7 Tips For Impressing a Girl On Whatsapp Chat

October 1, 2015

Find the best tips for impressing a girl you like on WhatsApp chat or texts. These tips show you the art of chatting on WhatsApp and make girls addicted to you.

make a girl miss you

When you start liking a girl, text messages become ideal to know more about her and talk to her when you are not together. The good of the text message is that it makes the conversation more exciting, which you can miss in a direct conversation or a call.

Since if you already know the importance, learn these tips to make a girl like you over text. Do not miss these great tips to help you learn how to impress a girl on WhatsApp chat.

It would help if you learned the lesson of text flirting and interesting topics over text messages and WhatsApp chats. We do today to use technology not only to get the attention of that girl we like but also to make her fall in love. So if you are ready, read these tips to conquer a girl with this text messaging application.

Strategic text messages and chats

Many times winning a heart is a matter of strategy, and we must have a plan to guide the conversation to where we want to go. First, it is not a matter of saying everything that comes to mind because things can take a course that is not what we want. For example, if you want a seriously get into a relationship with a girl, do not text anything that dirty until she becomes your girlfriend. This does not mean that the conversation should have nothing sensual, but try to make it more fun and to her interest.

Also, remember that the best strategy is to use WhatsApp to text your crush at nighttime. If you both start chatting every day at night, then without a doubt, you have managed to get the advantage which is necessary to attract her.

Make her smile

One of the most important aspects of flirting by WhatsApp chat and text messages is to keep things fun, and the best way to do it is with humor. Either with sarcasm, teasing, or jokes, humor is a great advantage. Most girls appreciate a guy with a sense of humor, so making her laugh is a guarantee for impressing her on chats.

When it comes to making a girl smile and laugh on chat, these are some tips that might help you.

  1. Playfully teasing a girl is one of the best ways to keep her smiling and at the same time keep her interest up while chatting with you on WhatsApp or texts. This shows the girl that you are a confident person and with this even she might take interest in teasing you. These simple things are very important for building up an attraction towards you.
  2. Another cool way to bring a smile to her face is by raising the topics of fun incidents that happened in your life. It is fine to sometimes make fun of yourself and your stupidity. This will bring a laugh to her face and also make her more comfortable chatting with you.

Flirting game

The reason behind flirting with a girl on WhatsApp is that it keeps the conversation happy and, at the same time, makes the girl think of you as more than just a friend. It would be best not to take the flirting to a very high sensual level until she is not your girlfriend. The approach of subtle flirting will make a great impact on her psychology. This will make her feel special, and at the same time, she also gets the hints that you are interested in her. According to dating experts, flirting the right way is very advantageous for attracting a person. Learn to attract any women with Advanced Attraction Blueprint

No desperate act

If you want to impress a girl on chat, the worst thing you can do is to show that you are desperate. This is the only thing that will drive her away from you quickly. To make a good conquest, you must achieve a balance between showing interest and act timidly. When the girl replies to your text after 30 minutes, you should not jump and respond like the last girl on earth. You should not be burdensome, but make sure to give her some space. Do not play hard, but be the mysterious kind of guy that every girl likes.

Have confidence

Confidence is the key to impress a girl on WhatsApp chat or in person. Being funny as well as mysterious will help her think about you more often. She will start enjoying the chats and texts with you because you know how to make her happy. Just be careful with the fine line between security and pride.

Many times, the things expressed by texting and on chats lend themselves to misinterpretation. Of course, you should not talk about yourself all the time, but you should express your words safely. Let your personality shine through messages on WhatsApp. The most important rule of flirting by text message is to remain yourself. Don’t always go with the girl's opinions; you must have your opinion and stay firm on it.

It is much easier to say things through text, but your goal should be to stay too close to what you really are. Acting as someone else will make her feel annoyed when you meet this girl in person. That will stop liking or worse; she will believe that you are a fake version while chatting. So to impress a girl, you like while chatting or texting, you mustn’t seem fake to her.

Keep your texts short

If it has been a week where you both are constantly chatting, you must always start with a small text like "hi" or "hey, how's it going" with a smiley face.

The reason for keeping your message short is because experts believe that it keeps you look kind of mysterious. Suppose if she asks you, "how was your day?" you don’t have to explain everything. Instead, you can say, "It was fun." Dating gurus explain that writing long texts can actually make the other person bored.

Also, while chatting on WhatsApp, it is good to start with her name like for example, ‘Hey, (her name).’ This makes your text subconsciously more personal to the girl. You don’t need to act as mysterious with every message that you send because it is weird. Instead, you have to switch from being mysterious to being flirty and funny actively. This can be a great way to impress a girl over text and chats on WhatsApp.

Being unavailable

If you want to impress the girl you like on chats or texts, then one significant thing is that you sometimes are unavailable to her. This is because you need to make her realize how much she misses you when you are not available to her. So sometimes in a month, you must always make a 3-4 days contact ban. In this time period, she will miss you and your WhatsApp conversation, which will make her realize her love for you.

These were some of the important tips that will help you impress a girl on chats and texts. There are also some advanced dating books with the help of which you can learn everything about female psychology, attracting and dating a girl. Since chats and texting have become an important part of the attraction, these courses also provide detailed lessons for talking and flirting over text. You must study these lessons created by experts in the dating industry and impress the love of your life.

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