How To Be Friends With Benefits

October 1, 2016

Find the best way to be friends with benefits with the girl or guy you like. These tips will help you start this casual relationship without getting attached.

friends with benefits

When you are still waiting for love, but hormones do not want to wait, often we fall into vice and networks of a lover. Or what we now all know as "friend with benefits". How do we define it? It is simple, a friend or someone with whom we get along well and that good relationship is transferred to a sexual level in bed.

Without any commitment or love feeling involved and the freedom to be with other people, friends with benefits are a good refuge from loneliness. But also a double-edged sword, because not everyone can keep the rules of no-feelings and often falls into heartbreak, disappointment, tears and separation.

If you thought tempting to take this opportunity to have such a lover friend, here are the best steps to be friends with benefits.

Be honest with your emotions

But before reading this, you must read the first four things to consider before having a "friend with benefits".
In this kind of relationship there are two people with a mutual physical attraction, but where emotions and feelings have no place. But when this happens, when feelings are mixed, things get complicated, and if you're not honest with her. Let alone with yourself, you will surely end up suffering. You should not turn your lover friend as pre-dating step, because that happens remotely. Remember that there is a difference between sex and love, and "friends with benefits" only deal with sex.

It doesn't work with all friends

It may be that, that friend that you're so interested in is not interested or basically is against such relationship in general. Maybe he/she does not feel like being in a relationship of that type, with no one in general or with you in particular. The guy/girl may be a great friend, but maybe a bad friend with benefits. This kind of relationships is not for all people and not for all the friendships. If you picked a person who is not comfortable with this relationship then look for someone else.

Pick the right person

You need to select the right person for this kind of relationship. Select the guy or girl who will not easily get attached to you as this can create problems. Also you must not develop feelings for this relationship to last longer without any complications. At the very start you should express that this all is just for fun and nothing serious. Also, keep in mind that if he/she is your close friend and if he/she rejects you then this can affect your friendship.

Put friendship at risk

One of the most important points you should consider before starting a purely sexual relationship with a friend is the risk of losing the friendship. If things do not go well, a relationship of "friends with benefits" has the potential to ruin the friendship. If one develops romantic feelings, it will be difficult to return to the friendship shared after sexual contact and will surely end up hurt. So you know, have a "friend with benefits" is not always as simple as it sounds, and can become a dangerous relationship. Therefore, we recommend you also read the implicit rules of the "friends with benefits".


Do you know that in this relationship both people have the complete freedom to be with other girls/guys? So if you're the jealous type and think you cannot control when you see your friend on a date or chatting with someone else, do not get into this situation. A relationship of this type, which is only sexual, is not synonymous with monogamy, but one-night stand. Before getting to be friend with benefits, you first need avoid such behaviors.

Establish rules

Before beginning a relationship of this type, which is well know only sexual, it is advisable to set the rules of the game. One of the rules to consider is not to integrate it into your daily routine, including friends and family. If over time it begins to get along with them, the relationship will take a different key.

Nor is it a good idea to exchange gifts, since they imply a connection with the relationship. Another important development in the relationship of "friends with benefits" rule is not to stay overnight in the apartment or house other. Sleep, fondling, it may become emotional and intimate, and this can lend to confusion.

Agree and respect the rules

From the minute one that might arise in the relationship, it must be to set out the rules by which they are going to govern. There are those who make a pact not to fall in love, to be or not exclusive, to test if that relationship works for a certain amount of time, or what they'll do and what not. Only when both parties agree, it should proceed. And, if they want to talk or change any of the rules, it is the duty to discuss it.

It must be mutual

In this kind of relationships, which both parties work together is essential. The benefits should be for both: if one seeks to be able to have dating anyone, but the other is restricted from doing so then it is not fair and the guy or girl must not have to stay in that relationship. One does not authorize or demand to have sexual relations when he/she wants, while the other is not interested at that time. If you want to be friends with benefits with someone then in this everything must be decided mutually.

Time and Trust

It's a relationship that requires time and trust. A friend is a person that you trust in, and I know that you will support in difficult times (and you, too, would you do it for her). This is not something that is achieved in a short time. If you want to have a friendship with benefits, it must be borne in mind that we should not neglect the part of the friendship, even though it has been included the sexual part.

It doesn't have to end up in a couple

The American movies that deal with the issue always seem to have the fixed idea: the friends with benefits they end up being a couple. This kind of relationships can continue as friendship with rules, or go back to being simple friendship, or becoming a partner, or to be nothing. Ending up as a couple is a possibility, and one of the less likely.

If you want to be friends with benefits then be honest with yourself. If you are looking for a serious relationship and think that being in such a relationship you can make him/her fall in love, then this is wrong. Such relationship is for physical benefits only and it gives freedom to date anyone. Surely this guy or girl attracts you physically. Leave it there. Look for no mental connections because when this partner leaves, this will leave you heartbroken.

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