Best Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

October 28, 2015

Find the best funny pick up lines that work and help to flatter attractive girls. These sweet love spells actually work for impressing a hot woman you like.

pick up line that work

In recent years we have watched a number of actors on television working with cheesy and dirty pickup lines for flattering women. However if you use such lines in the real world you may be going to make a joke of yourself as these lines don’t work in real. Basically a pick up line is the art of approaching a woman and leaving a great impression that flatters her with just your one line. It is important to know that the pickup lines also acts as the first impression you are making on the girl. Hence, to make you successful in this flirting game, here are the best pickup lines that work to impress any girl.

Most of the pick-up lines that are shown in the movies are either very cheesy or dirty. Your pickup line must be funny and at the same time let the girl know that she is beautiful. This works because such pickup lines give an impression that you have humor, you are confident and you just don’t want o sleep with her. Here is a list to some funny pick up lines that work to approach a girl for the first time.

Pick up lines that work in bar/parties

  1. My buddies bet I don’t have the confidence to approach and have a decent conversation with the prettiest girl here. So do you want utilize their cash to order drinks.
  2. Boy: “Hey, you are now obligated to buy me a drink. ”
    Girl: “How come?”
    Boy: ”Because the moment I saw your face, I dropped my glass.”

These two are great ice breakers when you are at a party or at a bar. These pick up lines work because they are descent, makes the girl feel special and not cheesy like “ Is you dad a terrorist because you are a bomb”. These pickup lines are funny and will not make the girl feel that you just want a one night stand.

Smart pick up lines that work everywhere

  1. Boy: “Are you talking to me?”
    Boy: “Well in that case you must start”.
  2. My most preferred pickup line for approaching women which at no time been unsuccessful up to this moment. If the girl is standing, stand in direction where she is looking and try to make eye contact. Act as if you know her. If she walking, do the same thing and act like you know her and use this pickup line. “You seem to be the person that I would really like to meet.” or alternatively “You seem to be a person stop for a few seconds with a smile that I would really like to meet.”
  3. “ You look so attractive and adorable that as soon as I looked at your face for a few seconds I forgot my pickup line which I was about to use.”
  4. You can simply go the girl and make a descent compliment on her clothes, style, smile, shoes etc. She will definitely reply positively and then start your conversation.

These are great ways to approach any girl and start a conversation with her. After this pickup line you can introduce yourself and have descent conversation.

Now to ask her number you can use this pick up line.

“Basically I know some math tricks. Well you just have to provide me your number and see what I do with it. ” Once she shares her number, send her a text or give her a miss call.

This is a working strategy which has the highest chances of getting any girls number without looking cheesy or creepy. Now just when you end the conversation and the girl turns to leave, you can release your final pick up line which is a bit cheesy, but funny at the same time.

“May I follow you? Since my teachers and family at all times taught me to follow my dreams.”

So to make your pick up lines work you need to use it a few times in your conversation, like in this example you are approaching her, asking her phone number and finally before leaving you are again flirting. This leaves a great impression on the girl and believe me this will help you a lot in your dating life.

Funny pick up lines

Although these pickup lines must not be used to approach a girl, but are funny to be used somewhere middle of the conversation or in texts. For some these pickup line work for approaching and for some not, so why take any chance. Instead use the conversation starters described above and used these in your middle conversation.

  1. Boy: “Can I take your pic?“
    Girl: “Yes or No or Why?”
    Boy: ”I wish to show my mum what exactly my future girlfriend seems to appears like.” OR “I want to show Santa Claus what present I want this Christmas.”
  2. I used to think that happiness starts with ‘H’, but after meeting you my happiness will start with ‘U’.
  3. Do you know magic? For the reason that the moment I look at you all the others disappears.
  4. Do you happen to be a camera? Simply because the time I see you, I automatically smile.
  5. Kiss me if I am wrong. (Any statement like Lions can fly or fish can’t swim etc.)

Tips to make pick up lines work

  1. The very important thing required while using pickup lines is confidence. Remember that even the best pickup line won’t work unless you speak in a confident way.
  2. If you are in a bar or at party, try to make a few eye contacts before because this will show the girl you are interested and approaching her with your pick lines will be much easier and working.
  3. If you are really interested in a girl then apart from a pickup line, a great conversation will help.
  4. The best way to approach is to look like a gentleman and approach introducing yourself. Some of the pick up lines make you look like creepy and a jerk. So its best to first introduce, talk for a minute and then use some pickup line.

Tinder pick lines

Culturally, pick-up lines are generally viewed as a waste of time and childish. Various surveys and polls with girls have come to a point that pickup lines usually does not work in person. However, these lines do work while texting and work when using tinder.

At Tinder, you absolutely need an icebreaker because you have only few moments to make a girl interested. You’re not trying to find a sincere and serious chat or an affectionate relationship with just swapping and looking at pictures. To grab the attention of the girl you need a great pickup line that works and if possible brings a smile on the girl’s face. Here are a few examples of using pick up line on Tinder.

pickup lines

pickup lines

Finally my last tip is to be confident while speaking, don’t mumble and if the girl rejects don’t take it seriously. In the game of flirting you have to face a few failures before becoming an expert.

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