How to Build Intimacy With a Man

December 11, 2016

Find the best way to build intimacy with a man and keep the spark in your relationship. These tips will help you come closer to your husband emotionally and keep your marriage life happy.

build intimacy with a man

After time, the flame of love can be extinguished, appeased by custom. It is time to reactivate it with a new proposal to your partner, with ideas and with the need for greater intimacy, based on trust and understanding.

Over the years, privacy becomes a natural part of the couple. They already know enough, their tastes have been communicated, and the fire may not go out, but it becomes more stable. And for more confidence and knowledge that we share with our other half, sometimes we do not know how to encourage intimacy and take it to other levels. Here are some tips and tricks to build intimacy with a man, boost the fire and sparkle with your partner.

Communicate your ideas to propose more intimacy

Although you have known each other for years, but if you want something you must communicate it, either by saying or suggesting it. Do not be afraid to ask certain techniques, postures or movements. Telling your partner that you want to try something you knew for some reason and assuring him that it would be fun to do. If your man refuses, do not insist and try to try something else. There are postures and techniques that are not to the taste of others and putting pressure on your practice would put pressure on the intimacy of the couple.

Get out of the routine

One night for two at the hotel could a nice way to build intimacy with a man. Your room no longer inspires you? Go for a night in a hotel near you. Intimacy renewed! A 2009 study found that most Canadians claim not to have regular sexual intercourse because of the stresses of everyday life. One learns that 65% of them simply lack time to shake their passion. 90% of adults believe that their daily routine harms their sexual lives. Nearly 90% of Canadians experience a greater emotional connection with their partner when they share a moment of high sexual intimacy with them. So, to build intimacy with a man you need to kick away your daily routine and try something new. These refreshments are required to the flame of love to burn between couples.

Dance to build intimacy

No need to go far! Your living room or is good enough. A music CD soft and inspiring, you stick and you dance very slowly as in dating times. Perfect for finding the flame! The preliminaries must be different. Be original and surprise your spouse. Multiply the rubbing and touching to raise desire! Close dances is a great way to build intimacy with a man and turn him on.

Suggest more intimacy without embarrassment

There are many ways to suggest new forms of intimacy without expressing them. For example, you can wait to go to sleep and put on a suggestive film, or give your partner specialized and instructional books (the Kama Sutra, in its classic, animated or graphic versions and so on, is usually very useful in this task ). You can comment on having seen that technique or posture in a movie or a chat with your friends. This can motivate the response from your partner, without pressure.

You can also simply make love with your partner. Although not a passionate act in which you incorporate new things, but not having intimacy is a way to lose motivation as well. You will see that when you have more intimacy, more often your man will want to have it.

Do some fun stuff together

Here it is not about physical intimacy, but more about emotional intimacy. Couples need to spend time doing fun and adventurous things together. You can go hiking, bungee jumping, camping or simply play any game in which you both are in the same team. This helps in building memories of happiness that keeps the bond stronger. Remember that for physical intimacy, you need have a strong emotional connect. So, spend some fun time with your partner and let your relationship fall into the dark zone.

Ideas for trying new things in privacy

In between the movies you can use a erotic film (known in the medium as "soft porn", which has nude images but not explicit sex), and even a film of any subject that has erotic scenes that ignite the passion of the moment. To try new things in privacy they can follow books, imitate pictures of movies, play roles of actors in an intimate scene, using lingerie or special clothes and costumes, and also using utilities and erotic toys with each other.

Plan a vacation

A vacation is something which every couple should plan few times a year. A vacation not only helps you get out of the routine, but it also helps one to relax from all the work and tension at home. It is a great way to increase intimacy as this helps revive the mood and passion. Vacations are also great for building emotional intimacy with your guy. This is the time where you spend some alone time with him and there is no stress of daily life. So, plan a vacation to any place to a place you both want to visit. Book a nice hotel, go to dinners and do everything that fills your life with romance.

Build emotional intimacy

Lack of communication between couples is a major reason why passion and intimacy is lost in many relationships. Apart from normal communication, they should express their desires and not just that flirting and talks of love. Share your thoughts about things which you would like in your relationship and he will share what he wants. Remember that communication is not just about speaking yourself, but also lending a ear to listen what the other has to say. Be the person in your man’s life with whom he shares his feelings. This emotional intimacy is very much required for ignition of the love flame between couples.

Follow your instinct, trusting each other. If you want to build intimacy with a man, you need to try new things which should be a fun task for both. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to suggest it, because you must have confidence to express your desires openly to your man. If you receive a refusal, do not be discouraged and test some technique to increase passion. With time and with more practice, moving to the next level will be something that will be born automatically.

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