10 Ways to Seduce Your Boyfriend Over Text

September 16, 2021

Find the best way to seduce your boyfriend over text and turn him on. These seductive text messages and words will tempt your boyfriend without touching him.

seduce your boyfriend over text

Keeping the passion alive in a relationship must be done day by day, with small details that make the difference. You can seduce your partner on the first day, keeping the interest of that special person for you. However, there are some techniques you should be used with every day that passes to keep the passion between you. So here we leave you ten ways to seduce your boyfriend over text and in person. With these tips, you will make that special person fall in love with you more, and your relationship is more stable and lasting.

Start with a smiley emoji

Always begin your texting with a smile. It is the best reception that someone can give you besides that your boyfriend will love to see you so happy. Ask him how his day is at work, demonstrating that you are interested in knowing how his life is at work. Never ask every day the same thing; you can improvise and think about new details.

Send random miss you texts

Communication will always be the basis of your relationship. So do not forget to communicate during the day, making surprise calls or sending texts telling him how much you miss his company and how much you want it to be there with you. In this way, you will show that it is in your thoughts during the day and how important it is for you to know.

Send him your pictures

Wear that outfit that your partner likes so much and text it to him. I am not asking you to wear very intimate clothes, just the dress you look at your absolute best. You can use intimate clothing, but keep that for your bedroom romance and not for texting. Please take a picture in it with a flying kiss to him. This is a great technique to seduce your boyfriend over text as this will brighten the passion and make you feel more attracted each day. Men are very visual, but women enjoy seeing their partner with a super sexy look just for them.

Flirting over text

Do not forget flirting and compliments. Whenever possible, tell him a characteristic that you love him, some attribute, or tell him how you like and attract her. This will increase your confidence, and you will feel more secure. In addition, it allows your partner to know which of his attributes most appeal to you and so you can look better for yourself. Not just compliments, you can also flirt with him, send dirty texts to turn him on. These seductive messages are one of the most popular ways to seduce your boyfriend over text.

Tips to seduce your boyfriend over text

I want to seduce your guy, but how to do it over text or chats. New technologies have invaded our lives, and now we send messages or talk on the phone much more than we communicate in person. We are constantly glued to the mobile phone, especially since data rates and applications such as Whatsapp, social networks, or even Skype make it possible to communicate with other people continuously. Therefore, for almost everything we used to do in person, we now use the mobile, including fooling or seducing a boy. Here you have some key tricks you can use to seduce your boyfriend over text and make him attracted to you.

Seducing over texts has become an art, and you do not have to be left behind if you want to conquer a guy via mobile. Although we each have our personality and will write it one way or another, here are the fundamental secrets.

  1. The first and fundamental is to consider whether you should send spicy messages to this guy. If you just had an appointment with him maybe it is not the most advisable. In case you have already had several dates and you know that he may like this game, go ahead. Since he is your boyfriend, you can use these texts as you know how he is and how he will react.
  2. For starters, it is important not to do it in an ordinary or vulgar way, but the first message must be something suggestive, ambiguous. So once you have the answer, you can know what line you will follow. Something like "What I want to see and do what I think ..."
  3. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you do not see yourself able to write an overly explicit message, it is preferable that you send a picture of somewhere, a part of your body, or something that you know will bring intimate connotations. It is important not to send nude pics as there is a chance that he might use these pictures in the wrong way if you have a breakup in the future.
  4. It is good that you confess your most intimate fantasies. Dare yourself! Surely it gives very good results. Besides you already open the way for him to know what you like and what he has to do.
  5. Do not put vulgar or nasty words in the messages, as they can break the magic that is being created between you.
  6. Always keep the other person in mind when sending these types of messages. Eroticism is a thing or two, and if he does not respond to you or does not enter the game, you better stop. In case he does follow you then go with the flow.
  7. Of course, refrain from sending dirty texts when you have drunk since surely the next morning comes with regrets.

Put them into practice, and you'll see how you get to put him at your feet, be it a boy you're starting with or your long-time partner. Then, take advantage of the texts to start preparing for later encounters and, if he follows the game, you will have so much desire to see you that they will be unforgettable.

Seduction when you both are together

Demonstrations of affection should never be lacking. Take your hands, kiss him passionately, speak softly to the ear and give him tight hugs. If it is something spontaneous that becomes a habit among you, the relationship will always stay alive.

Get out of your routine, show that you are still passionate. Instead, eat together, go for walks in the park or walk around the city for a while, sharing your experiences and opinions. This will make them complement each other better as a couple and allow them to broaden their communication, which strengthens the relationship of the couple.

Take a weekend just for you. Invite your boyfriend to a place far from what you are accustomed to. Take him to a spa or an inn with an exit to the beach where both can enjoy their mutual company. This is where they let passion be a part of everything, which will allow them to complement each other better as a couple. In addition, this will also make them live experiences together that they will remember forever.

Avoid unnecessary fights

Try to keep the peace in your relationship and make sure fights do not become something that happens every day. This can greatly affect your relationship, where fights are more common than the good times that go together. So for seduction to work, there should not be too much fighting in your relationship.

Never fall into the zone of boredom

Do not make love in bed a programmed thing. Try to make your pleasurable encounters spontaneous and not become something planned for what you have a specific day or time. Making it a routine with the same positions will progressively cause you to lose the surprise factor and interest. This very often happens with couples when they have spent some years together.

Experience new things in bed as monotony is not something that fully favors relationships. So try new things with your partner, if both agree very well. For example, they may experience exits to different places, try new foods, or, why not, new positions in bed. This will be extremely exciting and interesting for both. So you must take care of that detail so that the love and pleasure in bed in your relationship is always something wonderful.

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