly

Sometimes there are situations where complete no contact is not possible, for example, in cases where you two still share a house or have children together or even work together. In these cases, you can turn the no contact rule into a limited contact rule. You guys are allowed to talk in little contact, but not about personal matters, only work or kid-related things. Also, it would help if you tried to make it as quick as possible. So now that you understand the no contact rule, it’s time you implement it. And try to use this time to improve yourself, like getting some exercise done and picking up some hobbies.

From No Contact to Initial Contact

Once no contact period is finally over, you can’t just pick up a phone and call them. Remember I told you before that I would guide you, so now is the time to follow the steps below. Following them, you will understand how using certain words, phrases and backing them with proper action can help you get him back.

The best and safest way to initiate contact is by texting. Now I know that some might think this is taking too long and might be tempted to call or meet in person, but they would be wrong. It would help if you kept in mind that he needed some space from you. Now you are just testing waters to see if he’s ready to talk yet and texting is the least risky option.

Now text your ex boyfriend

Now for the hard part, you should know that you only have three chances to strike up a conversation; after that, it would be like nagging him. No pressure; you just have to work extra hard to find the best way to get your ex-boyfriend to respond. This is where your knowledge of him comes in handy, really lovely. Since you dated, I am sure you would know your ex's likes and dislikes, which we are going to use. And another thing we are going to use is curiosity. This is one of the best things to say to get your ex-boyfriend back. Just like curiosity kills the cat, same way curiosity will get your ex-boyfriend to text you back.

For the curiosity part, this will be your first text to him after 4-6 weeks of no contact. It would go something like this “You’re not going to believe what just happened to me.” This kind of text always gets our curiosity rise, and our response to it is like “What? Tell me”. That’s what we are going for here. Just a simple text back, and we know that they are listening.

From Initial Contact to Chatting

Once you have successfully initiated contact, the next step is to make these chats a regular thing. Now you have to do the same thing that you did in the first step but regularly. So, now we will use old memories to build up the attraction and get to reply each time. Including the good memories in conversations are nice things to say to want back your ex-boyfriend.

You can use old memories to reminisce, like when you went to see that movie. See, reminiscing can help you build a deeper connection with him. Once you have made enough rapport, you won’t have to worry about him replying because, by this time, this is something that he looks forward to every day. And just like that, you have transitioned from one chat to regular chatting with him.

Things to say to keep your ex interested

For the next part, you have to keep them interested. For this, we will target their hobbies, something they are passionate about, so they don’t stop texting back. Like if your ex-boyfriend is interested in baseball, then your following text can be “I just hit a home-run today, but” and then their next that would come “But what?” and then you would “Got out on the next ball” See this will keep him interested in hanging around and chatting with you. This is a prime example of how the first contact is supposed to go.

From Chatting to Calling

Chatting is acceptable, but now you need to get him more emotionally involved, and you can do this quickly over the phone. Your voice will give you that extra edge to get him back. So, now let’s see how we can go from chatting to talking daily.

For this, we are going to use a story trick. You know when you want to tell someone that story, but it won’t be the same over the phone, so you go there in person, same rule but for going from chatting to calling.

So, start as you do daily with a bit of humor like “Had a great day today.” His response would be like, “Why what happened” and then you start telling him the story of how everything was going crap till you reach the turning point of the story, and then you text him, “Can’t tell you over text, it’s too funny. Can we continue this over the phone?”. Since he is so into your story, the response will naturally be “Yes, of course,” and just like that, you have gone from chatting to calling. Now you have to do this transition two or three times before calling your default way of communication.

From Calling to Friendly Hangouts

Since you have been talking almost every day now, it won’t be long that you plan to meet. Take it slow, and just for the sake of the initial meeting, try planning group hangouts. For this, you can say things like, “We had a nice week in the office, and we are going to Mickey’s to celebrate. Why don’t you join me? We could have a lot of fun.” This way, you don’t have to worry about it being awkward, and there would be plenty of people around if you guys feel uncomfortable meeting for the first time. And secondly, this also gives you many different things to talk about, which will help you later get your ex-boyfriend back.

From Friends to Dating

Next in line is to go from these friendly hangouts to dating. After hanging out once or twice, you know if you and he are comfortable for the next step. So, now all remaining is to go on an official date, but before that, let’s go on a semi-romantic date like in the afternoon. This way, he will get the message, and you two can have a pleasant conversation. And for this, you have to use something like “Want to get some coffee sometime” Traditional, right? But since you two have been talking for a while, this works best. No going on an elaborate scheme to getting him on a date. Once this happens, it won’t be long that he asks you out for that nightly romantic date.

From Dating to Relationship

Now that you two have been dating again, it’s time for it to be made official. But therein lays the problem; some guys see it as a full-time commitment, and it is, but you have to go about it in a way that he won’t be scared of it. Now, if you go about it like, “So, where is this going?” then the guy is going to be put off. You just put him on the spot, and he is going to panic and may even run. But instead, if you go something like “I am having such a good time with you these days, are you?” and his answer is going to be “Yes.” Now, you take it from there like, “Wish this could be permanent.” It would help if you currently read our guide on making your boyfriend become besotted entirely with you.

You mean your happiness and not the relationship by this here, but you don’t tell him that. So, if he is ready, he will make it official. If he is not, you can make it clear to him that you are talking about your happiness and not asking for a commitment. But more often than not, guys like to show off their girls, so it won’t be long before he does the same.

I told you that words and phrases have a way of making things happen, and it would for you as well if you are up for it.

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