How to Propose a Girl Without Ruining Friendship

September 12, 2021

Are you attracted to your friend and fear that telling her might ruin the friendship? Here are the best ways to propose to a girl without damaging the friendship you have with her.

Propose a Girl Without Ruining Friendship

Asking a girl to go from being a friend to girlfriend is a nerve-racking journey. The thing is, there are no set rules or any particular steps you take to go from a boy who is a friend to a boyfriend. My friend, this is a case of wanting bread and cake to eat, and if everything goes wrong, you won't get both. It's a risk because each person is different, and it all depends on how you do it, how you are, and how she is. So here are some tips to propose a girl without ruining the friendship, but keep in mind that the outcome is not assured, and sometimes it is not what you do, but how you do it.

Never say it directly

Going and saying it to the face only works if she feels the same for you. The problem is perhaps that you sent friendship signals, which has ruined your possibilities from day one. Women are attracted to mystery, and if the first thing you do is unveiling, the safest thing is that she sees as one of their friends. So from now, behave mysteriously and subtly signal that you have started liking her.

Do not fall in the desperation

The desperation frightens. If you fall for her and show that you are desperate, then your friend will move away from you or will reaffirm her position of “the only friend,” and everything will finish in failure. Keep calm. It may take a few weeks or months for her to see you more than a friend. If you look desperate, then most of the women will reject you, so be cool.

Your expectations are not law

Confessing itself to a friend is not going to destroy their friendship. However, it will ruin the friendship if you reveal to her that she attracts you and expect her to respond as you want. If she says no, then it is wrong. “Friendzone” is the word a rejected man had invented when his friend turned down his proposal. For all the guys, if you are attracted to any girl, then give her hints from the start, or this will later cause you problems.

Try the approximation of joke

Men very use this kind of tactic. It consists of saying, like playfully and when happening, that they would be seen very or like pair, or declaring him to you as if was not in serious. Then, watch their reaction: if he laughs, there are few possibilities, but she responds with something that draws your attention; perhaps you are successful.

Flirt with her

Much of the charisma of a potential mate depends on the skill of flirting. Let her know that she is your ideal pretty, adorable, and ready, or what she most wants other people to see your person. I react well; go ahead. If you start trying to avoid you, beware: you may wish not to be more than a friend or subject ruin your friendship. Wait calmly movement.

Break the touch barrier

For many girls, the difference between "friendship" and "girlfriend relationship" is how they touch the other person. If they are not to feel a lot, go for something small, and if it reacts well, goes for something more distinctive, "couple." Never insensitive or sexual areas.

Make the test of loving advice

There is a way to know if she sees you as more than a friend. Tell her you need your advice on something, and talk about a girl with whom you have a relationship, more than friends but less than a couple. Ask a tip to have a better relationship with her and watch their reaction. If you suggest with good intentions, it does not feel the same for you. If upset or surprised and does not give you more or less coherent advice, there are possibilities with it.

Don’t take rejection seriously

If she does not feel the same way about you, you think you have hurt your self-esteem. Tell her you to need some time to accept it and lick your wounds if this is the case. Of course, you might keep some resentment, but it's not their fault: no one can decide what to feel about a person, and the relationship's "pity" never ends well.

Do not change for the worse

Acting differently before declaring your love and after proposing and getting rejected gives the impression that you only were her friend to become a partner. That speaks very poorly of you, and the word will spread. Follow your life, be honest with her, and no pressure. They may again be friends or not, but at least you brought you doubt.

From Friends to Dating

If you have taken all the measures properly, you are her close friend, a friend she can rely on or likes to talk to. Once you both are comfortable being friends with all your flirting and teasing going on, then you are ready to move up the ladder from friends to someone she is dating. There are many different approaches; here are some examples, see which one works for you and go from there. These approaches are great to propose a girl without ruining the friendship. It may be that you are already firmly fixed in the friend zone, if that is the case, you need to make some adjustments first. Read our guide on how to avoid the friend zone with a girl.

1. Spontaneous Approach
In this approach, you stress your friendship and how good it would be if you two were dating. Even though the name is spontaneous approach, this requires a bit of planning. Start with where and how you want to do it.

2. Sincere Approach
In this approach, you are courting her of the sort. If you are her friend, then you try something personal and romantic for her. You can also buy her flowers and chocolate; everything is fair game but nothing too expensive. And finally, you tell her using the where to and how-to rules.

3. Mysterious Approach
This approach is somewhat like a blind date. You use the secret admirer technique but sweetly and cutely. But remember that this is tricky to pull off and, if not done correctly, can appear as stalking. So I would advise her to use it but try to know how she feels about it first. And if any time in between your plan she says that she doesn’t like this secret stalker, then you tell her that it is you and apologize if it made her feel uncomfortable. Some girls do like this mysterious approach as they are a bit weird themselves.

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