First Date Tips for Women

March 22, 2015

These are the first date tips for women and girls which will make this moment an amazing experience in their lives. With these tips you will learn the best ways to keep the date interesting and romantic.

So a man has asked for a date and may be this is your first date you are going. You are totally excited and at the same time a little nervous because this is your first time. You want to look the best you can and want to make sure that your date is romantic and at the same time enjoyable. So in-order to make it a success I am going to share with you the best first date tips for women.

First Date Tips for Women

Style smartly, don’t overdo anything

After having a shower, pickup a good dress that makes you feel comfortable, confident and at the same time it is perfect for the date. Don’t wear something that does not suit the environment or is very difficult for you to handle. Add your best perfume to the clothes and stay relaxed. If you feel cool and relaxed, same will the man feel. Even he may be a little nervous and at the same time he has the responsibility to keep you comfortable and enjoying. So if you stay relaxed this can help him focus on other things apart from your comfort levels.

For using makeup I usually advice girls to keep it simple and let the guy notice your real beauty. This is an important part, but it never means to cover your face with lots of makeup. The more simple, relaxed and enjoying your date will go; more is the chance that he will ask you for a second date.

Reach on time

To look beautiful many girls usually end up being late on the date and this can be annoying to your man. Showing up late can sometimes ruin your date because the man has already felt annoyed waiting for you. If he is annoyed at the start of the date then sometimes there can be lack of interest and passion from his side. This is a very important first date tip for women because since it is your first time and if you come late then this can create a bad impression in his mind.

Respect and don’t be rude

If he tends to open the door for you, let him do that and when he does that pass first and thank him. Don’t show attitude to him and just go with the flow. Maybe your man has gone on several dates before, but with you this is his first. He is trying to be a gentleman by opening the door and remove the chair and let you sit first and you need to respect this. If you thank him with a smile for these small moves, he will feel that you consider him as a gentleman.

Actively participate to keep your conversation interesting

A balance in conversation between the two will help both to stay focused on each other. If you are the only one who is speaking this can make him lose interest. Ask him about his goals or anything related to him and he will do the same. He will ask questions regarding your interests. If there is no balance and only one of you is speaking then this can make the other person lose interest. Hence, if you feel that he is out of words then you can carry on. Add some humour and funny incidents of your life and both enjoy and this can be the best trick for keep any date successful.

Look into the eyes and keep smiling

To keep a date romantic words are not the only thing, a perfect body language is also required to set up passion. In the conversation never let go the beautiful smile from the face and at the same time both of you look into each other eyes. This helps build attraction and at the same time helps to make the opposite person feel that you are enjoying and interested spending time.

Avoid any distractions

Using mobile and replying to the text or answering a call is the most distracting thing on a date. If you are busy with your mobile the guy will think that you are not interested in this date and this will make him lose his interest to keep everything romantic and interesting. If you are really interested in this man then you should keep your mobile on a silent mode. Don’t reply any call or text until it is very important and keep your focus on him and not on the mobile.

Let the first date be short

Keep the span of your first date between 45 minutes to maximum an hour. According to relationship experts this is the best time to finish your date if you want a second date with the person. Let your first few dates stay short and select different locations for each date because you need to explore new things together.

Dating Guru Tips

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